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Reviews For: Kenwood TH-F6A

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : Kenwood TH-F6A
Reviews: 249MSRP: 425.00
Compact triband H.T. (144/220/440) with dual receive, wideband receiver (Longwave through 1.3 Ghz), SSB/CW rcv. Bar antenna for A.M. broadcast reception. 5 watts all bands.
Product is in production
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N2MAQ Rating: 2021-11-19
I have 2 kenwood th-f6a one made in Singapore other Malaysia Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Both work great but don't know why made two different places. Has me wondering which one is newest or best. But so far both work fine.
N9EWO Rating: 2021-09-28
Very poor SW receive, even with added 30 ft length of wire !! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I feel this set is an improvement over the Yaesu VX-5R for VHF-UHF and overall receive performance. Except for SW sensitivity. That indeed stinks !! See my review (URL) below for more info.

Lets face it , this is a Handie-Talkie and really should not be used with EXTERNAL ANTENNA's (with the exception for SW receive) !!!

My full review can be seen via the internet archives here (below the Icom IC-T90A review) :

K2WH Rating: 2020-12-29
3 bands and can be used to troubleshoot too ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Had this rig for about 15 years now and I have used it for everything including troubleshooting circuits, listening and locating strange signals to using it to track down QRN.

No complaints about it at all.

N7AY Rating: 2017-05-07
No Complaints Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I get to listen to most of my ham buddies complain about their HT's not working right, it's this or that not working right it seems like all the time. I've owned this radio 2 years and I'm still looking for a reason to complain about it.

It's nice having access to the wide-open 1.25m band. The user interface is similar to my other Kenwood radios - that's very nice. I use it frequently as a simple audio check of what my HF rig is TXing - especially in digital modes.

Would recommend.
N2MDV Rating: 2017-02-02
It's a shack in a pocket! A multi-bander's must! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This HT is an absolutely no brainer! Tri-band full power on 2m / 222MHz / and 440MHz! The SMA tri-band duck antenna works OK, but to have it work better, get the Comet, or Diamond, tri-band antenna. Speaker is less than 1", but very loud and perky. Can load up to 400 memory channels. And having a QSO on low power 50mW can be done all day. Take this HT with you to a Hamfest with other friends with 222MHz HT's, and you'll have a band that you won't get desensed and over crowded with. Great Kenwood audio quality on RX and TX. Some have commented to me that they couldn't tell that I was on an HT. However, the "B" side on receive is where this HT is a surprise. Do you want to listen to what your stations sounds like on HF, 6M, 144.200MHz, 222.100MHz, 432.100MHz, 902.1MHz, and 1296.1MHz, in AM, FM, CW, and both SSB's? You can do it with this HT. Stuck in traffic and want to listen to truckers? Punch in 27.185MHz AM for CB CH19. Want to check out local AM and FM broadcasts? This HT does that, and has it's own built-in bar antenna for that. Put it to a wire antenna for all mode HF listening. The big minus of having an HT this wide-banded is easy front end overload and intermod suffering, even from out-of-band signals. As an HT, this is usually not a problem, but with a gain mobile and base antenna, it is. Programming is the easy Kenwood memory programming. If you have a Go-bag, this makes for the perfect Go-HT due to its versatility.
N1FDX Rating: 2016-09-30
Nice HT..... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've owned the F6A now for a little over a week and trying to learn and push it's limits. I bought it with the programming cable and AA battery pack. Owned 2 different Icom IC-T90A's, bought the first in 2002, sold it for IC-91a then bought another because I missed it so I am doing a bit of comparing. Maybe I should have bought the F6A instead. I was drawn to it for the extended receive with SSB and the fact that I've never had a radio with 220. The A band programmed with all HAM frequencies works as it should. The B band's extended receive and SSB is a great touch. Dual receive is usefull at times also. With the bar antenna I'm able to listen to CW on 160 at night and can even hear ARRL code practice on 80m at times. When I connect it to a full size antenna it comes to like, does suffer a bit of intermod but livable.
The reasons I only gave it a 4 is as follows, the memory group function doesn't make much sense. ( here is where I'm comparing to the T90) The groups are in increments of 50 which is OK, better if you can define there size however when you access a group you can scan within the group but if you use the tuning control the group doesn't exist, it just steps the memories in numerical order so I don' see the point of the group.
The light you have to command to operate rather than having an option that it illuminate when any function is access then times off.
The key-beep sounds when it stops while scanning, when you turn it off it's off for both the keys and scanning, don't see why I need it on scanning.
The case available in the U.S. is horrible.
All in all a nice small package with a lot of functionality and the price right now is pretty low.
AD1ET Rating: 2016-08-14
New to Kenwood Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
OK. Take the 5 stars with a grain of doubt. Brand new to me but. . .Programs with my Baofeng UV5Ra cable and CHIRP software without a hitch. Big plus. My nearest repeater is 26 miles distant but line of site. On EL power setting, 0.05 watts, it hits the repeater with the supplied rubber duck. Another big plus. Cost is now down to $250 at Hamfest. A really big plus. The B band with its full coverage of HF through 1.2 GHZ is just exceptional with SSB, CW, AM and FM. While not as inexpensive as a Baofeng, TYT, Wouxun, etc, all of which I like and most of which I own one or two of, it is still a very nice, feature rich, portable radio. I would also note that throwing out the supplied rubber duck might be a hasty thing to do. If you live in unobstructed country, the OEM antenna may be just fine. Check it out carefully before eating the antenna mushrooms and parting with lots of additional dough.
W5CSM Rating: 2016-07-14
My First Radio, I still have an use Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had this HT for 11 years. Intuitive to use, functions are easy to access once you are familiar with the buttonology. After all of these years, the OEM battery still provides reasonable power, all things considered. The buttons while small, are very easy to operate and markings have endured well.
IW2BSF Rating: 2016-03-12
VERY NICE radio !!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I'm a big fan of Kenwood, I had the old TH-77, TH-78 and the legendary TH-79 and now this little gem! What about a really great radio! I have buy this radio 1 years ago and work well.

One problem perhaps from a colleague complained that sometimes does not turn on or does not go on batteries, the causes can be two and are different: can 'be the 12 volt DC J1 connector exterior and' defective and does not switch and you change with $ 2 expense of replacing it, or you burn one of three internal fuses, usually one called F1, in my guide in Italian (use google translate) find patterns and how to fix it by yourself without assistance or send him to spend too much money!

My guide on the gearbox connector or fuse here in my web site:

excluding internal antenna BAR and connecting an external dipole will really make the DX beautiful in the HF bands, and 'sensitive enough. For those who are 'skeptical can see some tutorial videos on HF receiving my website here:

Best 73 de Rudy - IW2BSF
WA6KQN Rating: 2016-01-24
Sensitivity Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Had the radio for many years. This is more in nature of a question than a review! My TH-F6A hates
to be anywhere near a TV, VCR, Fluorescent lighting,
computers etc. It is impossible to squelch when
exposed to this type of radiation. I just wonder if
anyone else has this problem?
Other than this annoyance, it is a great radio and
I would recommend it to anyone wanting an HT.