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Reviews For: Barb-A-Watt (in-line) 'QRP Power and SWR Meter'

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Review Summary For : Barb-A-Watt (in-line) 'QRP Power and SWR Meter'
Reviews: 1MSRP: $70 (subject to confirmation)
. Designed by the 'acclaimed' QRP Kit Designer Barbaros Asuroglu (Barb) WB2CBA (in collaboration with N7DDC and K5BCQ) 'Barb-A-Watt' is a QRP RF Power and SWR monitor to be used as a companion device for measuring for: 1. RF power output from a QRP Transceiver 2. RF Power to the antenna 3. SWR and power output efficiency 'at the same time' - during a QSO. It also has a built in dummy load that can be used up to 10 Watts to measure RF output power. A switch selects the Antenna or Dummy Load and the unit can stay in circuit between the transceiver and the tuner/antenna system. 'Barb-A-Watt' is powered from a 9V Battery with an on/off switch. (Size: approx 3.25"x 2.25"x 1.5") 'Barb-A-Watt' is an ideal 'Group' or 'Club Project' as most parts are SM and pre-installed, leaving only the 'binocular' transformer, connectors and a couple of switches for the Kit Builder to add! ( for more information on KIT availability, email Barb:
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VE3EGA Rating: 2023-05-26
A 'QRP' SWR Meter/Dummy Load - that can be left 'in-line' Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Kit arrived well-packaged and all the components (including the Single Board containing the Processor and Display) were in Electrostatic bags - nice touch!

The 'build-manual' has lots of pictures and is pretty much self-explanatory.. you might want to save paper and view online, however I found it helpful to look at a picture of the construction of the 'rather unique' 'binocular' transformer!

The build time is less than 1 hour and involves constructing the transformer, soldering connectors and switches on to the PCB (all clearly marked!) and then assembling the top and bottom covers, which sandwich the main-board.

I thought the 50 Ohm Load resistors were 'missing' until I saw that they were SM and already installed - another 'nice-touch' - thanks Barb!

Power is supplied by a 9V battery and the Display shows TX Power, SWR, RF Power to the Antenna and Antenna-System efficiency (perhaps using an algorithm of the RF/SWR?)

Using the 'Barb-A-Watt' is as simple as connecting the transceiver to one BNC Jack and the Antenna System (Tuner/Antenna) to the other BNC.

When the radio transmits, the display will indicate RF and SWR and zero (of course) without RF input!

You can 'switch-select' 'Antenna' or 'Dummy-Load'

What makes this unit really neat is that it can be left in circuit between the radio and antenna system for instant verification of your RF status - Leaving the switch in 'Dummy-Load' position, offers some degree of confidence against 'static build up' from your antenna-system!

Here is a video of 'Barb-A-Watt' in operation (skip to 1:10 for a close up) ignore the other radio content but it gives you a good overview of a typical use for the accessory:


I am planning to pu a second 'Barb-A-Watt' for use in my vehicle to monitor antenna changes when /P..

For more KIT information and availability please drop Barb a note at


Terry va3ip/ve3ega (visit me) va3ip QRZ.COM