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Review Summary For : Tarheel Antennas
Reviews: 206MSRP: 295.00
Screwdriver Antennas,Stainless Steel mounts,Mobile and Base
Product is in production
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WA0TPN Rating: 2023-04-09
Outstanding HF mobile performance Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I installed the Tarheel 75A mobile HF antenna with the 6’ whip on my 2018 GMC diesel Sierra pickup truck this weekend. The antenna is mounted using the Breedlove stake pocket mount in the forward left stake pocket of the truck bed.

The performance of Tarheel 75A is amazingly good and has greatly exceeded my expectations. I have made 8 contacts on 20-meters. I responded to 8 CQ’s from across the US and Spain. I received a response from each of the 8 calls immediately and each of the stations reported that my signal was strong with no difficulties hearing my mobile rig.

The screwdriver antenna is quick and easy to tune using the manually operated up/down switch to VSWR’s of less than 1.5 to 1 on each of the bands 80 through 10-meters.

The antenna mount is grounded with a single 12 gauge wire routed through the stake post opening to the frame of the truck below. I intended to add additional bonding straps to the hood, passenger compartment, and box; however, absolutely no ignition noise or interference of any kind is heard in the Icom IC-7000 radio. The radio is totally quiet on all bands. Amazing.

The mobile radio sounds as if I am operation the home station and it is very easy to make contacts mobile just as if operating from home.

The mobile rig using the Tarheel 75A with the Breedlove pocket mount significantly exceeds my expectations. We are looking forward to a lot of road trips across the country this summer.

I intended to mount an HF antenna on our Airstream trailer; however, the plan now is to simply use an antenna switch to route a second coaxial cable to the Airstream and use the Tarheel 75A on the truck as the portable antenna while camping. The large area of the truck body seems to provide the size of ground plane needed to help the antenna tune and radiate properly which is likely better than what could be achieved with a separate antenna mounted on the travel trailer and much easier to deploy.

73 to all,
Scott, WA0TPN
WA2ZQX Rating: 2022-11-10
Quality Company & Customer Service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Purchased the M100A-HP with capacitance-hat for home QTH in a Ground-Plane configuration (26-ground radials). Mounted it on a small tripod to be higher than an adjacent HVAC unit. Transmitted power is 100 to 700 watts. Initially had some reflected power and SWR issues on just a few bands. Robert responded to my call for assistance promptly and requested pictures and antenna analyzer readings from me. Easily resolved this issue once he responded to my info. Added some elevated counterpoises, which I layed over some bushes and added a few more clamp-on ferrites. Antenna and mount are high-quality. Use a Tunematic-Lite auto-controller...LDG-1000 Pro2 Tuner and get 1:1 on all bands except one which tunes to 1.1:1! Previously had a manually-operated screwdriver antenna. Great DX antenna, even at bottom of sunspot cycle and a big time- saver. Worth every penny.
W9BB Rating: 2022-01-18
GREAT HOA ANTENNA Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
For those of you that live in a HOA this will keep you on the air.. I can't say enough about Robert from Tarheel, I call him a friend from all the calls we made with each other and I hope he feels the same way! Robert guided me thru the installation and setup of my antenna. We took 2 of Roberts antennas put them back to back in my attic with no grounding and it has kept me in the hobby . So if any of my fellow hams are having HOA problems give Robert a call . You need to understand that you are working with compromised conditions but the antenna works .The best thing about the antenna is it is a resonant antenna. I use no tuner. If I can help anyone with questions feel free and reach out I'm good on QRZ or give Robert a call I'm sure he will spend some time with you as he did for me ..Thank you Tarheel--Robert for a great product and service that is over and above..
WA6OVP Rating: 2021-11-22
Extremely pleased Tarheel screwdriver antenna user Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My ham radio HF operation is from California and Nevada. I have have been using my Little Tarheel II screwdriver antenna for over 5 years. Using the antenna and 15 watts output, I have completed thousands of CW and Digital contacts, which has included occasionally, contacts into Europe and China. The antenna has proven to be very effective. The antenna is mounted to a steel plate that is attached across the bed rails of my pickup truck. When parked in my driveway, there is 75 feet of coax and control wiring used between the antenna and my home. While using the antenna, I have found that about once or twice a year, that the antennas copper coil winding needs a green scrubby pad light cleaning and isopropyl alcohol rinse. The antenna is grounded to my pickup frame, When parked in my driveway, I also attach four 33 foot radials. I use the the screwdrivers supplied control switch to adjust the antenna. That adjustment is made using an antenna analyzer and a small 12V gel-cell battery. When i want slower adjustment speed, I place a one Ohm 50 Watt resistor in series in the 12V circuit. I am extremely pleased with my Little Tarheel II screwdriver antenna.
KB2FMH Rating: 2021-04-02
Better than expected Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I'd been using Hamsticks and Hustler Resonators for mobile operations for the past few years with seemingly good results and thought I was happy.

By virtue of the Covid Pandemic affording me new free time (I took it as sign that it is time to retire) I began getting more active in the Parks on the Air activity program thanks to the hundreds of qualifying parks in NY.

The more I operated, the more I realized I am getting lazy (Old?) and didn't want to have to get out of the car and climb up a wheel to the roof to swap elements when I switched bands, especially in the rain or snow on a cold night.

I have been been looking at screwdriver antenna for a while, because they're cool, and decided I needed one now. There are so many, all apparently very good, making choosing one a pain in the tail. I figured I may just get the ATAS 120A to go with my 857D but some reviews weren't kind to it while touting the Little Tarheel II.

I settled on the Tarheel 100A HP with a TuneMatic full auto controller after after discussing my desires for frequency coverage and power with Jean in Sales and Robert in Tech Support, who knows it like his child (it actually is).

After some installation issues with RF Grounding that Robert explained very well, I was able to get it solidly affixed to the car to provide the grounding it looks for while ensuring the coil would always be above the roof line. Control setup took a while but the instructions are very simple and following the sequence of tuning went smoothly.

From the first moment it was "In Service" the performance was clearly terrific. I was hearing things like never before while experiencing reduced noise which I'd came to accept with the monoband verticals.

I operate in and around the NYC / NJ and Long Island area and began getting asked by stations across NA and around the globe what I am using in a car that puts out such a signal! I found myself proudly extolling the Tarheel.

Up the West Coast into NW Alaska and down to HI on 20 meters with +10 reports during the Day, UK on 60 meter phone at night, Eastern EU on 75 meters . My QSO Map started looking like a spider web rather than a small westward spray reaching out to maybe NM and CO and the occasional WA, OR and CA.
CU3BL in the Azores, KP4M in PR and NL7V in North Pole, AK have become a regular callers now, on Any band!

I was able to keep a 20 meter pile going 2 hours past sunset on the SE coast of Long Island from RIIS Park Beach. Before the Tarheel, 20 meters died for me At sunset.

The other day I was out on the North Shore of LI looking across Long Island Sound towards CT and got a pile going on 60 M (CH 5- phone) at about 3:30 PM with a noise floor of S2 or less. Over 40 contacts from every direction. For many, I was their first 60 Meter contact. I attribute these great activations to my new Tarheel 100A HP with the 6 foot whip.

With the push of a button, from the comfort of the car, it "Memory Tunes" any band in less than a minute to a 1.2:1 or better with some fine tuning. Say Goodbye to an ATU :-).

I am waiting for (As I write this) a 13 foot sectional Mil Spec Aluminum whip from Alpha Antennas which, as Robert explains, will increase performance tremendously and from what I've read, may even allow for working some POTA ops at the top of Top Band (1.950 and up?). Can't Wait!

I'm devising a permanent mount that would allow for driving with it in use. As for now, I must remain stationary while it's on the car.
My only "complaint": This one won't go to 6M but, I don't use it much from the car and do have a tuned stick for it.

Big Thanks to the folks at Tarheel for their great service and for putting out an antenna that really makes a difference, for my needs of course: As they say, YMMV.

7 3,
James, KB2FMH
OZ5LLM Rating: 2020-10-24
Model 100A-HP Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Really impressed

Just got my new tarheel from and it is really great in areas where you are not allowed to have antennas outside.
Radial setup: 10

About 70 - 90 watt from my SunSDR DX

Also using with TARGETuner
KA7EII Rating: 2020-05-12
Works great as a ground mounted base station HF antenna! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
About a year ago, we began the process of building a new home at a new QTH. When we sold our old home, I gave away my 30+ year-old Butternut HF9V to a local ham who just upgraded to General. I loved the HF9V but wanted an antenna that would cover all portions of the HF bands from 80 to 10-Meters without having to go outside and re-adjust the antenna or invest in a tuner when I wanted to operate on CW or Phone. After working with our general contractor and electrician to finalize conduit runs from the future shack to both the roof and back yard, I called Tarheel Antennas and had a very nice chat with Robert who took the time to listen to my plans to use a ground mounted screwdriver antenna for HF. He gave me lots of suggestions and recommended the Tarheel M100A-HP. I ordered the Model 100A-HP package and a 50-foot long control cable along with their accessory ground radial kit. I was able to temporarily install the antenna in the late fall before moving into our new home. Got around to setting up the shack this January and was surprised at how well the Tarheel M100A-HP worked with only 10 9-foot long radials on the ground. A couple weeks ago, we finished installing sprinklers, landscaping and sod and in the process I was able to lay out more radials. Got everything put back together and the antenna works even better with more radials. I had to stretch the matching coil a little over an inch (as described on page 7 of the manual) and systematically cut one inch at a time off the supplied 6-foot whip until I got the antenna to work at the top end of 10-Meters. Only had to cut about 9 inches off the whip. Now I can operate from the bottom of the CW portion of 80-M all the way to the top of the FM portion of 10-M. I love being able to have a resonant antenna on all HF bands from 80 through 10-M. The fit and finish of the antenna is first class. The mount and hardware are all strong stainless steel and I feel like I will enjoy many years of operating with this antenna. If I can hear a signal, I usually have no problem working them. This antenna may be a way for those who live in HOA environments to get on HF. I am totally satisfied with my setup and it is well worth the money! Only other thing that I may add in the future is a TuneMatic controller.
73 de KA7EII
K5WLR Rating: 2020-03-29
Little Tarheel II Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Still have the antenna and it's still going strong after 15 years. I just take it from one vehicle to another. Currently on my 2014 Honda CR-V. Definitely a keeper!

Original Review:
Installed it last Thursday on a ball mount and it went together without a hitch. 1.1 to 1 or better everywhere I go. Have worked up into New England on 20 and 17 and into the Carolinas on 40. It is low profile and you really have to look for it to find it on my dark blue van. These guys make a good product, no doubt about it! It works so well my employer, W6LMJ, bought the Little Tarheel and we installed it on his vehicle last night with similar results.
K7JQ Rating: 2018-06-14
Customer service exceeded expectations! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After 5-1/2 years of flawless operation, my M200A-HP developed an unusual problem with the tuning coil. I use it in a fixed, ground-mounted configuration. The top several turns of the coil unraveled off its form, something Tarheel had never seen before. Strange, because the build quality is top-notch. As a result, after sending it in for repair, they replaced the coil, a couple of other things, cleaned it, and returned it in a few days, all for just a nominal labor and return shipping charge.

Awesome customer service, totally exceeding my expectations! Kudos to Gaylen, Jean, and Robert for their commitment to the customer experience and satisfaction.

73, Bob K7JQ

Earlier 5-star review posted by K7JQ on 2012-12-04

I purchased model M200-HP to replace my ground-mounted High Sierra (no longer in production) HS-1800PRO screwdriver that was blown up by a direct lightning strike. So far, I'm very satisfied with its quality construction and performance. It's mounted 4" off the ground, with sixty 25 foot radials stapled to the ground. After cutting the whip and adjusting the base matching coil, The antenna maintains a less than 1.5:1 SWR across all frequencies from 10 through 80 meters, and performed to my satisfaction in the CQ WW CW contest. A few questions directed at Robert were answered by email and phone thoroughly and promptly. There are only three popular screwdriver companies left (Scorpion, Hi-Q, and Tarheel), and while the other two are also fine, quality made antennas, the Tarheel for its' price point (much less than the other two), in my opinion, is an excellent choice. Highly recommended for mobile or fixed location use.
WR0F Rating: 2018-06-09
We just bought a 3rd tarheel 100a 200a for low profile Time Owned: more than 12 months.
We already own a Tarheel 100a hp and 200a hp packages for 2 mobile installations and they work great. We get very good reports
We are moving into a new home so until we get the tower backup we will be running a 100A HP in the middle of the yard ground mounted this summer 2018 .
It will be fun finding out how the little stations get by with HOA etc.
My new location we will only be able to go up 58 feet as small airport runway will be 2900 feet away