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Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : Caig ProGold
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Conditioner, Preservative and Lubricant for Electrical Connections. Use on gold, base and other precious metal surfaces. Especially suited for plated connectors and contacts. Penetrates plated surfaces and moleculerly bonds to the base metal. NO OTHER PRODUCT DOES THIS! -- Superior to "DeoxIT" in many applications. Read the instructions.
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W8AAZ Rating: 2009-03-19
Works and worth it. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
See the previous review on a case of how to utilise it. Was used on gold conns in airliners and did us a good job. I had to twist some arms to get them to use it but when the results were in it proved itself. Better than periodically taking out something like gold PC fingers and buffing them bright to get a good conn. That wears away the very very thin gold wash over time. And they are making it thinner nowadays to save $$$. So save yourself some money and use this stuff for reliable connections in the long run. Sparingly.
N1BEC Rating: 2007-05-28
Pro-Gold is awesome! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I can't say enough good things about Pro-Gold! It really does preserve contacts.
I use it in conjunction with Deoxit: The Deoxit is applied to the contacts and worked in (I use both the spray and the 5% solution. SOP here is to sparingly apply the solution to the contacts as it is more economical, and there isn't any overspray) and allowed to sit for 24 hours.
The contacts are then cleaned with a non-residual spray cleaner and allowed to dry.
After that, I sparingly apply Pro-Gold and work it in.
I have a basket case NC-303 that had just awful contacts. You could clean it, and it work work well for a few weeks, then the contacts went intermittent again.
After treatment with Pro-Gold, we're well over ten years of reliable switch operation.
I use it with any and all contacts. It really shines with equipment like Motorola Micor radios where you have dissimilar metal contacts that like to go bad at the worst possible time.
One of my customers was a hospital ER, and the radio tone remote didn't go six months between cleanings before I discovered Pro-Gold. After application, we just forgot about it!
Pro-Gold is just as important to me for restoring old equipment as is recapping.
For me, both Deoxit and Pro-Gold are essential items for the repair bench.

73's, -Tom N1BEC/7
4Z4KQ Rating: 2002-04-24
I swear by it. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Contrary to popular belief, gold contacts do deteriorate over time -- in partcular if runing hot. This unique stuff really works as advertaised -- reducing resistance by 25% for new contacts and much more as they get older. It also reduces mechanical wear (important for those connectors with really thin gold plating, such as PCB edge connectors).

I use it extensively on anything gold -- from PL-259 center pin to PC edge connectors. The trick is to treat _new_ contacts before they are mated for the first time; repeated application is not required in most cases. Don't expect miracles from using it on worn contacts -- it is more of a preserver than a cleaner.

You need to treat only one side of a connector (e.g., a plug); it would carry the stuff over to the other part when mating.

The stuff expensive, but a bottle (or a can) would last many years. A cheaper product (Gold 2000 from Kontakt Chemie, Germany) also works, but not as well as this one.

Let us spray!