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Reviews For: Diamond CP22E 2M Base

Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Omnidirectional: verticals, mobile, etc

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Review Summary For : Diamond CP22E 2M Base
Reviews: 30MSRP: 59.00
Aluminum 2 Meter (2)5/8wave stacked verticles, 144-148Mhz, 6.5dB gain, pretuned less then 1.5:1.
Product is in production
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W4HRB Rating: 2021-12-06
100% satisfied and highly recommended Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had the CP22E installed in my attic (admittedly not a harsh environment) for 7 years and fed with LMR-240. It's a snap to assemble and install. It's been trouble-free, performs quite well: SWR is rock solid at 1.1:1. Purchased new from DX Engineering - it's a great value for a relatively compact antenna when available height is limited. I've had generally good experience with Diamond products and think highly of the brand. The CP22E is no exception.
KJ6SQH Rating: 2021-04-05
Excellent 2m base antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This antenna has been mounted on my roof for over 9 years now. It has never failed to give excellent performance. Paired with a Yaesu FT2900R, it is no stranger to high power input. SWR is less than 1.5:1 throughout the band to this day. 300+ days a year of searing sun, seasonal winds regularly gusting 60+ mph, 9 summers of triple digit heat, and 9 seasons of monsoonal rainfall, have never phased it. The screws haven’t been tightened since I assembled it in November of 2011. Absolutely ZERO maintenance has been performed (nor required) in all these years. I was just up on the roof installing upgraded coax, and the CP22E is as solid as the day it was installed. That’s what inspired me to write this review. I believe it’s aluminum construction is a big plus over fiberglass in this desert environment. Highly recommended, it is an excellent-quality mono-band 2m base station antenna.
KB9ZB Rating: 2017-07-04
not A REPEATER ANTENNA Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Had two of these, both were intended to be used as repeater antenna's. Both suffered same corrosion issues at joints. even after fixing these issues the antenna still did not live up to the performance i expected. lots of interment issues and to much work to keep it up, it should be put up once and work without constant maintenance.
I decided to spend a few more dollars and got a commercial antenna, out it up once and like the other commercial antennas still works no maintenance issues. after 2 years a much better choice, this is a good "amateur" antenna, but not up to repeater standards
N2FSU Rating: 2017-07-04
Good Antenna but needs help but performs well Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I put my CP22E antenna up as a Repeater Antenna to replace a Comet GP-9 which was damaged. I was looking for a low cost mono band antenna. For the first few months the antenna worked flawlessly. But then I noticed intermittent RX/TX problems as well as intermittent SWR changes. I took the antenna down and the first thing I noticed was the whole antenna was loose. I took it apart and saw that there was corrosion at all the joints. Using a wire brush I cleaned them up and put the antenna back together, sealed all the joints with silicone, used locktite on all the screws and put it back up. So far so good. I forgot to mention that I live in Southwest Florida where we get a lot of rain. I suggest if you live in the same type of climate you do the fixes I have.
N7QNM Rating: 2017-01-03
OK Performer Not OK Construction Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Put one up 30' about a year ago, as an antenna for an APRS Digi.

Performs just fine; but, yesterday, after a 52 MPH wind gust and some driving snow, I had to pick the whole top section (both pieces) out of the snow. Haven't had a chance to take down the mast yet (may not - might use a bucket truck); but from the looks of the top, the two screws holding the top to the base just worked loose. I guess it was OK for the price; but, if/when I put it back up, I'll definitely loctite and wrap the connections.
KC1ECT Rating: 2015-04-09
4.5 Good Antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have my CP22E 35ft. It hears and transmits well. I used Loctite on the screws and wrapped rubber around the connection points. The price is right for this antenna. The quality is good and this antenna should last many years. If you require a single band 2m base antenna, I recommend the CP22E!
KJ6MEV Rating: 2012-10-29
brittle, but good performer Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
works great. but took it down after 6 months and a screw was missing and I had to tighten everything up and put it back up. price is right
but I wish it held together better.

Earlier 4-star review posted by KJ6MEV on 2012-09-05

put this up in april. it is a very good performer, putting the 1/4 wave to shame. noticed it leaning a bit so I took it down
and found screw gone and others loose. retightened and put back up. these little
sheet metal screws won't hold. gonna get some
locktite and extra lockwashers for my next repair and inspection. the whip just bends right problem. it gets really windy here.
NY2J Rating: 2012-02-11
Great Antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I put this antenna up after I outgrew modified mobiles on 6 foot tripods.....i put the cp-22e on a mast 20 feet up and you cant ask for more....i really love 2meter simplex and this antenna provides great ears....I also hit any repeater in my area.....My only recomendation , as others have said, use lock tite on the screws it takes a second and you will be glad you did. it survived a pretty poweful tropical storm/hurricane we had last august in long island. Price makes it a great deal.
AH6I Rating: 2010-05-13
A great antenna! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Take it out of the box. Put it together. It's ready to go -- no tuning necessary. The antenna analyzer showed the same thing as the chart!

The only problem is the sheet metal screws for the top section previously mentioned. The aluminum tubing is VERY soft and the screws strip easily. I used pop rivets in place of the screws and it seems fine. Another possibility would be to make a small sheet steel sleeve to go inside the aluminum tubing to hold the screws. (This joint does not need to be disassembled to store the antenna.)

I've recently been looking for a good antenna for portable/emergency use. Both the Hustler G3-144 and Ringo Ranger were disappointments. The Histler has poorly fitting hardware and an SO-239 that doesn't want to take the plug. It's also difficult to get a good tune. I've previously had good luck with Ringos, but this latest one isn't tuning well and the tubing clamps are of poorer quality than previously.

The Diamond is easier to assemble, doesn't need tuning, comes in a vinyl storage bag, has performance AT LEAST equal to the others, and costs less. A no-brainer. This is the one.
K9YP Rating: 2010-03-28
high wind? NP! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I saw a review that said the antenna couldn't take wind. Here in Southern Illinois on May 8, 2009 we experienced a "derecho" otherwise known as an "inland hurricane."

My CP22E was mounted on a 2" schedule 40 mast about 15 feet above my 2nd story roof. It survived winds of 106 mph without being damaged. It has been up there for at least 8 years now and I still love it.

Earlier 5-star review posted by K9YP on 2005-08-01

A lot of people tell me this antenna is no good, but I have always dismayed people with its performance. I can go a long way simplex. I recently improved things even more by switching from RG8U to 9913. Now I get into distant repeaters full quieting on 10W.

This antenna has seen a lot of ice and wind and it is in great shape after 3 years.