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Reviews For: ICOM IC-756PRO2

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-756PRO2
Reviews: 152MSRP: 2969.95 Street
HF+6m Transceiver
Product is in production
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WA6MOW Rating: 2010-11-17
A Great Icom! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I recently purchased a K3 and the two radios sit side by side. The Pro2 hears as well as the K3 and when using the K3 I long for the band scope on my Pro2. I am not going to spend the ridiculous money for Elecraft's new scope. I previously owned a Pro3 and could never tell any difference between the 2 and 3 so I sold the 3 for almost double for what I paid for the 2! The Pro2 offers the most performance for the money and is a joy to use. Everything is laid out perfectly. If you can find one of these for around $1250, grab it. You won't be disappointed.
NM8D Rating: 2010-07-14
Its a Keeper Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Ive had my ProII for about a year now, stole it off ebay for $700.
It wouldnt transmit, did some research figured out that the autotuner had blown, so i bought it.
Sent it to the Icom repair station in SC, came back in 2 weeks with a $118 bill that included shipping.
Excellent Radio, i wouldnt sell it for anything less than a 7800
If you can find one of these , GET IT!!!!
The DSP is nice, the PBT is right on, and i turned mine up to 125 watts and mod it for 60 m.
I love it.

KM4TV Rating: 2009-11-10
Great Rig For The Money Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have had all of the 756PRO series radios, and to me the PROII is the best "bang for the buck", unless you can pick up a 756PROIII for a steal. The PROII used is going for around $1200 to $1400, and it is what I call a best buy! I find the performance of the PROII very close to a 756PROIII. So far mine is working great and sounds real nice on receive, it's a keeper!!
K1GUY Rating: 2009-09-04
A Dependable,; Quality Work Horse Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had my Icom Pro II for over 5 years now, trouble free. If you look at the specs, the Pro II is FAR superior to the PRO, and keeps up with the PRO III. Perhaps the best buy in the used market today. If you are even thinking about purchasing one, go for it. Its a keeper, and a best buy today on the used market.
I cant comment on Icom service, as I have never needed it, and dont know anyone with a PRO series that has.

N6BOB Rating: 2009-09-03
The Finest Radio I have ever owned Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Having borrowed a friend's Pro 2 and loving the display, filters, all the positive comments I received on the transmit audio I decided to buy used one for myself.
I have been a ham for 49 years and had lots of good radios but this used Pro II is the best yet.
The notch filter and pass band filters are used daily and they work great. I can dig just about any signal out of all the crazy band noise. The rig keys my AMP just fine. When people open up their rigs to transmit out of the ham bands (CB use) and increase the power they do so at their own risk and should not blame anyone, suck it up and get it repaired and move on.
I bought the Icom PS used and it works great with the rig.
Thanks Icom.
K8KAS Rating: 2009-09-03
What a Joke Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I don't see a problem with the review on the Pro II, I agree it was a pile of junk, I had 3 Pro II go bad in 8 months, the six meter problem was well known at Icom, I will never purchase an Icom after the Pro II and my experiences. Amp keying relays on the Pro series were another well know problem NEVER fixed by Icom. My best day was when the Icom was sold, and I felt bad about that. Just look at the E Ham reviews on this so call radio,or is that just a bunch of idiot's as well?

Earlier 1-star review posted by K8KAS on 2004-04-22

I purchased a new (re-pack) 756 Pro II about three weeks ago, I found troubles with outputs on 17 meters and above bands, either funky or none at all. The dealer agreed to send me a brand new unit (not a re-pack). The new unit arrived yesterday, while I was adjusting the mic and compression and ALC levels suddenly the output went to zero. I re-set the cpu and checked again the next day still nothing. I have been in the hobby for 45 years and never had two rigs fail in a row like this. I can only believe Icom has problems with the driver/final stages of this transciever. What is it with all the re-packs anyway, is this one of the reasons or have I missed something?
W0EAJ Rating: 2009-09-03
The Good, Bad, & Ugly Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought the 756 PRO-II used (boy, was that an understatement). It has the dreaded 50mHz failure. ICOM seems not to acknowledge that it exists, but it IS a known problem and DOES occur. The problem is the poor quality switching diodes in RF and Tuner boards - when they become leaky, the 6m section goes into a TX-feedback loop. Mine, having been "turned up" by an idiot down in Houston, TX was @ 150w PEP and 55w AM (spec is 5-40w AM) - IN the feedback loop situation, this pulled 29a from the cheesy PS-125 p/s (which is NOT built by ICOM -it's built FOR them, and they would rather NOT work on them... now you know why they're "gifted" with a purchase), and took out the surge suppressor (the 10a fuse was saved!) HI HI HI

The fix is to replace all of the switching diodes in the TUNER and PA sections at ICOM, and return it to factory specs.

DO NOT PERFORM THE "INCREASED POWER MOD"- It CAN or WILL lead to early failure of the PA, Tuner and 6m sections.

Cheezy knobs, Gain controls are on the wrong side, high ambient temperature (add a fan),but works good otherwise [ should have been made with more ventilation ]

Oh, and why the h*** did ICOM provide a means to put your callsign on the screen, then leave out the "communications zero"... it comes out an ordinary "O"... amazing. (then again, this forum doesn't accept one, either! ha ha ha)

To ICOM's credit however, they're first-rate on the phone and Email responses. They actually seem to CARE that you exist and want to help you out - pretty astounding, that.

73 - W0EAJ
K4FX Rating: 2009-01-17
Great Radio! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Well it's been one year since I picked up this mint 756 Pro II, and I must say this is one excellent radio, for the price + or - 1500 dollars, it's probably one of the better values on a "near" high end radio. I traded a Flex SDR-1000 with some cash for this one, and I have not regretted it for a moment, I really love this radio.

The Pro II has a lot of bells and whistles, the DSP filtering is outstanding, You are getting 3 (preset by user) filter settings each for CW/SSB and AM/FM. The CW/SSB settings are easily changed and I routinely change mine, making them tighter for contests, and loosening them up for normal operation. You have 3 settings for RTTY, but you also have the twin peak RTTY filter, you can turn twin peak on or off within the RTTY filter, so you actually have 5 overall RTTY filter settings. You can also program IF shift as well as soft and sharp settings into the filter if you want! These filters IMHO work as well as crystal filters from the "old days" When you consider the cost of filters, and the number of custom filters you get with Icom's DSP, this radio is a real bargain!! I use widths as low as 100hz on CW without any ringing, on RTTY, 250hz is used and has made a huge difference in my contest scores. If you use a 500hz filter in your rig for RTTY, get a 250!! You will love it!

If you are into RTTY, this is the rig for you! Icom seems to have had the RTTY operator in mind when they designed this radio, it has a built-in RTTY decoder allowing you to copy RTTY without using a PC.

The rig is very easy to interface to the PC via the rear panel ACC connector. I use the modulator input on the ACC connector for SSTV and PSK31 audio input, I no longer have to readjust my mic gain when changing modes like I had to on my previous radios, the modulator input also bypasses the processor, so I don't even have to cut the proc off for PSK31 or SSTV! Very nice!

The LCD display with bandscope is wonderful, I could not contest without one, and it's gotten me many QSOs on dead bands, also I have seen calls pop up just as I QSYed from a freq, and was able to hop back on that freq and make the QSO, on another rig without a bandscope, what would not have happened no matter how many thousands you spent on it! It sure saves a lot time spent spinning the VFO.

The DVR is another great contesting tool, it's very nice to just press a button and have a CQ CONTEST in your voice going out over the air. It sounds identical to the mike too, I built the simple interface to allow me to use the voice and cw memories regardless of the LCD setup, this lets me use the bandscope and use the voice keyer at the same time, details are in the manual. I don't use the off-air recorder hardly at all. For some reason the folks at Icom chose to not allow US hams to have the option of re-transmitting the recorded audio, models sold outside the US can indeed do that. Other than checking it out to see if it worked, I have not used it in actual day-to-day operation. It reproduces the audio very nicely and stamps the time/date and freq/mode on the audio clip. I'm sure net control ops would find this feature useful.

The antenna tuner is fast and reliable. I used a Carolina Windom 80 for 80/40 & WARC until I replaced it recently with a Homebrew OCF dipole, and the tuner will tune those bands on either antenna in a flash. I have a rather narrow banded Inverted L for 160 and the tuner also works FB on the Top Band with that antenna.

Dual watch is a must-have for DXers and contesters, while not a complete 2nd receiver, it's more like a split receiver, it works for the most part only in the same band and the signals are mixed as far as headphones are concerned, the only control you have is a balance which controls the level of each side. But it works and works for a lot less cost than a complete receiver, makes finding that DX stations listening freq a lot easier :-)

The dual VFO system is extremely user friendly and if you take the time to read the manual, you will soon be setting splits with a couple of button pushes. This design was very well thought out.

Overall the radio is extremely user friendly and laid out nicely. It is also very solid, I have made many thousands of QSOs on this one and it's never missed a beat. With over 1500 RTTY QSO's in a weekend, the PA heatsink gets warm, but not overly so. There is not a lot that Icom left out of this radio. Every time I would think of something I wished it would do, sure enough, I would run across it in the manual eventually. While this radio, unlike a lot of newer radios, can be operated out of the box without looking at the manual, you most certainly want to keep the manual handy for the first few months, many controls have multiple features that are not very obvious. READ THE MANUAL!! After one year, I think I have pretty much discovered all I need it to do, and I have no intentions of letting this one go. In fact I would love to have another one for SO2R. A pair of these would be a powerful combo in SO2R.

One comment on menu's. Many folks complain about the many menu's on today's radio. I must say this is not the case on the Pro II. There are menu's, but there are not a lot of them and they are all are set and forget. You won't be bothered by menu's with this radio.

Before I got this Pro II, I had heard many people talk of comparing the 756 Pros to other rigs side by side and the other radios sounding so much better than the Pros. Now I know why many "jumped" to that conclusion, I noticed right away that the Pro II's receive audio has a slight "digital" sound to it, very different from the "warm fuzzy" Kenwood audio that many hams are used to. I have discussed this with other Pro owners who agree that it is indeed the case. BUT, when it comes down to picking out a signal way down in the mud, or an S7 signal surrounded by 20 over splattering signals, this radio gets the job done way better than the "fuzzy" ones can! You will soon forget about that "digital" sound. Look at it this way, we are into communications, not broadcasting. I also listen to broadcast stations from time to time and they sound fine. Don't let this very minor detail keep you from owning a great radio!

Is the Pro III worth the extra money? I am not sure, if I had the money to spare, yes, based on my very pleasant experience with the P2, I would buy a used P3 for about 2 Kilo bucks, but no way I would drop almost 3K on a new P3 when I can get this much radio for HALF that price!

Bottom line, if you run across one of these rigs in the 1300-1500 dollar range in good condition, get one, you won't regret it! If you are into RTTY, you really need one of these!!

Earlier 5-star review posted by K4FX on 2008-02-06

The DSP is outstanding, works great on digital modes, the color display is useful as well as nice to look at, lot's of bells and whistles, digital voice recorder is very nice.

As one poster mentioned, it is hard to justify the bucks for the features a Pro 3 has,

Bottom line, this is one nice radio! If you can find a nice used one, go for it!
W0YN Rating: 2008-05-10
Outstanding Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The Pro2 is a great bargain if you can find one used in excellent condition. I can't understand why Icom didn't include 2 meters. A real gem of a transceiver I;ll be keeping this one for years to come.

Earlier 5-star review posted by W3UT on 2006-09-01

Purchased my second PRO2 brand new almost 2 years ago. An exceptional performer that leaves little to be desired. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a well cared for used model if you're looking at this rig. Mine is a keeper, a quality radio that gives me much enjoyment.
Earlier 5-star review posted by W3UT on 2005-07-15

I purchased my second 756PRO2 new about 9 months ago. I havn't had a problem with either radio both have been problem free. I'm not a contester and I feel very comfortable using the PRO2 for casual operating. It's a very enjoyable radio to use. I previously owned 2 of the 756PRO models and were equally satisfied as well. The 756 PRO series are quality radios as the reviews confirm. The visual appeal of the color bandscope really sells this radio. A useful tool that adds alot of enjoyment to operating. It reminds me of the time I went fishing with a friend who had a color LCD fish finder on his boat. The experience was alot more fun being able to see what was out there and it really helped. I would definately purchase the PRO2's again if I had to do it over. I intend to keep mine for a long time.
KK8ZZ Rating: 2008-05-10
Always come back to the Pro II Time Owned: more than 12 months.
While I've flirted with the TS-2000 and the FT-2000 (run, don't walk) I always come back to the faithful PROII... the band scope is of course one of the major differences between the PROII and other rigs, but the ease of use, large fonts for older eyes, great audio and knobs large enough for normal gorillas like me to use are major selling points. It's the retirement rig to keep... it will still be a classic 10 years from now... de KK8ZZ