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Review Summary For : Alpha Delta DX-EE
Reviews: 82MSRP: 100
Multi-band dipole, 10-40 meters, shortened for 40 meters.
Product is in production
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K4XZ Rating: 2009-04-09
WORKS WELL Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I ran one of these before I put up the tower and beam.It worked very well. I still keep it as a back up antenna.

73 Joe K4XZ
KB1RJK Rating: 2009-04-09
New ham, but I've listened to the world on this antenna! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have it mounted from the house to the detached garage, sloping down at 10 degrees. I don't have may years of experience as a ham, but consistently listen to Europe, all of the US, and many early mornings I've heard from our friends Down Under. Does it get better than that?
KA5TCF Rating: 2009-03-31
Outstanding Attic Dipole Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have the DX-EE mounted in an inverted V in my attic. The peak is at about 30 ft and the ends are at 22ft (pretty tall roof line on a two storty house). After tweaking the 10, 15 and 40m wires, I have less than 3:1 across the entrire phone portion of the General License Band allocations such that my Ft-950 internal tuner will tune the antenna to less than 1.3:1. This is in spite of the many metallic objects in my attic (wiring, 2 HVAC units, hot water heater, large AC ducts running everywhere, ect). In 3 months on the air, I have worked all 50 states and 49 countries using 100W. It is true some of the DX is a struggle, but I have also had long S9 QSOs with Italian, Alaskan, and Even the South Pole Station on 20 and 40 meters. The only continents I have not worked are Asia and Australia. This has far exceeded my widest dreams on what I could do given the Antenna restrictions at my QTH. If you check out my QRZ profile, you will see a picture of the antenna in my attic. This thing really works.
W6ANF Rating: 2009-03-16
Great in attic Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've now had this antenna for about a year. I must admit I had reservations about putting it inside my attic and perhaps it would perform better in free space, but after making contacts in both France and Italy this past week from Colorado, with only 100 watts, and the antenna in the attic, I'm sold on it! Sure, I'd love a monster beam atop some huge tower, but if an external antenna is not an option for you, I'd give the DX-EE a shot.

After first putting it in the attic, I had full bandwidth on 20m, 15m and 10m. I found that 40m only had about a 50KHz bandwidth, which the specs predicted. It was too low in the band for what I wanted. It only took two tries though to shorten the 40m element by folding over the ends (you don't have to cut it) to raise the center frequency into the general class phone portion of the band, and now it works great!
K6YLG Rating: 2009-03-09
Way better than G5RV Jr. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Living in a CC&R subdivision, I've tried a variety of HF attic antennas, and this one is by far the best. I previously used a G5RV Jr, but it was effectively a monobander--20 meters only; sure, you could tune it up on other bands with a tuner, but the SWR was horiffic, so ERP was miniscule. This one displays 2:1 or better on 20/15/10. The only proviso is the response curve on 40 is VERY sharp; clipping 3" from the ends raised the tuning null 150 KHz. But once tuned, it works great there, too. I've worked 20 countries so far with it on QRP, so I'm definitely a fan.
VA7CPC Rating: 2008-11-24
Very nice above 40m, and good for an attic Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I got this antenna when I was starting out with HF, and had it about 20' off the ground over my garage in 2003.

It gave me my first taste of DX work on 20m. 40m performance was not very good, and I never really tried it on higher bands.

A few months ago I moved into a townhouse with severe CC&R restrictions -- but I have an attic. So it's up there now, with household wiring, metal rain gutters, and alarm wiring. It's in a "Z" -- the only way it fits. My household (and my neighbors) is as electrically noisy as any other.

I have an LDG Z-100 Pro autotuner in the attic, with a 10' coax run to the feedpoint. Another 50' of coax goes from the tuner to my rig.

In spite of all the clutter and RFI, the DX-EE gets out OK on 20m and 15m with 100 watts (50 watts with PSK31). Not as well as it did when in the clear, but well enough for me to work contests and get some DX, both on phone and RTTY.

It's weak on 40m -- stations coming in at less than S7 find it hard to hear me on phone. But it's only 40' long _when it's straight_, so it's working as well as I can expect.

It got from Vancouver BC to Venezuela, on 15m SSB last weekend. And I worked 40 sections in a few hours, all over North America, in the ARRL SSB Sweepstakes. It's doing its job well.

I might give it a "5" if I had it 50' high, in the clear. But I'll rate it as I actually see it work, in my severely compromised environment.

DXSHORTWAVE Rating: 2008-11-24
Great DX, easy to tune Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have worked well over 100 countries with my DX-EE at only 30 ft. It is an inverted-V and nothing is around it. Easy to tune on all bands. Sounds like the previous reviewer doesn't know how to trim a dipole. If it's too low on 40 meters, just shorten the ends a few inches at a time and re-check the SWR. Sounds like the other bands are affected by all his other antennas around it. The DX-EE is a great DX performer and very efficient. No problem at all if you understand dipoles and the requirements for HF antennas.
K8JHR Rating: 2008-11-24
Extremely AVerage Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have had this antenna for about one year, and am somewhat under-whelmed by it. I use it mostly on 40 and 20 Meters SSB, and it is difficult to tune using my Palstar AT2K (actually I figure it should not require tuning...) and has high SWR on all bands. MFJ antenna analyzer bears this out, also. It is relatively OK on 20 meters, but on 40, it tunes too low, and has a 2.0:1 SWR bandwidth of only .050 MHz. That is just way too low for real work, and it will not play well outside that range without a big tuner.

Even though this is a "compromise" shortened antenna, it does not work as advertised on 40 meters.

On 15 Meters, best SWR is at 21.750 MHz - well higher than the SSB portion of the band. SWR at the center of the 15 SSB portion of the band is 3.2:1 SWR. On 10 Meters, best SWR is 1.2:1 but at 28,490 MHz - lower than the CW portion of that band, and at 29.600 MHz it reads 3.2:1 SWR.

I know this can be helped with a substantial outboard tuner, and even with my Omni VII ATU (which tunes a range of approx. 10:1 and not like typical 3:1 other ATUs do...) but, still, I figured it should be pretty close to resonant, with best SWR SOMEWHERE WITHIN EACH BAND IT WORKS. This thing is sometimes set for higher than, and at other times lower than, each band of intended operation.

Moreover, it is QUIET. Real QUIET on receive. I must adjust the RF Gain substantially compared to other antennas, including a 43 foot monopole vertical, a 40 M half wave homemade dipole hanging much lower, actually, and even a 20 meter ham stick dipole at a lower height.

I make contacts on it, for sure, but I just do not feel it performs as well as it should given its cost, and advertised claimed level of performance. And I know SWR is not the only thing to consider, nor do I regard SWR of 2:1 all that troublesome, but if you are using a solid state amp, it will not like this antenna without an outboard tuner... and it should not require one. It should be inherently within that 2:1 tolerance right out of the box - even though one might tweak it a bit to favor either the CW or the phone portion of the band. It should be set right for at least ONE of those areas of each band already. OR IT SHOULD BE ADJUSTABLE TO SAME... but not so in practice under the conditions that prevail at my QTH.

Just MY take, anyway ... perhaps your mileage will be better.

73 and good DX to all. --- /// James - K8JHR /// ---
W2ZEY Rating: 2008-05-13
durable Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Alpha Delta uses very good materials for the DX-EE. It is incredibly durable - survived a windstorm this past winter that clocked just over 65 mph. Assembly was straightforward. It took two of us a couple of hours to set up the antenna. Most of the time was spent straightening the elements. I used heavier nylon line to support it - a flat configuration spanning 2 trees. Because nylon tends to stretch, I think this helped its wind survival. The DX-EE works well, especially 20 meters and up. Technical support is excellent - email is answered promptly. Accompanying documentation was helpful.
N8DV Rating: 2008-04-22
Excellent shortned antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just installed the antenna and it plays as Alpha-Delta states. If you follow the instructions, there is no problem with the antenna. My FT 950's ATU has no problem with tuning, except for 40 meters. Just as the instructions indicated, use an outboard tuner. Presto! 1:1. Materials and construction are excellent. I would purchase another of Alpha-Delta antenna.