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Reviews For: Comet CA-2x4SR

Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Omnidirectional: verticals, mobile, etc

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Review Summary For : Comet CA-2x4SR
Reviews: 50MSRP: 69.00
CA-2x4SR VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna 1.5:1 or less SWR: 140-160/435-465MHz Gain: 3.8/6.2dBi Max Power: 150 watts Length: 40 inches Connector: PL-259 Fold-over hinge included
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N0UKM Rating: 2012-06-30
not having luck at all Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
i have been having major rfi issue's with this antenna ever since day one which i purchased it on 10 april 2012 from gigi parts out of alabama.

antenna is installed on a 92 chevy c1500 pickup, antenna mount is a diamond k400s and the radio is a klein electronics blackbox vhf mobile.

keying the mike on public safety frequencies 150-159 mhz and only on the ones that are programmed with repeaters causes my warning buzzer in my truck to activate.

i have one of my ares guys who has same radio, mount and antenna except he drives a 2012 jeep wrangler 4 door and he is having rfi issues.

public safety simplex not an issue and neither is 2m simplex/repeater frequencies.

i know it is the antenna due to i have replaced the antenna mount and switched to a different size coax. now have tram 3265 magnetic mount with rg58. ca 2x4 antenna is installed and warning buzzers sound.

disconnected from blackbox radio and attached to icom 2100h and keyed up on public safety, and warning buzzers sound.

the antenna attached to my icom is a hustler 2 meter mag mount and no rfi issues upon using it with blackbox vhf or icom 2100.

i really need this antenna to work since i have both a public safety call sign and ham call. i am also hoping the issue is simple to fix since we want this antenna for our two search and rescue hummers and two land rover discovery.

right now, i don't like the antenna for the simple fact of the rfi issues.

VK2KIT Rating: 2012-05-20
Amazing antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Not sure what to say about this antenna except that if you want a strong, well built antenna that has decent gain and very, very wide bandwidth - You can't really go wrong with this thing! This antenna will do 2m, 70CM and a heap of LMR frequencies above and below these two amateur bands. I don't know what 'snake oil' they have injected into the base matching section of this antenna, but whatever it is, it works and works well!

I get good VSWR from 140-160+Mhz and 425-470Mhz!
Its actually pretty amazing for a mobile antenna of any breed, to get this kind of bandwidth and performance.

I have even put one up at home as a dedicated 'ground independent' base scanner antenna.. It beats the hell out of my old Diamond discone.
KG4GPJ Rating: 2012-03-08
12 Years Old and Still Goin' Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My Comet CA-2x4SR is now 12 years old and going strong. Of course, I don't keep it mounted everyday, so that partially explains the longevity plus the robust construction. I use it on a 5-inch mag mount and the combination will withstand 70 MPH Interstate speeds. Now that I'm active in ARES, I wouldn't part with it for twice the price, and it works well in fringe VHF/UHF reception areas for field deployments.
N6DLH Rating: 2012-02-16
Great Antenna Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have nothing but good things to say about this antenna. I purchased this antenna not only for standard amateur use, but also for the ability to use for search and rescue, or emergency marine band traffic. As with most people I hope it is something I do not need to use, but with a radio that is capable of using it, I wanted to have an antenna system that would do the job.

The surprising thing to me is the broadband nature of the antenna. Usually with a broadband antenna you sacrifice gain, my dummy load has a low SWR across the the bands. Well this antenna has some very good gain. Comparing this to my 5/8 wave antenna it seems to have more gain than the 5/8. From the border of North Carolina I am able to key up the W4RAT repeater in Richmond VA with 50 watts. Total distance LOS to the repeater is 90 miles, repeater antenna is up 600 feet. With heavy woods there is a sporadic signal but that is to be expected.

As far as strength it has been tested a couple of times, small low hanging branches have hit it several times and no damage as off yet, of course I have not abused it. The fold over feature is very nice, have not used it much but if I do I know it is there.

I am really impressed with this antenna overall and would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a nice mobile antenna.
WZ3O Rating: 2011-11-03
Small Package - Big Performnace Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
After breaking a longer 2/440 antenna, I looked at reviews & specs. This jumped out at me, with a shorter, more rugged design, it appeared to be the answer.
Well it is, it's mounted on the back "hatch" lip of my Ford Edge as high as possible with a Comet HD5M mount & working very well on V/U & DSTAR V or U.
It looks good to boot....
For the money it's a lot of bang for the buck...
K9XXX Rating: 2011-05-27
Very impressive! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just received mine today and after carefully adjusting the mechanical zero of my meter,I did some
SWR measurements with no tuning:1.35@144mhz and
1.15@148mhz. That's broad-banded! Other reviewers have noted the unusual heft and stiffness of this 40-inch antenna and I would recommend against using it a single-magnet mount and I would use it with a monster tri-mag mount I have.
K7TXO Rating: 2011-04-14
WOW - Very Impressive! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This antenna replaced a shorter, LARSEN 2/440 antenna which has served me well as long as I occasionally reset the trunk lip mount set screws. That antenna was always intended to be temporary until I could install a permanent one. I have to politely disagree with the earlier reviewer re prefering the NMO mount. The UHF/SO239 is my preference for hardiness and never had any issues with needing to clean or adjust UHF barrel or inner contact. Performance wise, this antenna provided a very, very noticable improvement on VHF and UHF. Larger size in proper tune should always win but still, I can sum this one up in one word: WOW
N7ENE Rating: 2011-03-27
SUPERB IN EVERY WAY! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I first came across this antenna in a review that told of how well it preformed on a Harley Motorcycle. The comments led me to HRO to try one out. All my other antennas had been Larsen's. While Larsen's are a good antennas, I found nothing
I have ever owned came close to my CA 2X4 SR. The SWR is incredible across the 2M/70CM bands, it hears superbly and transmits likewise. I am a Rail Fan and listen to the railroad frequencies everyday. The antenna is completely flat at 161.100 MHz and I can hear 25 Watt track detectors & crews 40 miles away over hills and valleys in WA. I own two of these babies and many in our club bought the antenna,they like them too!
KC2ANT Rating: 2009-10-10
Great performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought one of these on the recommendation of another local Ham when my Diamond HV7A went on the fritz. I only needed dual band capability, so I went to this on my car. I've been using it for 2 years. I liked it so much that when the YL got her ticket a year and a half ago I bought one for her without even looking for other antenna's. Now I have one on my Durango and will happily stick with this antenna. I highly recommend them for anyone that is looking for a dual band antenna. It performs wonderfully and brings in repeaters that were otherwise noisy, and gets me out to repeaters I couldn't even hit before.

Works great out of the bag, SWR <1.5:1 on the Ham bands (and above) seems to be flat around 139MHz
LARS00N Rating: 2009-10-07
super great Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have a kenwood Tm-V71 and I gotta say this antenna works great on mobile and my TH-D7. I could hit a repeater 70 miles away on a 50W power. it's really amazing how will it performs.