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Reviews For: Ham Stick by Lakeview Co.

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Review Summary For : Ham Stick by Lakeview Co.
Reviews: 108MSRP: 24.95
Big performance, small package
Product is not in production
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K3DOS Rating: 2011-10-08
Work well, but a little inconvenient Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
They work well, but they're inconvenient when you need to QSY. An interesting feature is that a single base may be used with whips of different lengths to cover multiple bands. For example the 12 meter Hamstick works well on 10 and 12 meters, the 60 meter Hamstick works well on 40 and 60 meters and the 30 meter Hamstick performs well on 20 and 30 meters. There's no need to purchase a dedicated Hamstick for each of those bands.
LA4UOA Rating: 2011-05-24
Very good antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is one of the best mobile ant for this price,i used mine 7 years,never a problem.On 20m swr is ok over all .
Have worked lots of dx on it ,just remember good grounding.On 80m a tuner helps for more bandwid.
WC3O Rating: 2011-05-06
The way to fly Time Owned: more than 12 months.

The name “Hamstick” belongs to Lakeview. I read a lot here about MFJ Hamstick? Not the same. I have used Lakeview’s “real” version of the Hamstick as well as other versions. The Lakeview is the way to go, in my opinion. In my truck I have used the Lakeview 20 meter Hamstick for years. I don’t get good results, I get unbelievable results! 100 watts to a Hamstick on the bumper with CW I have worked the world. JAs, VKs, you name it. I have busted DX pile-ups and more. I have used the 40 meter stick, but with so-so results, but then again my installation is not what they recommend (being mouunted low on the bumper of a pick-up truck). 20 meters? Forget about it! That thing kicks butt! The other thing I like about them is that they are cheap. If it gets whacked or stolen, for around $30 bucks I have a new one! For the price, you just can’t beat them. As I said, I recommend the Lakeview Hamstick over the other imitators. Gud luck and gud DX

KG4RUL Rating: 2011-05-05
Not the best design Time Owned: more than 12 months.
As noted by others, it is a PITA to remove the stinger when transporting the antennas. The equivalent MFJ antennas are superior in this respect. Otherwise, either brand works as expected.
KI6EQW Rating: 2010-10-13
It works! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Installed both 2M, and 20M on vehicle (Humvee H1). Using MFJ meter got 1:1.5 on both in less than 10 minutes. Easy to install, and adjust, and works well. All for under $100.
W1MBB Rating: 2010-09-29
Hamstick dipole THUMBS UP!! Time Owned: N.A.
I have two hamtsick dipoles for 40 meters and 20 meters mounted on a mast mounted to the balcony railing on my fifth story condo. Works great!

Very wide bandwidth and low swr on 20, narrower bandwidth on 40.

I work dx with this great little setup. I used the DAKAD mount from R&L. I found that the Lakeview sticks work better than the knockoffs from workman, jetstream etc.

One suggestion is to use a choke balun. I had problems tuning on 40 did some research and added a simple unun balun made from palomar ferrites. Worked like a charm.

These antennas work as well as those portable antennas, I've tried buddipole, TW, Super antennas etc. None beats this simple and cost-effective antenna.

Hamstick dipoles are tops in my book!

K8ESE Rating: 2010-06-29
Got the original "Hamstick" antennas in dipole configuration for all bands. They all work outstanding with great results.

I used my MFG 259B to adjust the SWR on each band...I do not need an antenna tuner. I can work any station I can hear on any band with nice reports. I have worked Europe, South America, the Pacific (you name it), and lots of other dx and stateside stations.

I am very happy with the hamstick dipole!!

I got a 21' hvy duty aluminum telescoping mast which I can slide down to 4 ft! I mount this mast into a metal heavy duty base used for an umbrella for patio furniture (I got this at Home Depot). It works out outstanding. The hamstick dipole is quick to mount, quick to dismantle, lightweight, and no mess. This hamstick dipole is rotatable and does not take up hardly any room...and the reports FANTASTIC!!!

I carried the whole system (mast and all) in the trunk of my car to Field Day 2010. It took me 5 minutes to put the antenna up and connect my radios and BAM, I was on the air! My first pre contest contact was Budapest, Hungary on 40 mtrs a 589 report and he was also a 589....darn good! During the FD contest, I made contact with EVERY station I called from W1 to W6 and Canada. I ended up with over 200 CW contacts running 100w with the hamstick dipole....GREAT ANTENNA!
K6AAX Rating: 2010-04-14
40 Meter Hamstick Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am not sure what some of the negative comments are about. Perhaps you are not grounding the antenna properly. The antenna costs $30 or something like that...geesh. You need to make sure that your mount is firmly attached to your vehicle's metal frame, not fiberglass or rubber. I have a Kenwood 570D that I converted to mobile use and purchased a trunk mount for my sedan and connected the 40 meter hamstick. On the 7.178 net, I worked FL, ID, NB, MS, OH and more mobile from CA, with 100 watts. Call me crazy, but I thought that this was pretty strong for a HF 40 meter mobile whip in the car. It is not a yagi, but try putting a 40 meter yagi on your car. That's would be funny to see about wide load. With the automatic antenna tuner, I was able to maintain a 1:1 match on the entire phone band without any adjustments to the hamstick. It was 1:5-1 at 7.178 before I used the tuner. PLUG & PLAY...Had a blast!!!!
9K2FM Rating: 2009-10-12
good performance for mobile Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Hi ,
I bought the Ham Stik Antenna From Dayton Hamvention 2009 With My Best Friend Tareq (9k2AC ) .
I installed a The Antenna on my GMC Track for use with an IC-706MKIIG . I have had Hamsticks for 20/40 & 80 M , And The VSWR It's
1.1 From ( 14.100 -14.240 MHZ ) in 20M . And
in 40M ( From 7.020 - 7.200 ) 1.1 To 1.2 in My SWR METER The DWAIWA CN-410M .

My First Experience With A41OD Ahmed From Oman
And A61sa & a61R Rashed & 9k2MU & 9K2GS Abdullah
And All The 240 Groupe . And Also 59 in UK .

In Africa I Have A Nice Report 59++ In South Africa , The Antenna It's Work Very Nice .

I bought my first Antenna is High Sierra Sidekick 2006 .

I would recommend these antennas to anyone .

Thanks & 73
Ayesh - 9k2FM
K3HVG Rating: 2009-05-12
Seems to be OK Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just got my 75m Hamstick mounted on an '08 Kia via a HD ball-mount on the side. With my installation, the tuning chart was about 7" on the high side thus tuned to 3540 kHZ before any pruning. Three prunes brought it up to 3885 with a VSWR of 2.0:1 at 30 Ohms. Not too bad, but very narrow banded as one might expect. Will use it with the Yaesu FT-897D and LDG tuner. Antenna bought from HRO, so no contact with factory, at this point. Hope springs eternal......