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Reviews For: Yaesu ATAS-100

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Review Summary For : Yaesu ATAS-100
Reviews: 68MSRP: 325.00
Motorized Mobile Screwdriver Antenna 40M-70cm
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W5LRX Rating: 2001-06-02
Great antenna except for water ingress issue. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
If this antenna is mounted on a hatch mount that allows you to flip it down to avoid obstacles, know this: The ATAS will take in water through the accordion boot when inverted. Mine is mounted on an Astro Van hatch, with a Diamond flip-down mount. Since its mounted so high, the flip down was a convenient way to "stow" the antenna for low clearances or when not in use. However, after being "stowed" this way thru the first gentle rain, the antenna no longer tuned properly. Upon dissasembly, I found water on the coil and inside the rubber boot. The bottom was dry, as I use a garden hose washer between the mount and antenna. But water will come in thru the bottom of the boot! Once dried out, the ATAS was fine. Search the web for the "FT-100 knowledge base" for instructions on dissasembly. It's pretty easy. I give it a "good" rating because despite being a great mobile antenna, the water issue creates a level of uncertainty over the long haul.
N5OD Rating: 2001-06-01
This is NO Dummy Load! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've had the ATAS-100 installed for just over a month now, and I've logged 65 DX contacts and several hundred domestic contacts. It will even bust up pileups on most bands. Works on every band, 40M-440Mhz like a champ!

I did do the extra grounding throughout to insure a good solid RF ground and I couldn't be more pleased. Works with my Yaesu FT-100 like a champ. Makes band changing a breese.

This is a real performer and I'm one happy customer.
W3GJD Rating: 2001-05-16
10M Problems: Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The problem many are having tuning for 10M is caused by RF feedback getting into the ATU of the FT-100/D. Total length of coax should be at least 18' or more. Coil the extra about 3 or 4 inches in diameter / 8-10 turns. The use of (6) snap-on ferrite cores 1/4" for RG-8X placed as close to antenna a possible. All else fails try a T-4 Plus line insolator 160-6M on the HF/6M side of the duplexer. Cores and insolator can be purchased from Radio Works of Portsmouth, VA. A good ground is a must.
K5ZP Rating: 2001-02-07
Single Best Mobile Antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned all of the competition and this one wins hands down. I achieved my Millineum DXCC mobile exclusively with the FT-100/ATAS-100 combo. I was unimpressed when first viewing the antenna - it's a five foot "black stick" - gimme a break!

But after two weeks of using it I was sold. Here's some notes on performance:

440 - much better than my on glass Larsen
144 - much better than my on glass Larsen
50 - full quarter wave performance
28 - it's best band - I've actually busted DX pileups (FO0AAA, TM0Y, Africa, India, etc)
24 - don't go there
21 - good performer, easily gets DX
18 - Good performer, works ZF1 daily
14 - Performance starts to drop but still a viable player - still works DX
10 - Not tested but receives well
7 - works out to 1200 miles under good conditions - only one DX contact - good for single hop nets

Keys to good performance:

Grounding - I use two wires. One running between the bottom of the antenna to my truck chassis. And the other running from the antenna mount (the MFJ RuffRider is bigger/beefier/better than the Comet/Diamond) Bare metal contact on both ends is essential and they must be cleaned frequently. If the antenna won't tune 17 meters then look at your grounding.

Position: If you've whipped the grounding problems but still have problems then move the antenna mounting position. I've had the antenna on two vehicles and had to move the original (and desired)position on both to get it to work properly. Position also affects radiation patterns. This becomes more pronounced at six meters and above.

Finally a word on 75/80 meters and the ATAS-100. Due to a software protection routine the FT-100 (and FT-847) will always deny operation on 80 meters when the ATAS-100 is selected and connected. You guys with the external controllers may be able to get it to tune 75/80 meters with a longer whip but you will surely lose 50/144/440 MHz coverage.

I've had mine for over two years now and run it 100 miles each day. The sun down here is south central Texas is brutal. So far so good. The exterior and rubber are in great shape. I hit a bird with the whip and now it sort of looks like a question mark but I worked HA6, VA3 and EI3 this morning. I'm not in much of a hurry to replace it.
WB6Z Rating: 2001-01-15
It's great ! A LOT BETTER THAN I EXPECTED !! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have mounted the ATAS-100 on the left edge of the trunk lid. Not a special vehicle, just a 4 door VOLVO T-5R.
Although I did not make any special grounding arrangement, my trunk lid mount worked very well when I used to run a YAESU FT900 with a Diamond 15m whip. So I just simply replaced and tried to get on the air. Wow !! My ATAS tunes everywhere from 40m through 70cm including WARC bands !! I have enjoyed DX QSO with my old JA friends on 20/17/15/12/10 with 59 reports tons of times. Even when I drive on I-405 freeway @ 65-70m/hr, I can enjoy DX chat with JAs !
If you are so much used to enjoy some "lighting-fast-AT"s, you may feel uncomfortable with ATS tuning speed because this antenna physically goes up and down to tune. Though this antenna is A LOT BETTER THAN I EXPECTED !!
KA3NAM Rating: 2001-01-06
Cool Mobile HF Antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am using the ATAS with an FT-100D in my pickup truck. Antenna is mounted on a bracket that I fabricated myself located near the left rear corner of the bed wall. ATAS tunes everywhere from 40 through 10. ATAS won't load on 6, but I am still thinking that is due to possible grounding issue. Who knows! If you're looking for a low maintenance mobile HF antenna, this is the one to get!!
KE1KH Rating: 2000-12-09
great performer Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This antenna coupled with my FT-100 are a great setup . i have worked DX and stateside always with good reports . 40 to 6 meters from the seat of my truck is the ultimate in convienence. no need to miss a band opening on 10 because you have your 20 meter antenna installed . i would highly recommend it .
N4ZW Rating: 2000-08-07
Great Combo Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I run an Icom 706 MIIG mobile and had been unable to find an antenna system that had those virtually impossible features of low noise, high performance, and asthetics. Mounted an ATAS-100 center roof of my SUV with an 8-pad magnetic mount from Metal Cable and bought an ATAS controller from Am-Com. The combo works like a champ. 1:1 VSWR on virtually all of the 20 meter phone bands with no additional grounding other than the surface mounted magnet pads. Pleasently suprised. Ran this rig against a well-known screwdriver brand and Outbacker. Bottom line was the ATAS, suprisngly to me, beat both. I highly recommend the Am-Com controller and ATAS-100 to anyone wanting a surface mounted screwdriver regardless of the rig.
KF3CC Rating: 2000-07-04
ATAS-100 works for me Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This was my first serious endeavor into mobile HF. I was looking for full capability with least amount of difficulty. For this reason I chose the ATAS-100 and FT-100. The ATAS 100 does all it was advertised to do. I have mounted it on the back hatch of my Chevy Blazer using a Diamond K-400C mount. No additional grounding. The antenna tunes all bands with no problem. The instructions to the FT-100 stated the antenna was not designed to tune 17m and 12m automatically, but trying to tune them automatically would not damage the antenna. I have found the antenna does in fact due both bands automatically with no problem. I find it a great pleasure to be able to tune any band (70cm - 40m) and any segment of the band without having to stop my vehicle and get out to make manual adjustments. Have received good reports from all stations contacted. However even with the ease of installation and operation and good performance, there was still one stamp of approval the ATAS-100 had to meet. THE XYL. In fact she does like the way it looks on "HER" vehicle. So there it is I couldn't be happier.
WA2SRY Rating: 2000-03-28
What combination ATAS-100 + FT-100 Time Owned: unknown months.
I have the ATAS-100 mounted on the front edge of the drivers door, a chevy Tahoe. I'm using a Diamond 400 mount with no special grounding. The FT-100 is mounted on a wooden insert in the center console(CD holder), power leads go to directly to the battery. Again no special grounding. Every once in awhile I get hi-swr, but I tune to a different band and then retune to where it was and all is well. I have work a lot of dx on 10mtrs (can't get on the others until 4/15) including the Clipperton group. Living in the north with salt I do take it off about once a week and wash off the salt. I highly recommend this setup