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Reviews For: Yaesu FT-1000(D)

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FT-1000(D)
Reviews: 117MSRP: 4000.00
200W HF allmode transceiver
Product is not in production
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DJ7ST Rating: 2014-11-29
Great radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I buying my first FT1000 about twenty years ago.
Before i used Collins and Drake eqipment
The FT1000 was my main eqipment for more than 10 years,
a wonderful radio.
In 2002 a get a new FT 1000 Mark V and my old FT 1000
was in a corner of my shack.
Last year i sold it full equiped for 1200€ to a friend of mine.
After he left my shack with the transceiver i know it was a big
mistake.Today i bought a magnificent FT 1000D for 1900€
from a amateur 200 miles away.
I will not live without this great radio.
M0KKW Rating: 2014-10-29
Outstanding Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Only had this a month or so.Just done the W8JI NB mod. Fantastic reciever with all the facilities and performance I wanted.
Having a completely separate 2nd reciever, with performance like the main, makes things so easy and diversity reception is very useful.
The later FT1000MP,MKV and Field seem cheaply constructed in comparison and I very much prefer the recieved audio of the 1000D.
This is a definite "keeper" in my book, like the FT990.
G0FVT Rating: 2014-08-06
Still Going! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned my FT1000D for many years now although it has not been in continuous use.
Mine has all of the makers options in addition to the W8JI noise blanker mod and the Inrad roofing filter. The radio remains a pleasure to use and although mine has not gone wrong they are not too grim to work on. (I have done a few repairs on a friends fleet of them).
The SSB transmit gets compliments, I always run a little processing and use the drive control to limit the power, the RF power control I leave fully clockwise.
The main receiver could probably do with different AGC characteristics and the notch filter is possibly a bit wide. I have not done the mods to switch the receive paths around.. however it is difficult to understand what Yaesu had in mind with that. The cooling fan would also be far less annoying if it never stopped.
I love this radio, it works very well and unlike many other rigs it actually feels solid.
N8TI Rating: 2014-03-15
Best ever! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
When I was a brand new ham, in 1992, my first rig was a FT-101Z. About six months later I got my FT-1000D. After all these years my only complaint is that it makes hamming too easy. It can hear anything and it's 200 watts gives that extra punch for every day QSO's. The antenna tuner would tune a wet noodle. I have a multi band dipole I built that is really not my finest moment. SWR is all over the place. This radio tunes it without a problem.

It has caused me to buy older radios to fool with in order to up the challenge of making contacts. My beloved TS-520 is one that I use a lot just to give myself a break from perfection. The FT-1000D is like San Diego weather, perfect every day. The only reason why someone would sell this radio is because it makes things too easy. If you have not used one, you are missing out.
ZS1PI Rating: 2014-03-14
FT100d & FL2100Z Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had my FT1kD for the past 7 years if not more and have worked many stations with the baby. Recently I had it serviced and just checked out, and since it came back with the replacements of a few components it;s working even better with 280W output on SSB. I have also just coupled up my FL2100Z and it is currently driven with +/- 80W form the radio and +/- 750W out of the FL2100Z.

I would love to hear from other users who have the same combination.
73 From Cape Town South Africa.

Errol ZS1Pi
KC7YRA Rating: 2014-03-14
Absolutely amazing given the radios age Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I picked up a clean, used FT-1000D a few years ago. Once I tweaked and squeaked all of the settings to perfection, this radio started to sing better than Pavarotti himself.

The display and user interface are laid out in such a way that all options are easily accessed.

I primarily chase CW DX, and this rig makes it so easy it should be illegal. Split RX options are extremely fast and simple. The dual VFOs operate as almost an extension of your body.

The built in keyer is excellent, as are the filtering options.

If you get the opportunity to get a functioning 1000D, JUMP ON IT. Great rig that many newer rigs cannot even hold a candle to.
N7WR Rating: 2014-03-14
Best ever Time Owned: more than 12 months.
A long story. Back in the late '80's I served as a member of the Yaesu Advisory Team created to give them input from different hams with different interests. We were given a one time opportunity to purchase any piece of Yaesu gear we wanted at factory cost with the condition that we could not sell it for 2 years. I opted to buy the FT 1000D loaded with all accessories.

For 8 years it was my dream rig. Unfortunately a financial situation not of my making required me to sell it. Since then I have owned a number of rigs, some with much newer technology than the 1000D but none of them a top of the line rig.

I have been continually seeking another pristine 1000D to buy as a keep forever rig and thanks to K4WM I recently found one that looks like it just left the factory. Absolutely mint and with the receiver I remembered. IMO the receiver makes the radio and even though it lacks some modern features it handles crowded bands, qrn and qrm perfectly. Signals just seem to pop out of the background and are a pleasure to listen to. Can't add any more than to say I am really glad I found one in such outstanding condition.
W1PDG Rating: 2014-03-06
KEEPER! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This has been my only rig since 2007 when I bought it off of ebay. Can't imagine any new rig having a better receiver. I hear people complaining all the time with newer rigs about high noise levels that I just don't hear on the ft1000d. The internal tuner works well with my 80 meter windom and IMAX 2000. If you like non menu radios this is the one to try and get your hands on.
PA3HGT Rating: 2013-05-26
Still the best of the best. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After i sold my first FT1000D ,sn 0L00058 (1990), i bought 2 years later one of the very latest units, 0M760003 (2000) which i upgraded with Inrad-IF filters and the roofingfilter.
Standard IF-filtering is not so good as the Inradfilters.
In combination with the Timewave SP5-DSP59Y speaker is it a very nice setup.
When you work with the FT1000(D) , the controls feeling not cheap.
Don't sell your FT1000D because i regretted when i sold the first unit.
When you buy a FT1000D,check this because some sellers are saying too fast it's a "D" version.
My second FT1000D can you see on : and enjoy it !
Before i bought my first FT1000D , i tried the FT1000MP and the MK5 but after a use of 3 days each i sold them,You come home with the FT1000D.


Earlier 5-star review posted by PA3HGT on 2007-05-20

I owned the FT1000D for 3 years with a great deal of joy.
The FT1000D had all the hardwaremods by Yaesu.
When i bought the FT1000D was the RX-sound in my opinion to "thin" .
I modified it with 2,8 and 2,1 Kc Inrad IF-filters and the Inradroofingfilter.
Then the FT1000D became a receiver with a very great RX-audio and overall performance of the RX is very good in combination with the Speaker DSP59Y.
RX on 40 is very good,dynamic range is very good so no trouble with broadcasting stations or stations nearby.
TX-audioreports were very good with my MD1C8 with HC5 Heil-element.
Had a few problems (FM-carrier & pre-selector BPF2 ) with the FT1000D but that's possible with that age of 17 years.
The radio is like what you see is what you get ,so no menu's for you if you buy one.
I give the FT1000D a 5 because it's a top-performer with Inradsmods installed.

KE2ANY Rating: 2012-09-27
Wow... still amazes me Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
So having owned 3 x FT-1000 (D)'s in the past, I decided recently to purchase another one. It simply amazes me how great the RX and TX of this radio is (still) after 20 years since manufacturing the rig.

Just brilliant... I won't repeat all of the great functionality and features as they are well documented.

Purely brilliant and an absolute joy to use.


Earlier 5-star review posted by ZL1CDP on 2008-04-13

This is now my third FT1000D and during the madness of parting with the previous 2 (some years ago) I looked around at what would better the 1KD... you know what? I couldn't find anything in the price bracket of a second hand 1000D that would compare.

This radio is immense!!! the look, the feel, the build quality, the operation, the audio quality, the driving through pileups first time... it's a machine!

All the best, Chris = ZL1CDP.