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Reviews For: Portable Wi-Fi Rotator Controller - PWRC by AF6SA

Category: Antenna Rotators & Accessories

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Review Summary For : Portable Wi-Fi Rotator Controller - PWRC by AF6SA
Reviews: 1MSRP: $119
Features: Powered by 12VDC rotator controller. Optimized for battery-powered portable rotation Mounts inside RCA VH226E or Channel Master TV and others antenna rotor types Easily rotates HEXbeam, Spiderbeam or Tri-bander Field oriented motor control, Variable Speed Drive 30Hz – 80Hz. Acceleration / deceleration velocity profiles Electronic Compass (optional) Wi-Fi 802.11n network interface Can be used as Access point or connected to existing Wi-Fi network WEB interface for point-and-shoot control WEB page can be password protected for remote control QRA grid locator Azimuth and Distance Telnet interface - compatible with PstRotator program UDP packet listener - compatible with N1MM logger and DXLab suit Customizable WEB interface
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WD0AJG Rating: 2023-05-22
Great service, great price, for less expensive remote Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have looked at nearly all the remote rotator ideas. I have spent more than I should of trying to get a remote setup for some small antennas. I came on this, got one and had a problem with it not wanting to turn the rotator. I got a lot of response from AF6SA and finally determined something else was wrong so sent it in with the rotator. Some where it appears Hygain has swapped the rotator motor so that it works a bit different but Stefan found the issue, fixed it and now I need to get it in the air. Great for portable ops as you control it by wifi and only needing 12 volt to the rotator. It will also be great for a small beam on the roof at home to operate remote.