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Reviews For: ADX-POCKET - 'Digital QRP Radio' (Kit) with unique features..

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Review Summary For : ADX-POCKET - 'Digital QRP Radio' (Kit) with unique features..
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ADX-Pocket" covers the 4 main FT8/FT4 Bands - These Bands are 40, 30, 20, 17m. Band changing is accomplished by a process of exchanging 'Tiny-Band-Filter-Modules" which are 'polarised' to the BPF compartment. The "Pocket" works in conjunction with the 'infamous' WSJT-X free 'Weak-Signal' suite by Joe Taylor (W1JT). Interfacing to the radio is by USB-USB-C and set up within WSJT-X is straightforward, once you have determined the CAT Port. The "ADX-POCKET" operates off 12VDC (read 12V NOT 13.8V!) or 'USB' - there is a tiny switch that switches Power from 12V to the USB Port - which is also used for 'Audio and CAT.'
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VE3EGA Rating: 2023-06-06
Easy FT8/FT4 with unique Portability! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have previously used other QRP radios for digi and they ALL fell short in one way or another, either size, battery requirements, CAT-instability, Bad PA Design, all resulting in poor-reliability and always needing a PC to have fun and operate portable - adding to frustration, disappointment and inconvenience!

The "ADX-Pocket" (developed by Barb, WB2CBA) 'checks ALL the boxes' for portability, convenience and 'serviceability' - which translates to:

"It Just Works"

"It was like 'someone was reading my mind" and designed the perfect 'QRP-digi' solution for me!

So, REALLY, what's so special about it?

Apart from covering the 4 main FT8/FT4 Bands (plug in LPF's) and let's face it, most folks usually just stay with their favourite band! - this radio just delivers!

"ADX POCKET" has two DC powering modes:

1- USB powered "QRPp" Transceiver mode - with sub 1 watt RF output - around 800 mW - the whole rig is then powered from the USB port (5 volts) from the PC.
ADX POCKET draws 320 mA average from the USB port on TX.

2- DC 12V external power mode where a DC 10 to 12V power is applied to get up to 5 Watts QRP RF Power.
This could be a dedicated (home-station PSU or a small battery *12V Only*.

A 'tiny switch' enables the power option of your choice.

This means that the "ADX-Pocket" can now operate 'directly' off a "Tablet" running the "FT8CN" (Android) software, sitting 'next to you' on your car-seat or at a picnic-table with a Mobile Antenna or wire. Plug in a small 12V battery directly in to the ADX-Pocket and you now have 4/5W!



Folks, Summer is going to be fun again!

You can check my logbook (va3ip) on QRZ to see how this radio has been performing in the 'Real-World'..


Probably the best operational feature (I have found so far) is 'Automatic-USB-Connection' - just leave it connected to your PC ) after a FT8/FT4 Session and when you next turn-on your PC, the USB automatically connects and the ADX-Pocket is in hot-standby!

Just start your WSJTX app and its 'ready to go' - no setup required - few rigs can boast that!

73, Good DXing

Terry, ve3ega/va3ip