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Reviews For: Daiwa SS-330W Switching Power supply

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Review Summary For : Daiwa SS-330W Switching Power supply
Reviews: 17MSRP: 139
Dual Meter (Ampere & Voltage) 30A continuous Output <br> current; 5V - 15V Output Voltage
Product is in production
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W2WHT Rating: 2019-05-11
Great Unit Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this probably 3 years ago. I got it set up and it runs everything in my shack. To be quite honest, I don't notice it because it does exactly what anyone would want. It works. It's quiet. It has not hiccuped or had any issue at all.

A power supply is a support piece of equipment. You do not interface with it and you do not operate it. The best attribute of any piece of equipment like this is that it never crosses your mind.

I wish all the things in my life worked as this one does. It is that good!
VK3CRG Rating: 2014-02-13
So good I bought two Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned two of these power supplies for over 2 years now and they are both fantastic.

One has been operating non-stop for 18 months powering my IRLP / Echolink node and IC-208H radio and has not skipped a beat.

They are silent on the HF (and other) bands, are well cooled with a nice inbuilt fan, are rugged and do exactly what they promise. Finishing touches like the rubber bumpers (which can be removed, current / voltage metering, and strong carry handles are great.

My only wish is that they came with a "13.8 volt" switch so you could fix the voltage as most users will use these to power mobile radios at home. Highly recommended power supplies!
KL2TC Rating: 2013-10-09
Just reliable... Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After more than four years in my shack this power supply has been perfectly reliable. I sometimes forget to turn it off it is so quiet, but that certainly doesn't hurt its performance. I purchased a large Astron for backup, but I have never turned it on. I haven't had to. That is all that really needs to be said about a product.

Earlier 5-star review posted by KL2TC on 2010-07-06

I've been running mine for over a year. I use it to power my Yaesu 757 and a Yaesu 2900. Not a stagger or hiccup. Super quiet and out of the way. Only one set of lugs but they are both post and banana plug. There is plenty of room to hook up two terminals to each post. No supply issues at all. Still as nice and sweet as the day it arrived.


W0LED Rating: 2012-10-12
Works Well Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used the SS-330W supply for three years now without a hiccup. I use it to charge my battery backup system (13.8 V AGM.) I set it to 14.15 V which is easy with the detented adjust knob. I have noticed no HF hash or birdies. Prior to using this supply I have always used Astron analog supplies but this switcher has sold me on the technology (if chosen with an eye to user reviews like those here on
KC5ZRQ Rating: 2011-05-23
Excellent Long-Term Results Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using this to run a digipeater for more than four years. It has been in a hot boiler room on top of an apartment building for all of that time. I pulled it down today to do some work on some other equipment. I opened it up and it was as dusty as it could be. It was in a very harsh environment. I used a can of air to blow out the dust. I checked the voltage and put a 15 amp load on it. It is working as good as it did on day one. It does have a fan on it, but it runs slowly and isn't very loud at all. Inside it has two large heat-sinks. I would recommend it.
W8QAP Rating: 2009-12-08
Good but not great Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This is a good choice if you need a bench power supply that will also power a 100W transceiver. The meters are rather difficult to read due to there small number size and poor background contrast. The voltage range of interest for transceiver use (12.5 - 13.8) is squeezed into about 1/8th of an inch on the scale so I use a digital voltmeter to set the output voltage. The V ADJ knob is detented in 15 degree steps so setting the voltage exactly may be difficult. The unit runs cool and if the fan is running, I do not hear it. The DC output posts should be on the rear for high current applications. I found the ground post to be rather small and testing revealed that the lug had rather high resistance to the power supply case. The lug was found to be mounted on the rear panel with a small star washer and making poor connection thru the painted surface. Scraping away the paint fixed that problem but I was surprised to see that there was no ground wire on the backside of the lug connecting it other common ground points in the power supply. An email to DAIWA regarding this finding went unanswered. The price for the SS-330W was $169. If your primary use is to power a transceiver I would suggest considering other power supplies before buying.
KC2OYZ Rating: 2009-03-26
Quiet but inconvenient Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This is a good supply technically but it is not well designed, at least not for me.

Had an Alinco DM-330MV - it generated a lot of hash on BCB and their "patent-pending Noise-Offset circuit" didn't help very much. I switched to the Daiwa - no more hash. But unlike the Alinco, it has only one set of terminals, in the front and quite close up to the meters - not particularly safe or convenient. Also has no notch or pre-programmed 13.8 setting, unlike the Alinco, and the voltage control is again right in front - brush against it the wrong way and there will be trouble. It is also too high (square) for such a small supply - the Alinco is very low profile.

If these things don't bother you, go for this PS, if they do, look elsewhere.
KG4WMT Rating: 2008-05-10
Just What I Needed Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bought this about 10 months ago after reading eham reviews. It's the only power supply I've owned, so I don't have much basis for comparison, but it runs quiet and cool. It is also very light weight. The variable voltage setting means it can also be pressed into service as a bench power source for testing circuits. It does what I hoped it would. Can't ask more than that!
WA3TRE Rating: 2008-01-10
Nice Supply Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have had this supply for several years now. In the past, it powered an ICOM 737 transceiver and its present assignment is powering a Yaesu FT-726R transceiver. The supply has never missed a beat. Have never heard any hash or noise, but I was never bored enough to tune the entire band looking for it. It has powered the 737 on all bands, in all modes with no known issues. MINUSES: The meters and numbers are too small to be meaningful to an old-timer. The meters are not lighted. And can anyone tell me why manufacturers put the connections (especially the 30 amp'ers) on the front face? BTW, the volt meter is dead on with my GREENLEE 93-606 meter.
RobertRumseyExK5DN Rating: 2007-08-04
Just Perfect Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
The is one of the items that exceeds expectations. Very, very quiet. Does everything you expect it to do and comes in an attractive functional package. Hands down better than the overpriced Icom supply with more amperage.

No RF birdies that I can find and I don't think I have ever heard the fan. Without the meters I wouldn't be sure it was running.