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Reviews For: Ham Stick by Lakeview Co.

Category: Antennas: HF Mobile & Accessories

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Review Summary For : Ham Stick by Lakeview Co.
Reviews: 108MSRP: 24.95
Big performance, small package
Product is not in production
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KD5IEC Rating: 1999-10-26
Hamsticks best for the money Time Owned: unknown months.
I have Hamsticks for 10 to 40 meters. Performace is very good. Aus on 15m with a 55 report. Sig seems down a little from a screwdriver but the price is right. better built and lighter than the Valor. Wind resistance is low with very little bending. Mounted on a p/u, level with the top of the bed at the rear, swr below 1.2 20m and up. 40m required some matching.
W8COP Rating: 1999-10-07
Hamsticks Time Owned: unknown months.
I have had great success with Hamsticks on 10 - 80
meters...All on SSB. You can't beat them for the money. I once used the 20 meter stick on a magmount which was sitting on the ground and used a set of jumper cables to ground it out with a rod stuck into sand.Worked DX for days.
K8DSS Rating: 1999-10-07
Great Low Profile Antenna - Fixed Station Time Owned: unknown months.
I use Hamsticks on 10 through 40 meters, including WARC bands, on my condo balcony. Antenna is about 90 feet above ground and I use the balcony railing as a counterpoise. Have worked 56 countries since the first of the year!
AD4J Rating: 1999-09-28
Excellent Value and Performance Time Owned: unknown months.
I own 4 Hamsticks and am very pleased with them. At $20 - 25 each, they are very reasonably priced. I found it easy to work DX as well keep my domestic skeds on a recent trip between Atlanta and Virginia. These antennas are compact enough to fit along the passenger side on my Accord without getting in the way. A capacitor switch box like those sold by Valor and MFJ for about $20 is helpful in raising the impedance on the 40 and 20 meter models. The 15 and 10 meter antennas provide a good match with no capacitor.
AA6VO Rating: 1999-09-14
Watch For Clones Time Owned: unknown months.
I have had 4 Ham Sticks for several years, and have had great success with them. They are cheap, easy to use, and very effective antennas. What more could you ask? There are several "look alikes" out their so check the quality carefully; or better yet get the original Ham Stick.
AA3RR Rating: 1999-09-03
I think they're great! Time Owned: unknown months.
I carry several Hamsticks when I travel. I carry them in a fishing rod case and put my mag mount in my suitcase and my TS-50 in my briefcase. I mount them on the roof of my rental car (and my personal car) when I'm mobile. I've worked Austria on 20M on the County Hunters Net and Australia on 40M on the Triple H Net. I've also done WAS 40M and 75M while mobile in Texas. They're easy to tune and with Quick Connects it takes only a few moments to change bands. They make my business trips tolerable!
AD4C Rating: 1999-09-03
Ham sticks Time Owned: unknown months.
For mobile use,those ones are the only ant type I have used on the last few years,they are the best on performance no matter how unconfortable is to get off the car and change the whip for the next band,durable and light and the best investment for less than 20 bucks.Using either an IC-706MK2 or a TS-50 the reports received are terrific,sometimes I have broke big pile-ups with them,I know its hard to believe but those monoband ants outperforms almost all on the market.
W4AN Rating: 1999-09-03
Great Value! Time Owned: unknown months.
I have ham sticks for 40 and 20 meters. They work great as long as you can get them fairly high on the vehicle. I always get great signal reports when /M.