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Reviews For: Yaesu ATAS-100

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Review Summary For : Yaesu ATAS-100
Reviews: 68MSRP: 325.00
Motorized Mobile Screwdriver Antenna 40M-70cm
Product is in production
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AD6A Rating: 2000-03-23
I'm on my second ATAS-100 antenna already... Time Owned: unknown months.
My first ATAS-100 had to be returned to Yaesu. It had a design flaw. I believe they have changed the design since then (I was an early adopter). The contact between the main tube and the shorting ring insert gave out, causing arcing and eventual death to the antenna completely. Soooo, beware if you buy one second hand - make sure it's a later model..... The new one has been working pretty well since, but is awfully SLOW to get from VHF/UHF to 40m.....Overall, it's a neat package that doesn't look too out of place on my Cadillac STS trunk.
KC2MF Rating: 2000-02-18
ATAS-100 With FT-100: Great Setup! Time Owned: unknown months.
I am now using an ATAS-100 with my FT-100 and absolutely love the set-up! I have the ATAS-100 on a Diamond K-400 mount on the rear deck lid of my old, trusty Ford Explorer. I ran a short braid from the mount to the car body and it works great. I'm working great DX and plenty of stateside from Florida.

Thanks Yaesu!
KC7ZWG Rating: 2000-02-17
PERFECT - - "Almost" Time Owned: unknown months.
I am very plerased with the does everything it claims!... Make sure you have an adequate ground! This antenna really does perform for HF/6 but only Unity gain for VHF/UHF. So I use a Larsen NMO 2/70 for 2 and 70cm.
OK SO HERE"S MY QUESTION - - Since you can manually tune the antenna from the FT-100/FT-847 (and any other radio) Has anyone modified their ATAS-100 by using a longer stainless steel rod or by any other means ??? I am willing to bet that if I put my stainless whip from Wilson 1000 (approx 5 1/2ft) or maybe an even longer whip it would tune even lower ??

******* If anyone has modified the coil or whip or anything to acheive 75/80 meters please let me know by sending email: ***********
K0AZ Rating: 1999-12-26
Takes a Lickin and Keeps on Tickin ATAS100 Notso F Time Owned: unknown months.
Running mobile in Ford Explorers has always been a
challenge due to vehicle noise. The FT100 and ATAS
antenna out perform anything I have used in the past. I use the ATAS100 on a four pod mag mount in
the center of the roof of the Explorer and it tunes with no problem on all bands. I drove under
an overhang at a drive through to get coffee and
at the far side while leaving somehow caught the
very top of the whip. The mag mount was pulled
from the top of the truck and the ATAS100 was
pulled apart from it breaking the SO239 mount on
the mag mount. The ATAS hit the ground and the
mag mount ended up on the side of the truck. I
rebuilt the mag mount the next day and cleared the
debris from the ATAS100 mount. It worked just as
well as before!!!!!. Christmas night after every
thing got quiet here I heard and worked JT1 on 20
SSB with the home rig using the Mosley PRO57. I
got to thinking about that and ran out to the driveway and got in the Explorer. Worked the JT1
again with the FT100 ATAS100 combo in two calls!!
No amp by the way just the 100 watts from the
FT100. What more can I say? Quick, Easy, Works
Well and apparently not as fragile as we have
been told. Sold AS IS and your mileage may vary.
73, K0AZ
N4IJO Rating: 1999-11-14
Works and Works and Works... Time Owned: unknown months.
Wow! The FT-100 and ATAS-100 combination is GREAT! The antenna loads everywhere and I have been getting signal reports that normally include "Are you really a mobile station? You sure don't sound like it!" I made sure that I properly grounded the radio and the antenna system directly to the sheet metal of mny car which I believe is very important.
K3DML Rating: 1999-11-06
Looks nice but not yet perfect in every instance. Time Owned: unknown months.
The manual tells you not to use a trunk lip mount and that's what most of us have to use. The problem is one of proper grounding of the mount and trunk lid, etc. This antenna won't load consistantly on some bands with the "standard" arrangement for a sedan. I've still not gotten it perfect yet, but my hopes are high.

When you get a good match, the antenna really plays. I've gotten some good DX from the east coast on 40, 20, 17, and 10. Snagged on VK on 40m SSB at 8am one morning. That was on a good day when the antenna showed a good SWR. Not every day is a good day.

Dick, K3DML
Rockville, Maryland

KM5GM Rating: 1999-10-07
OK on all but 40 meters Time Owned: unknown months.
I'm using the ATAS-100 with my FT-847 xcvr. It does a fine job and is easy to tune. Only problem is on 40m where it won't load. Problem is perhaps my installation, which is in a tripod on the roof of my house. I've tried a single wire counter- poise connected to the tripod, but no go. Would appreciate any suggestions to KM5GM@ARRL.NET. Otherwise I'm happy with performance, considering the small size, and would recommend it as a second antenna for anyone using the rig it is designed for. Haven't tried it mobile, but it looks sturdy, would be fine with a good mount. Thanks and Seventy Three from "Johnny".
W0TM Rating: 1999-10-05
Yaesu ATAS-100 mobile antenna works great! Time Owned: unknown months.
See my write-up on the FT-100 for more details. I have the ATAS-100 mounted on the lip of the rear hatch of my Jeep Grand Cherokee using the MFJ model 345 mount. Also check out the MFJ 340 mount. I think MFJ buys these private label from Diamond. Excellent value for the price and sturdy enough to handle the Yaesu ATAS-100 and probably other lighter weight HF antennas like Ham Sticks. The ATAS-100 combined with the FT-100 makes mobile operation almost too easy. Fast autotune 40 thru 6 meters at the push of a button. No stopping to change antennas! The ATAS-100 gets out great and I've worked plenty of DX with it. Unfortunately the ATAS-100 works only with the FT-100 and FT-847. But, if you're buying a mobile setup and don't already have money invested in an HF mobile antenna, the FT-100/ATAS-100 is a great way to go.