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Reviews For: Cushcraft 14820T

Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Directional (Yagi, quad, etc.)

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Review Summary For : Cushcraft 14820T
Reviews: 8MSRP: $140.00
2M verticle/horizontal yagi beam
Product is in production
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W5KVA Rating: 2019-11-08
A New A148-20T (MFJ) Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Purchased new from HRO in October 2019, IMO this antenna needs a little help, specifically the adjustable gamma rods to elements clamps. Next I found some of the holes in the boom for mounting the elements were not drilled properly resulting in quite noticeable misalignment. With better gamma rod to element clamps and tightened up quality control this would be a very good antenna for the money.
KE4VVF Rating: 2012-02-10
Sweet Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Running this antenna @ 25 ft with 2 separate LMR-400 feed lines.

Had issues tuning vertical. My fault, thought the gamma needed to be elongated but shortening it worked great. Super SWR in both Hor and Vert.

Can hit repeaters 70 miles away anytime, full quieting, some with 5 watts using an old HTX-202. Can hit some repeaters up to 100 miles on clear / good propagation days with 100 watts. Low elevation underpowered crappy repeaters are still hard to hit but they are not meant to be wide coverage anyway. This antenna doubled the number of repeaters I can hit using a 5/8th wave vertical.

SSB is very good . 150 miles no problem. Can regularly hear beacons several states away but 2m SSB activity is sparse this time of year (winter).

FM Simplex is absolutely fabulous. I couldn't ask for better.

Easy to assemble but some elements not quite straight because of slightly off center holes and cheap saddles. It's easy to bend solid elements into line.

I would buy this antenna again even though most elements need to be tweaked. 4 rating because I had to tweak the elements straight. Otherwise it's a 5 rating.
KI6AKR Rating: 2006-06-13
Dual-polarization for your station. Tarnation! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
There are larger, fancier, more expensive dual-polarized beams out there that use relay switches to change polarity, and therefore, require only a single feedline to operate. But, if running TWO feedlines does not present a problem, then you have the option of this economical A148-20T.

Sporting 20 elements (10 for vertical and 10 for horizontal), it performs adequately for my FM repeater, simplex and SSB work. The boom is 11 feet long, with the longest elements at 40.6 inches. Weighing-in at 7 pounds, a simple TV antenna rotator is sufficient to support and position the beam - such as the Radio Shack brand that I'm using.

Utilizing two coaxial cables, the A148-20T changes polarities by way of an indoor manually-operated switch. An Alpha Delta-2 performs that duty in my shack. The SWR both vertical and horizontal are pretty-much flat across the board using the measurements provided in the assembly instructions. All you need is a ruler, no antenna tuner or analyzer is necessary.

As far as overall design is concerned:

The 3-section boom is held together by two hose clamps, not nuts and bolts, at it should be.

Some of the pre-drilled holes in the boom for attaching the elements are not lined-up straight, making for an uneven (and somewhat unsightly) presentation, hence my rating of 4 for those demerits.

Think YOU have space limitations? Just visit my personal Ham website at for a glimpse of my "shack-on-a-rack" and "balcony beam" - featuring the A148-20T.

73 from KI6AKR
W5BP Rating: 2006-03-22
Great Antenna Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
After receiving this antenna about 4 days after ordering from HRO it took me about 2.5 hours to put it together, being carefull and taking my time.
I have it mounted on top of a 30 foot telescoping pole with 2 sets of guy wires. I and am using a Channel Master tv rotator to turn it.
I can hit any FM repeater in about an 80 mile radius but some are down since hurricane Katrina. So I may be able to hit some that are further away if they come back online.
I regularly work a SSB Net 3 times a week about 200-250 miles away. I get great reports from anyone I work on SSB. Not bad since the antenna is only about 33' high with several big trees in my yard in every direction.
I use a 2-way switch to change the polarity, use a Kenwood TR-751A all-mode tranceiver, and a KLM 140 watt amp when needed.
I really like the performance of this antenna and have no regrets at all for buying it. At $149 shipped, it's a very good deal.
KD7EZE Rating: 2003-04-24
148-20T for satellite work Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This antenna was a gift from a fellow ham 8 or so years ago. Not having any 2 meter SSB gear, I decided to convert it for satellite service. It's now a single feed, RHCP-LHCP switchable, satellite antenna. Having been satisfied with its performance, I've since aquired another, cut it down and converted it to the 70 cm band, also for satellite work. Great antenna! Can also be found at hamfests for a reasonable investment.
K8UPA Rating: 2003-04-24
Great antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Although I have only owned this for a short time I must admit it works extremely well. I am able to pick up repeaters many, many miles away. I really like the two feedlines, simplifies things nicely. With little wind load it survived a very big ice storm the day after installation. Great antenna for the price.
N2ETJ Rating: 2002-02-04
Fantastic antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
For a 11 foot boom , this antenna really plays well. I have mine mounted just above my tri-bander with 2 coax feeds ..... works great on SSB as well as FM. Have worked on SSB over 250 miles consistently with only 25 watts and repeaters over 150 miles away. Very low wind load and easy to put together. On vertical, swr is flat across the entire band, on SSB Horiz. a bit more narrow but still well within acceptable standards. You won't be the biggest gun out there but for what it is, don't think you can find a better combination..........went together in about an hour
K9IKE Rating: 2001-07-11
Worth A Look Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This antenna incorporates 2 sets of elements on the same boom. This allows contacts in horizontal and verticle polarity for ssb and fm use. Boom length is about 11 feet,with 2 feed lines. Polarity can be switched from the shack.
I'ved used this antenna for nearly 10 years with no problems,and can typically access repeaters within 100 miles of the qth. On ssb i've worked stations across the US with very good reports.
If you're unsure of what mode you'd like to concentrate your efforts. Or you want a taste of both worlds (ssb&fm), the 14820T is a great antenna and deserves some serious consideration.