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Reviews For: ProPower PS1310

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : ProPower PS1310
Reviews: 2MSRP: about 60$
13,8V / 10Ampere continuos, 12A surge
Product is in production
More Info: http://
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YO3HCV Rating: 2005-08-15
Cheap PSU Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
As previouse said.... it's a cheap PSU and has a LOT of noise. In fact, it bought the PS1310 instead making one because I wanted a NEW and industrial one for our EchoLink witch use only a small 5W VHF transceiver. The PSU gives us a lovely audio noise for both TX and RX state of TVCR. These days will try to hack'it or, get lost the inside and make a good one :)

I spent today about 50 euro on it and I love only his case untill now :) Maby if there is anyone who improve already this PSU, please advice me at


SM8XXX Rating: 2001-12-31
well, what can i say... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
this is a powersupply that get its job done, but nothing else, it makes a awful lot of humming noise, escalating during load, so you better keep it stashed underneath somewhere.
summary; if you get it cheap..why not, as i said, it get its job done!
(in the manual, the manufacturer stated that this is a budget powersupply, therefore they dont recommend running it at full load for long periods of time..i like when they´re honest..!)