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Reviews For: Yaesu ATAS-100

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Review Summary For : Yaesu ATAS-100
Reviews: 68MSRP: 325.00
Motorized Mobile Screwdriver Antenna 40M-70cm
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W4WB Rating: 2003-01-19
Works Fine Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have the ATAS-100 mounted on my 1996 Blazer on the left rear corner on the roof. The ground is solid and is critical for the antenna to work properly. The mount is a modified Diamond 400. The mounting can be viewed at

I have only used the ATAS-100 with the FT-100D and the results have been as good as I expected for this type antenna. It tunes without any difficulty on all bands from 10-40 m (never tried 6 m, 2 m, or 70 cm) including the WARC bands. I have made a number of 40 m SSB contacts without any trouble; however, I also make 40 m SSB contract running QRP with a good vertical. The ATS-100 on 40 m isn't very efficient (no surprise) so QRP with a good antenna is not too bad a comparison. I have worked a lot of DX and generally get good reports. One interesting experiment was to participate in the County Hunters Net (20 m) while I was in a rare county for two days. I ran the pile with stations from all parts of the USA with signal from 33 to 59. Overall, I am rather happy with the antenna and the FT-100D combo. If I could tolerate the Hi-Q's size, I would certainly prefer to have it, but I can't.
N6QL Rating: 2003-01-18
ATAS/FT-100D combo Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I'm adding on to my review because I forgot to mention one more important point.

There was also a comment about the FT-100D in a prior review where the reviewer was using the ATAS/FT-100D combo. I have both the FT-100D and the IC-706mkiig and can attest that both are great radios however after owning the 706 for 4 years and then getting a chance to use a 100D for a while (and later buying one) I'm convinced the radio is superior in all respects but one - the size of the buttons. The receiver, DSP, NB, and overall flexibility are much more effective than that of the 706. The 706 DSP noise reduction is almost useless (although the notch filter is outstanding). I was so convinced that I replaced my 706 with an FT-100D and although I love the 706 I make many more contacts with the 100D.

The reason I'm adding this on to my previous review is I've observed that many less experienced hams seem to have purchased the 100d/ATAS combination because of the ATAS and then blame the poor performance they see on the radio. Believe me if you use a 706 and an FT-100D with equal antenna and installations the FT-100 will outperform - it's the antenna guys. Put a highly compromised antenna on any radio, even an FT1000 or a 756proII and you'll still get compromised performance. Same holds true for the FT-100D and 706. ATAS is very cool looking in concept but definitely a major trade-off for a vertical antenna and is a major factor in making the FT-100D look bad.

Ron Curry

Earlier 3-star review posted by N6QL on 2003-01-18

This is an "ok" antenna. All antenna are compromises and this one is no exception. It's size is a major compromise which causes it to be extremely inefficient on anything below 17m. It's size can, in some instances, offset some of the disadvantage because it on some vehicals it can be mounted directly in the center of the vehicles roof. This greatly enhances it performance. This probably accounts for some of the good reports on hamstick type of antenna as well.

In any case, if a small antenna like the ATAS is the only way you can go mobile HF then by all means go for it. It's better than nothing and better than hamsticks and the like due to the easy multi-band capability and it allows installation flexibility due to it's small size.

Don't expect it to be as good as a quality screwdriver antenna such as the Hi-Sierra or the Hi-Q (the best). I've owned all three of these and I was ASTOUNDED as to what I was missing each time I upgraded and finalling ending up with the Hi-Q. Bottom line is size and construction matters - length of the whip, diameter of the loading coil, and construction for low loss characteristics make the difference.

Ron Curry
KT4NM Rating: 2003-01-16
Good antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Well, works good on 2mtr and 440, having very good results with that, getting very good signal reports on 40 thru 10 mtrs, but have this annoying static on HF receive , sounds like it might be sparkplugs noise. I have grounded everything, radio, antenna tailpipe. still no luck. using it on a S-10 Chevy pick up. Tune works well, so aside from the receive, i like it.
Using it with the Ft-100D all new...
NOMIC Rating: 2002-12-23
ATAS is OK/No winner Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned this antenna for a long time. I have it very well grounded and it works fine (after forcing Yaesu to give me a brand new one cause the one AES sold me was a dud). I'm not really impressed at all. I love my FT-100D -- very good radio if you get the later models. However the ATAS has mediocre performance. Come on, it's a major compromise -- look at its size and I think it will be apparent. The thing works just fine on 2M and 440 contrary to what others have said. I was actually impressed, but below 17M forget it. Get a hamstick or something else. I hear high-q antennas are very good. Don't waste your money.
K4AMP Rating: 2002-12-23
Don't waste your money on this one Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I originally decided to purchase the FT 100 instead of the Icom 706 because I liked the idea of the automatic tuning on the ATS 100.

The FT 100 radio is OK, (Not as good as the 706), but the ATS 100 is a waste of time. It is very tempramental, and does not radiate very well compared to Ham Sticks on HF, and it is a joke on 2 meters and 440.

My ATS 100 has finally died and now I am using Ham Sticks again, but have added quick disconnects, so I can change bands quickly.

I am back to using a dual band magmount for 2 m/440, which is also far superior.

Bottom line, if you want a screwdriver buy a real one. Otherwise use Ham Sticks to get the full potential from your radio.
VE2BQA Rating: 2002-10-18
Very good with excellent grounding Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Tuning is very good and works very well on 40-20-15-10M. I don't have try on others bands.

You need to have some excellents grounding positions on the car.
I've connected the antenna ground to the chassis (using RG213 shield that must be the more shortly as possible) of the vehicule and the FT100d's ground is connected to another chassis ground place (More shortly as possible too).

You have to separate the Antenna ground from the radio ground otherwise you'll expect to have some trouble like RF Feedback. This was my case. So, I used two separated ground and everything sounds good!

73 From Martin, VE2BQA, Montreal, Canada
N2RNL Rating: 2002-10-11
Very nice and it works! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought the atas-100 a couple of weeks ago to use with my ft-897 i wanted a base and portable hf antenna to replace my hf vertical and my g5rv jr at my qth and ocassionaly take with me to my girlfriends qth and operate from there so its being use as a portable base antenna and not mobile so i cannot comment on that.
I was dissapointed when i first put it up as it would not tune anywhere so after carefully reading all the reviews and asking people,i knew i had to put radials on it just like any other vertical so i added 8 12'5" radials on it and it tuned and worked from 40mtrs to 12mtrs perfectly on 40 and 30mtrs my dipole worked better and from 20 all the way downt to 12mtrs better than the dipole and on par with my vertical so i was happy but i still wanted 10mtr operation so i went along and made the radials shorter now they are 8' long each and bingo i have 10mtrs but i lost 40mtrs i guess i'm gonna have to play with the lengh of the radials to get it to tune fron 40 to 10mts if anybody out there has an exact measurement on the radials email me i,m ok at that would save me time.
Cannot compare with a yagi of course,takes a little time to tune(always less than 45 seconds)but all in all for me is a great antenna small portable and still performs it would be great for someone with restrictions or someone that wants a small portable hf antenna that works it also covers 6/2/440 but i cannot comment on that since i only operate hf i'm very happy i got one and hope it keeps working fine.Will wait to get the atas-120 till i see the reviews.
KG6JEV Rating: 2002-09-26
Expensive, but good Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
With this antenna and the FT-100D, I've worked some decent DX. However, I have noticed a problem getting the antenna to tune on 12m and 10m. A member of the FT-100 Yahoo Group informed me Yaesu has a mod for the radio, which will fix this problem. After contacting Yaesu, I verified this is true. The key to making this antenna work from 40m - 6m ( I don't use it for 2m/70cm) is to get it up high on the vehicle and give it a good ground. As mentioned by another reviewer, the entire antenna must see the horizon - anything less and you'll likely experience problems. If you fail to give it a good ground, it won't tune up on all the bands. I used the shield stripped from some RG-58. I ran the shield from my Diamond K400C, to the door. Then, I ran another short piece from the door to the vehicle's chassis. The antenna occasionally will get 'lost' and tune the wrong direction, but all you have to do is key the mic and press the DOWN button on the radio for a couple of seconds - then press the TUN button again and you're all set.
K7RTM Rating: 2002-08-25
Wonderful! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently installed the Yaesu ATAS-100 (was trying to hold out for the ATAS-120 to hit the streets but I didn’t want to wait any longer) pushed by an Icom 706MKIIG, Amcom ASAC-100 auto screwdriver antenna controller and a Comet CP-5M mobile mount kit which includes 16.9 Ft of two step coax and the RS730 lip mount. I have had *excellent* results with this setup. SWR is 1.1 on 40 and below – the only ground I’m using is the mount itself on the tailgate of my Toyota Tacoma. I did scratch the paint off down to the metal where the mount sits on the rear of the tail gate lip. So far the antenna is performing flawlessly. My QTH is Arizona; I have received excellent signal reports from all over: 5/5 into the Czech Republic, 5/9 into Australia, 5/7 into Puerto Rico and many more. Great reports from all over the US and parts of Canada as well. I’m a bit concerned about the mount, perhaps it could be a bit “heavier duty” but maybe I’m just paranoid. I just don’t want the antenna falling off on the highway so I’m keeping an eye on it after applying blue loctite to the allen screws. Sure, I wouldn’t mind the “power” of a “full size” screwdriver mobile antenna but I feel the ATAS-100 is a wonderful compromise.


W0SDI Rating: 2002-08-15
Questionable Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just purchased a Yaesu FT-100D and the ATAS-100 antenna. I worked for a couple days and still haven't figured it all out. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and purchased a Diamond K400C lip mount. I couldn't find a good place on the rear hatch to mount it. Also it didn't look like the four set screws would hold it anyway. I had a local farm machine shop make me a mount that would insert into my rear receiver hitch on the back. A bar extends from that to the side of the vehicle. I removed the Diamond mount and mounted the antenna thru a hole in the extension. It would tune on 40 and 20 but I could not contact anyone. I got one person to answer me on 40 but gave me a poor report. It was even worse on 2 meters. My Larson mag mount is MUCH better! I have taken the mount back to the machine shop to add a pipe to the mount to extend the antenna higher. In other words to make the coil above the top of the car. I hope that will be better. It gives me weird conditions tuning anyway and I think maybe it's because of the car body. If that don't work, I guess I will have to think of a different antenna. Is it worth having the auto tune if the performance is poor?? Any suggestions? My email is bacon