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Reviews For: HyGain 205CA

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : HyGain 205CA
Reviews: 5MSRP: 769.95
5 element 20meter beam on a 2" 34' boom
Product is in production
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WD8NPL Rating: 2016-02-06
Excellent antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Mine is a 205BAS pre-MFJ which was the then-current model with stainless hardware. I had it up for 13 years at an old QTH. At 70 feet it did the job working DX without having to touch it during that period. I did not optimize the antenna for f/b etc.-just used the stock settings.
KF4A Rating: 2014-11-18
After 35 years I still really like this antenna. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased this antenna in 1979 and had it up for 13 years in Florida. I replaced a TH6DXX with it and never looked back. A job relocation required me to take it down in 1992 and it spent the next 22 years packed away. After retiring I decided it was time to get it out and up in the air once more. I contacted Hygain and ordered replacement hardware and got it back together. It's been back up for 6 weeks and it's everything that I remembered. It originally was a 205BA but after the hardware upgrade and setting it up per the new manual I suppose it's now a CA... It's like having and old friend show back up after a long time.
W8JI Rating: 2012-10-04
Good design Time Owned: N.A.
My first 205 antenna was installed near Cleveland Ohio in the early 1980's. I had it up about 150 feet in the air out in the country with open fields, not too far from the lake. It held up great in high winds, ice, and snow.

I current have 5 205CA's, but have modified them by deleting one element and readjusting element length and spacing. They are now four elements on the same length boom.

Mechanically and electrically they are fine, but I wanted less wind load and different mounting so I could side mount them on a wide tower.
W0NCL Rating: 2006-11-01
Excellent Antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Ive had this antenna up for over 3 years now and its been flawless. SWR has remained nearly flat on the phone portion where I have it setup. Im turning it with a alfaspid rotor on a crankup tower. Im happy with the antennas front to back and also front to side ratio as well. There is a construction spacing modification to max out performance with this antenna but I have not tried it. I havent had any hardware issues and Im on a hill with no cover at 1400ft. Great product, highly recommended antenna.
N.A. Rating: 1999-10-23
GREAT Antenna for the bucks!! Time Owned: unknown months.
This is the second 205CA that I have had the pleasure of owning and I must say that both have been fantastic antennas! Straight forward assembly with no surprises. Me and a friend put it all together in about 3 hours. Didn't get it mounted on the tower that weekend, since it was CQWW Contest Weekend, so mounted it on sawhorses and worked over 100 contacts. At 91ft it performs wonderful and the SWR curves look exactly like the book.
One added feature that I love is the fact that, using my antenna tuner, I can load it up FB on 10-15-17 meters and even get some gain out of it!
The HyGain folks in Lincoln have always been extremely helpful, which is the main reason I have owned many of their products. Hope MFJ keeps up their fine tradition.