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Reviews For: AEA Model PK-232MBX

Category: Packet TNCs & Digital Multi-mode Controllers

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Review Summary For : AEA Model PK-232MBX
Reviews: 20MSRP: 399.95
Transmit and recieve all legal Amateur digital modes that are popular on both HF and VHF. In addition you can send and recieve black-and-white Weather FAX. Modes include, Packet Mail drop, Baudot and ASCII RTTY, AMTOR,/SITOR CCIR,Morse code, HF Weather FAX, and optional PACTOR...
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N7FAE Rating: 2012-06-17
Best For Me Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've been using PK-232s since they were first built. A few years ago I got the Low-Power, Firmware and DSP upgrade for my MBX and it's the best I've used for keyboard CW. I used it for many years used with a PowerPC Mac and the MacRatt III Program, loved it. Have now moved to an Intel Mac and am using with MacTNC and have made up a Mac Pages doc with page thumbnails with 72-pt font headings such as MORSE, FAX, AMTOR etc and the corresponding commands in small font. I bring up Mac TNC which fills the l/h side of the screen on my MacBook Pro, and then the Pages file which I have configured to fit the r/h side of my screen. Works great for me.
AE6ZW Rating: 2011-06-18
worked well. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I used this units about 10 years ago , 2000. while evaluating for commercial use. I was impressed how well it worked. my co worker brought his HF TRX, and connected to it to decode RTTY, it worked very well. user friendly interface with TERMINAL program.
ZS1JHG Rating: 2010-03-05
The March of the PK232`s Time Owned: more than 12 months.
A ham buddy and I needed a tnc for an APRS beacon on
HF.My buddy acquired a PK232MBX with dry joints and during repair it was damaged,turned out to be only the corrupted firmware.I contacted the ham who purchased my PK232MBX and bought it back.Then discovered and older model with red leds and daughter board which had a minor fault.So we have
three PK232MBx`s between us updated to V7.2 firmware.Hint look on Mods website
I rate it a solid 5 as the filters really work
great on CW (equal to my Tono Theta 5000E),very good on Packet and Pactor and also does RTTY well.
Good solid build quality.Software used UIView32 and XPWin
KB1NXE Rating: 2009-01-19
I own 3 - is that enough? Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought my first when Heathkit licensed it as a kit! I've been through several iterations of computers and software. From the Cartridge in a Commodore-64 to the lastest version now called Radio Ops Center. I've not used anything easier or more intuitive when coupled with the CCS software. I've had a MFJ TNC, and replaced it with another PK-232.

I've had this product for 25+ years and IT'S STILL SUPPORTED! Software upgrades still released, current ROM chips and upgrades available, etc. Can't go wrong.
WA3IVX Rating: 2008-04-01
Great TNC, Great Software Time Owned: more than 12 months.
For my money, the combination of the PK-232 and the PK-Term software is fantastic. Since I recently upgraded to the PSK unit, I find the decoding of the PSK superior to other soundcard programs which I have used in the past.

The PK-Term software is intuitive, a feature which, since I use this in MARS operation, is a must. Trying to send discrete commands via any terminal program (Think Hyperterm) takes simply, too long, and the PK-Term gives one click ability to what can become an intensive process. Using the PK-Term software, one can concentrate on operating the TNC, not spending time programming the unit.

Additionally, the other modes supported allow one to have a little fun (hey, won't comment on CW here, as I find that even the [slightly degraded (closed head injury)] wetware unit inside my skull as superior to any TNC for this mode, and a manual Commo Mill is the only printer needed or required for CW operation --hi--)

At any rate, the combination is number one in my book. If one wants ease and comfortable operation, well, you've found your mix here.

73 de Greg "GW" Moore WA3IVX (MARS call not disclosed)
N4MJG Rating: 2008-01-05
Great TNC Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had mine 4 years now,planing on use it for rtty soon.will put it on ft-847 while kantronic using for aprs, but will use the pk-232mbk later on down the road.

HamRadio Since Aug 2001
General Lic. Since March 17,2007

Earlier 5-star review posted by N4MJG on 2005-03-21

you have to understand this tnc,but great to have tnc going.i use mine alot !

W0BKR Rating: 2007-09-20
Oldie but great! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I love my PK-232MBX especially for RTTY. Works like a champ and hears the weak ones. Only problem is getting software these days for the PK-232 (a bit pricey). I have yet to get mine to work properly, that is, stay connected, on VHF Packet. My PKTERM99 software is okay, but now I need to replace it for $100, I think I will start shopping around. At the moment, running hyperterminal off the computer to get on packet but still have constant disconnect issues. Nothing wrong on RTTY.

Suppose I will go back to my ol KPC-2 for VHF Packet (what it was designed for) and keep the 232 for digital HF Modes.
VO1MDS Rating: 2007-03-25
Great Multimode tnc Time Owned: more than 12 months.
What a great tnc,what more can i say,i love these unit's,i own two versions,the newer PK-232mbx and the PK-232>no daughter board,no mailbox...oh well!

anyway,this is a great tnc,you wont be disapointed if you purchase one of these great tnc'c,although AEA has closed it's doors to amateur radio,i wouldn't hesitate to buy more AEA rig's.
I now own a few AEA tnc's and interfaces including:
AEA PK-232

AEA,you cant beat em.

73 and take care. de vo1mds
SWL377 Rating: 2007-01-27
OK, but PK 900 better Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I liked my PK 232 MBX until I bought a PK 900. The 900 is a waaaay better unit. That cheap used swap meet PK 232 isnt so much of a bargain after you have to pay for upgrades and PK 900s are available used for about the same total amount. I have used a stock MFJ 1278 (poor), a PK 232 MBX (OK) and a PK 900 (incredible). I am no longer tempted by non MBX PK 232s at the swap meets for $35. If you dont have much money, a used PK 232 MBX isnt a bad idea, but if you can find a PK 900 for just a bit more BUY IT. I see lots of cheap used PK 232s but not many MBXs, so those who have them must be hanging onto them.
KQ4CD Rating: 2007-01-22
very good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
the units worked great but I missed place the software and I just see spending the money for Timewave any ideas on what to use or could fine some bodt with the software that come with is
thank you for your time