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Reviews For: TGM Communications Hybrid Quad

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : TGM Communications Hybrid Quad
Reviews: 46MSRP: 280.00
Mini HF Beam 4-band/6-band
Product is in production
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KD4ISM Rating: 2021-02-17
TGM-MQ34SR Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have had my MQ34SR up for 6 months now, It's a great antenna.
VE3XYD Rating: 2014-12-21
Awesome! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I had the privilege to work with MQ-26SR and
MQ-34SR. If you take your time and setup the antenna right, it works great. I broke pileups wth just 100w. No problem. Both models about 35-40feet above the ground. Very often received complements on a good strong signal running just barefoot, no amps.

After a year, I upgraded to MQ-36SR and I love it! I will never sell this antenna.
VY1GP Rating: 2014-08-20
Model MQ-24SR Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I originally bought the antenna for use on a 25' wide city lot for three years, but recently moved to a suburban lot 150'x75' and had been temporarily using a vertical and endfed wires.

I couldn't believe the difference. The MQ-24SR lowers the background noise level by 1-2 S units and raises the signal by 2-3. When conditions are not good I can hear signals on the MQ-24SR that I can't hear on the other antennas. Happily I am starting to make DX QSO's again.

Interestingly even the design is for 20-6m I used a small LDG autotuner and had a good QSO on 40m with my Icom 706MK2.

The antenna is robust, having rested under snow for several winters pening reinstallation. - George
KG7TNT Rating: 2012-12-26
MQ-34SR Simply works ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have the MQ-34SR :
in a nutshell ,
It has a small footprint / turning radius of just under 9 ft.
I have owned it for about 8 yrs .
At the time I figured I might as well get the best that I can for the money ;
It seemed like a lot , but I also figured the quality of the materials and the fact that The engineering was done for me , I just cant say enough good about it .
I use it almost exclusively on 15 & 20 Meters .
Problems ??? , the Spokes are rather delicate but that is to be expected , right ?
Had it mounted at about 30 ft ..... ON the roof ;
Closer to the roof of my home than was " Ideal " and it still
gave me great results !
Worked a station in the Marshal-Islands with only 100 watts
from the West coast ; Portland , Oregon ,USA
For the size ....... It's unbeatable !
Thanks to T.G.M.
VA3AQB Rating: 2012-11-09
Great on the higher Bands Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bought this for its compact size, works great!!
shines on 15m & 17m, SWR is fine on 10m,15,17m no tuner needed, 20m SWR is narrow.
Very easy to tune for each band, only real issue I have is the SWR freq shift when it rains, other people don't seem to have any issues.
On 10m is where this antenna works best, just using 100watts get great reports from Europe and Asia.
Tom at TGM is always there if you have a issues! Great service.
GD7JWR Rating: 2011-09-09
MQ26SR Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The MQ-26SR i have owned for over four years, but it was taken down 12 months ago because of a change in qth,
since then i have been using a vertical and wire antennas including a g5rv which i think are a very noisy antenna, over the past two weeks the tower as been errected and the 26sr put back up, i can only say good things about this antenna, price is great, weight, looks and results are all great, no this is not a full size beam but i am sure you wont be dissapointed
2E1MPC Rating: 2010-10-12
tgm/mq1 hybrid Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Having tested this aerial against ma5b , i found it to be equal in performance, and much easier on the eye , up at 15 meters above ground it hears stations my doublet doesnt on 20m , front to back rejection isnt great, but what do you expect from the design and size ,, I wouldnt swap mine for a gold pig ,,,, mike m0mpc
ZS1BOB Rating: 2010-04-02
TGM 36SQR Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought the 36SR 5 yrs ago. I have a small property and my tower is situated at the rear corner of my home. A larger beam would have projected over the property of 2 neighbours. The TGM is ideal for my requirements.
I'm not going to expand on the merits & faults of this antenna, I accept that it is a compromise.
It does seem to work well enough.
I did notice that at 10m height it sometimes works equally well off the side. the tower has been upgraded to 12m, I expect that the side-effect will diminish. It does have Quad characteristics, after all.
The advice I would give to someone assembling it is to fill the spoke holes with a Silicone grease or an anti-seize compound ie. COPASLIP etc.
My TGM spent some time on the ground & was moved around through some shrubs by builders resulting in bent & broken spokes.
I found Tom to be quick to respond to e-mail queries and to be very helpful.
The adjustable spokes can be replaced with an aluminium welding rod of the same total length.
I used a brazing rod to replace a missing adjustable spoke on the reflector. I don't think that it will make a noticeable difference.
I did find that after 5 yrs, some of the screws holding the spokes needed to be retightened.
Thanks to the Silicone grease, the area of the spokes held by the screws were still shiny, despite corrosion on the outside.
I think that the screws loosen slightly due to temperature, expansion & contraction. The same happens to PL259's - I fill my plugs with Silicone grease and nip them tight with waterpump pliers, wipe them clean and tape them with vulcanizing tape, never had a loose plug or water egress in 10 yrs.
I would also use grease or anti-seize on the adjustable spokes during assembly, I find that after 5 yrs, some of the spokes have seized in the adjuster but still have electrical continuity.
I did consider replacing the spoke screws with stainless Allen cap screws, but here in South Africa, the American thread Allen Caps cost a fortune, so scrub that idea.
I found the boom to be a bit flexible & replaced it with a thicker-walled tube - I also mounted a short section of the same tube on the side (rear) of the boom to mount the reflector, thereby lining up the reflector with rest of the elements.
The reflector is usually slightly offset because it is mounted onto the rear of the boom & the elements are mounted under or above the boom.
Repositioning might lower the SWR slightly, and then might not - still works fine.Have just finished the service, will get it onto the tower soon, the bands are calling.

M1DPE Rating: 2009-09-19
nothing heard Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
have had the mq-1 for 6 months but have not heard a lot with it so far it is at 30ft. but then the bands have not been that good so far.
VE2YMM Rating: 2009-07-15
2nd Review. More information about this antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I own this antenna (MQ-24SR) since 1 year now, and I have some points to precise. I've done a lot of tests and compare with different other YAGI's antennas, and frankly speaking, for the size, this antenna is equivalent to others bigger quad 2 (or 3) elements antennas. Reception is better on the tuned bands than my very sensible dynamic loop (Wellbrook ALA1530S+), whatever the direction of this antenna is! In 20, 15 and 10 meters it is a great antenna, with a little bit shortest bandwidth, (normal for a compact antenna).

* The best results for me are for the 15 meters, low SWR (1.17:1) and good gain (22.10 dB @ 21.280MHz).

* On 20m., I Tuned my antenna for 14.150MHz (SWR 1.95:1) with 9.86dB

* And the 10m. (SWR @ 1.33:1) for 17.01dB.

* On 6 m., I've got some problems because the central frequency is tuned around 46MHz instead of 52MHz (50 to 54MHz). I use a small modification (Thanks to Tom) and add a trap (lambda/4) to improve the SWR, and results has been a little bit improved. Tests gives 3 curves with central frequencies at 45.850MHz (1.26:1 with large bandwidth), 50.350 (2.63:1 very short bandwidth) and 50.950 (1.43:1 very short bandwidth). Because I listen Often 50.125MHz, this modification is perfect for me ... but this antenna is not done to be tuned for the 6m.

Note all this tests has been done with 150 ft. of coax. LMR400 @ around 30 ft. from ground. Later, this antenna will be installed between 50 and 60 ft. from ground using a rotor.

Using a good tuner resolve of course all of this little imperfections... In General, this is a good antenna for a very compact size.

73 de Yves

Earlier 5-star review posted by VE2YMM on 2008-11-29

Fantastic dipole ! I'm using the MQ-24SR model and didn't have big experience with this kind of antenna. I can say the performances are really impressive. I'm using it most of the time in 20m., and do DX nearly every day with Europe! I live in town (Montreal, Canada), so space is a little bit limited. Antenna is around 15m. (50 foot) from the ground, using a rotor.

Cons. Price is a little bit high and SWR a bit high in 6m.