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Reviews For: Yaesu FT-1000(D)

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FT-1000(D)
Reviews: 117MSRP: 4000.00
200W HF allmode transceiver
Product is not in production
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W7MHZ Rating: 2010-02-06
Gold Standard HF Rig Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I am a Ham ...since 1962. Extra Class License
I have had many HF Rigs... This one is the B E S T
not the most bells and whistles but the best.

Get one if you can!
PA1PXL Rating: 2010-02-03
Great transceiver! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
great transceiver with low noise floor, blocking factor is very good, build like a tank, no spikes on receive. Realy dual receive due to the bpf-1.
Solid 200 watts output. All in all a tick better than my FT-2000. Despite on it's age, it's still the best of the best.
KE5SRZ Rating: 2009-08-24
The best "old" rig I've ever used Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Well after owning my 1000D for a few years I think it's about time I give it a nice, long review here on eham.

When I got licensed and started looking at HF rigs, I decided not to try any cheaper "starter" rigs and go straight for the good stuff. Why buy a rig if you're just going to want a better one soon? Might as well skip that step and get the one you know you'll be using for quite a while.

So at first I was looking at the 756 Pro III. Being a computer geek, it seemed perfect for me with it's fancy screen and tons of software features. But after actually using one, I changed my mind. Don't get me wrong, it's a great radio, but it turns out I just didn't like having to poke around through menus and endlessly tweak the options to get it "set up" for various modes and conditions. Icom's radios are fantastic, but the "glass cockpit" interfaces on them just aren't my style.

So I kept looking and kept hearing about a legendary old radio called the FT-1000D. I asked a few ham buddies, told them about my experiences and turn-offs with the Icoms, and they told me "Buy the 1000D". So I did, and I ended up spending less than I was expecting. Mine is completely "stock" only using the filters that came with it.

I can sum it up with "Man, what a radio"! For starters it is built like a tank...perhaps a bit overbuilt! In spite of its age, all of the buttons and controls are still silky-smooth and function perfectly. And it's pretty much all metal, very little plastic. It's super heavy though, so I doubt I'll ever be lugging it to Field Day, but no big deal.

It's truly a joy to operate. All of the controls are right there in front of you, and I can adapt for different conditions on-the-fly very quickly. No menus or options, it's all knob and that's the way I like it. It doesn't have the learning-curve that I've experienced with the latest and greatest rigs. I had it figured out well enough to operate my first day with it, and spent another couple days learning to "fine tune" it. Yes, you'll need to open it up to turn on the TX relay for an amplifier or adjust the "beep" volume when a button is pressed. I don't see why anyone is whining about it, the case is easy to open and it is laid out very well internally. I can be in-and-out in about 10 minutes.

The receiver is simply marvelous. I've had the privilege of using some of the modern rigs which are supposedly better on paper, but I honestly can't tell a difference aside from the IF-DSP that new radios come with. Speaking of DSP, I added a Timewave 599zx to mine and I can say that it's a great addition to the 1000D. But the receiver is good enough to where I don't use DSP noise reduction very fact I very seldom use it at all. I mostly use the DSP for auto-notch and bandwidth tweaking for different conditions. The noise filter on the radio doesn't do a whole lot, but it does work decently on fast "popping" noise. Combined with the other controls on the rig, I can work through QRM and QRN effectively without the DSP.

The 200W transmit power is definitely a plus, and I've been running barefoot with it up until very recently. I finally added a Drake L4-B amp to my setup to help out with DX contacts, but for contacts in the US, Canada, and South America I can run barefoot with no problems 90% of the time.

The transmit audio is OK. I really wish I could EQ it a little bit, but it's good enough as it is. The stock hand-mic that came with the rig was a joke; I replaced it with a Heil HM-10 dual element. The TX audio is much better with this mic, but I'll probably add a preamp to it soon. As it is now, I have to really crank up the mic gain and work the processor, so I loose some fidelity. Still very copyable and good for DX, but I'd like to eventually get it more "full" sounding for ragchewing.

I've read in other reviews about undesirable fan noise, and that confuses me. I've never been bothered with the fan noise on mine. Yes, I can hear it when it cranks up full-throttle, but it's not loud. My rig is recessed in my computer desk with other equipment on top of it though, so that probably muffles it a bit. And now that I'm only using about 90W to drive my amp, the fan doesn't run very fast.

And yes, the VFO's do tune very fast. It took some getting used to, but after having it for a while I actually prefer it that way! I can "snap" tune it to different freqs very quickly, and shoot across to the opposite end of the band in no time. Nowdays when I use another rig I'm actually wishing their VFO was as fast as the 1000D. And it feels very nice too, spins freely and has a good, solid weight to it.

And I love using the CAT system with Ham Radio Deluxe on my PC. The 1000D is very "plug and play" for the digital modes, no fancy cables or interface boxes required! The only thing you have to worry about is getting the serial cable. You can make your own if you can find the connector; but I found a whole premade cable for $15 on eBay. The 250 and 500 filters of the 1000D let you zero-in on a PSK contact and hold it with ease. When PSK is hot and space is limited, my contacts will often be complaining about adjacent interference and AGC pumping during my QSO with them. But I never notice it on my end!

So, overall I've definitely got to give this rig a 5! Even on occasion when I get to use a new rig like the IC-7800 or the FT-9000; I still don't feel envious of them when I come back home to my 1000D. It may be old but it still holds its own and doesn't show any functional signs of aging that I've experienced with other old radios. It's a joy to operate and I'll probably be using it as my main rig for quite a while. And at about $1100 on the used market these days, I'd say they're quite a bargain for what you get with it! One of these days if I have money to burn I might eventually get the FT-9000, but I'm in no hurry!

I'm about to do the full "Inrad makeover" on it, which will make it even better! I've heard another 1000D with the Inrad filter set and it's very, very nice. But even with my stock filters I have no complaints. It's a very good radio in stock form.

So, for an older radio the 1000D is a fantastic choice. Perhaps even the best choice. The only other old rig I've ever used that seems to match it in terms of reception and operating experience is the TS-830, but the 830 drifts a bit and needs much more maintenance. The 1000D is solid as a rock and super-reliable. Just buy one, you won't regret it!
M0OGY Rating: 2009-07-26
The Best of the best!!!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned my Fox Tango 1000D for around 6 years now.I bought it from a decent dealer for £1200 ,the radio is a true "Mint double boxed" example complete with everything even the original bill and sales literature.I mainly use it on 80/40 meters now driving a Drake L75 amp.It is my all time best radio,never had any problems with it at all.Mine is a very early model (4th batch March 1990 ......thanks to the Yahoo group for that one!).It still has the early chip in ,not the later one which lets you use it better via computer software.I purchased a SP5 speaker with a Timewave 5/9 DSP unit from the States via E-Bay ,paid big money for this and then was stung £60 from the UK Customs ....I also own two MD1 Mics for this stunning Top End Radio.In the shack my main radio is an Icom IC756 PRO 3 lineup running a Linear Amp UK Ranger 572B to a 6 element Opti-beam Yagi ,also a Kenwood TS2000E and an Icom IC910HX for VHF/UHF again both full line ups bought brand new.I like the modern radios and indeed would like an Icom IC 7800 ,but for me when I get round to fitting the Inrad filter ,the last radio I would ever sell is my Yaesu FT1000D.Check out Youtube....just put in "M0OGY" in the search and there are some videos of my radio in action!!........73's DAVE (M0OGY) ,North Lincolnshire UK.
OE2LUDWIG Rating: 2009-03-01
no parts junk Time Owned: more than 12 months.
i had x2 of them when they work they good . but no so good . the 2nd rx had big problem so i sent it to yaesu EU they send me e-mail no parts for this radio and we will not going to made any job of any ft 1000d since no parts . so they sent it back then the pa gone on the 2nd one the dispaly on the other one what a dog , i sold them in e-bay for part , order new ft 9000d
W3PO Rating: 2009-01-30
Still the best Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I cannot believe the 1KD is not at a perfect 5 so it is time for me to chime in. Great RX. In contest the receiver never overload and I live not too far away from some of the big guns. No menus to get lost in, one knob one function. Great CW rig. Now that I have one I will keep it till the wheels fall off.
VE2PXP Rating: 2009-01-27
Best of the best = true !!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After 1 year of use, I decided to sold my FT-2000D with the DMU-2000 and purchase a mint FT-1000D... Wow !!! Marvallous machine! Real good and solid average talk power and rich and clear RX with Collins filters. About 6 years ago, I sold my FT-990 and later, had so many regrets to have sold it.
Now, with my great FT-1000D, I am really happy with my Yaesu product and won't regret anymore.
73's to all of you, Sylvain VE2PXP
K5UX Rating: 2009-01-22
Can't believe I waited this long! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Don't know why I waited this long to try the 1000D. Have owned some of the newer DSP-based transceivers and it's hard to duplicate the receiver audio of a good crystal filter rig. I am a casual ssb/cw operator and found this rig meets all my requirements. The 200 watt PA is particularly useful since my QTH precludes the use of an amp. It's also nice to have everything available on the front panel without having to navigate through a menu. I am not into measuring specs, but the 1000D receiver appears to do as well as the FT-950 I recently traded.
VE7IG Rating: 2009-01-14
Still a great radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had my FT-1000D for 19 years although it isn't entirely the same radio I originally bought. It was at Yaesu for a checkup and updating once within the warranty period, then several years later had a problem and was sent there to be repaired. On the way back, due to their poor packing, it was dropped requiring extensive rebuilding (under insurance). That was about 7 years ago. It was returned in perfect working condition with all updates installed. Recently I had it to a Canadian repair depot to fix the standard diode/tuner problem. All-in-all not too bad for a rig of its age. When the local electrical noise is absent (under wet conditions) there is virtually no noise on cw/ssb and you can copy the weakest signals. I've used it in various contests and it has performed incredibly well.

Some time ago a W7 station not far away with a 4 square and a 60 over 9 signal on 160m told me I had key clicks. Nobody had ever reported them before but I obained the 2 W8JI mods and installed them. I also obtained a used Inrad roofing filter on Ebay recently and installed it. I've not heard much in the way of intermod since, there was a little before.

This radio is a real joy to operate as it has NO menus. There is a separate button for each function. For an older ham, menus can be a real problem.

Some have reported slow autotuning. Well, yes it isn't the fastest. But then once it finds the match it doesn't take any time at all the next time you switch to that band. Also, having up to 200 watts output gives you a bit of an edge over a lot of other rigs when driving an amplifier that may require a bit over 100 watts drive. I have another new radio rated at 100 watts out (Kenwood TS-480SAT) but only putting out a maximum of about 85 watts on a good wattmeter. The FT-1000D is a way better radio than the little TS-480SAT but that radio has its place and for its cost is a great little radio, even with menus.

When using Heil microphones with the FT-1000D I have had superb transmit audio reports on SSB. Maybe those who complained about transmit audio should have tried a decent microphone. Poor transmit audio must be the fault of the microphone since this radio is the same as their's otherwise. Remember, this is ham radio not stereo FM.

I use the Timewave DSP59Y audio DSP unit mounted in the SP5 speaker. I have worked several weak DX stations using this filter when it was impossible to hear them well enough through the noise and carriers without it. Although audio DSP isnt as good as IF DSP, this unit serves the purpose very well. It is no longer available but Timewave has a modern audio DSP unit and I'm sure it would work as well or better with the FT-1000D.

Before this radio I had the Yaesu FTDX-100, FT-101 and FT-102-- all great radios for their time. Before that I used some Heathkits and Hallicrafters transceivers and they were pretty good too. None of them comes close to the FT-1000D. I've operated other Icom and Kenwood high end radios at multi-multi DX operations in the past and have to say none of them equalled the FT-1000D in my estimation for the ability to work stations hour-after-hour in all the QRM and to pull in the very weak ones.

Until I save up enough get an Electraft K3 with all the bell and whistle add-ons, I'm very happy to stick with my 1000D.

N7VC Rating: 2008-12-15
problem w-output Time Owned: N.A.
ive owened this radio for 5-yrs. no problem, but i will say it dont like 160m tuner bad on readings and slow even with less than 3swr, didnt like radio w/o prosseser on mike gain has to go up high to get alc, one day i went to load up my di-pole on 160m with 3swr. i used my rollor tuner swr meter on radio said its good while fine tuneing i heard a load pop then my power dropped off to 40w all bands, then i did reset no luck, took apart didnt see nothing, got scard to diasect, so i traded it off bought this ic-746pro no problem even on 160m same ant, rx about same on both radios, i looked up finales mrf-422 2-of them $100ec. yaesu has no suport on radio, they said on specs 2-30mhz rated at 150w ec. so streaching on 160m..still a good radio just getting old..luck