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Reviews For: Comet GP-3 Dual Band Base Antenna

Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Omnidirectional: verticals, mobile, etc

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Review Summary For : Comet GP-3 Dual Band Base Antenna
Reviews: 51MSRP: 89 (street)
Dual band (146 - 446 mhz) base station antenna. Fiberglass construction. Max power 200w. Length 5'11". Weight 2lbs 12 oz. SO-239 connector.
Product is in production
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W9GDH Rating: 2004-11-20
GP-3 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Got the antenna in a repeater deal.
It was hit buy lightning. Burn mark on the top of antenna. Repaired connections on the inside.
Works like new. Use for spare antenna in ARES/RACES ops.
W1FEH Rating: 2004-10-21
Does what it claims! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Before I put it up I had to open it up and check it out. Top quality on the soldering, assembly and workmanship. I installed it on a 1" galvinized steel pipe about 15' above ground fed with 9913. Works great on both bands. A few weeks later the first of THREE hurricanes passed over. At times we had 90mph wind gusts and tons of rain. It danced in the wind some (yes the fiberglass will flex) but it never failed. The only thing I would ask to change is the SO239 to a N connector.
OVETTINO Rating: 2004-08-14
a fantastic antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have bought this antenna on 1994, and work today very well!!!
W6PMR3 Rating: 2004-06-11
Very good antenna. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The bottom line on this is it's very well built, easy to put together, performs very well, and has low weight and wind load.
Quality of workmanship and design shine on this one.
WV4R Rating: 2004-05-26
17 Years in 3 QTHs!!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought my Comet GP-3 Dual-Bander Way back in the late 1980's in Miami as a price alternative to Diamond. One-section groundplane, non-metallic tube, manageable size, quality materials... simply Works gud. White, Non-metallic tube houses/supports a heavy, solid copper wired antenna of expected design. Each time I take it down I Wax the antenna with auto polish which takes off the 'chaulking' from exposure to the elements making luk like New agin. I must admit the paint is finally starting to luk a bit thin with all my polishing! I suppose it could even be painted to camoflage it or to satisfy the wife. I have even used GP-3 on simple tripod on metro apartment patio with good results. It is now actively used on my Southeast tower in Texas. Dual-Band radio, One coax, Plug-N-Play antenna... what more can I say. Quality, Performance, Reliability, Price earns the GP-3 the WV4R FIVE Star rating. 73 es God bless, murf/wv4r.
N3RBG Rating: 2004-04-20
Fabulous Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently put up one of these antennas and could not be more satisfied. Everything about this antenna is great! I have it up about 40 feet and the results are very good on both bands. The SWR is less than a 1.3:1 on VHF and less than a 1.7:1 on UHF. This antenna is a snap to put together and easy to put up high because it's under 6 feet. Signals received are great and more often than not low power of 5 watts is all thats needed.
GM0ONX Rating: 2004-03-17
Hard to beat at the price Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I originally bought one at a very affordable price for use as a 70cm only antenna. I was very surprised to see that knocked the spots off my much bigger 2m Diamond antenna and it now my main antenna. Definitely one to buy.
VA2PHL Rating: 2003-04-30
Wow Superb Antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this antenna for it's low price being one of the cheapest dual band antenna for VHF/UHF. It replaced a J-pole. I needed a dual band because of my new radio. It is not scientific but on 2m i use half the power i use to use. The quality of the hardware i great to and easy to install
KC0ODY Rating: 2002-12-11
Great base antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I got this on the recommendation of the local radio store; it is indeed an excellent antenna. Average SWRs on both bands is 1.2:1 and 1:1. This is my first base antenna. VERY good signal out; I've had numerous reports on how good my signal is. Very good signal pull, too. I will probably be buying a Comet antenna for an eventual mobile radio purchase as well.
KC2IAF Rating: 2002-08-20
Excelent Antenna! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this antenna for it's value, and I'm verry impressed! My SWR on 2meters is 1.2:1 ! recomended 100%!