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Reviews: 25MSRP: 15
VQLog is a shareware log-book program for Windows specially intended for HF or VHF-DX'ers and Satellite enthusiasts, and it is fully usable for ALL amateur bands from 0 KHz to 99 GHz !!. Here you can see some samples of the summaries and graphical statistics generated by this program.
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F5DQK Rating: 2018-05-25
Has to be improved Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Compared to my old version 3.4 of Ham Radio Deluxe,(newest ones are far too difficult to use) it suffers of these given lacks :

1- Accessing the logbook :
a/ why, only with mandatory criteria choices, and never the whole one possibility ?
b/ why a so little restricted window ?

2-Mapper :
Pro : circle distances of a multipe of 500Km
Con : radius and multiples could be choiced for less distances (ex. 200Km)
a/ no variable scale possibility (only a zoom of imposed scale)
b/ no contacted call possible to write on the mapper (the most important when doing microwaves)
c/ locators marked with a red and enormous X could could only be coloured with soft grey or soft blue

3- Tx digital modes : all good updated --> OK

4- Accessing to 2 rigs and more of different brands --> really well thought
But are 2 or more VQLog instantes, possible to open or not ? (like HRD)

5- Transverter recalculation QRGs --> also a vy good point

So without any doubt, until today may 2018, I'll keep my old HRD V.3.4 for sure
F1EPQ Rating: 2013-11-02
More than outstanding ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
VQLog 3.X is the best money I have spent as an hamradio. It meets all my needs since years and years. Simple interfacing with XML datas, perfect driving of my FT-897D cat system for auto-logging qso's infos. Intuitive use and overall rock solid software on any computer or any MS Windows system, never had a crash, impossible to lose a single qso, no worries with maintenance and backup tools.
This program is so good that I even use it in all my contests and after that I use LM to produce Cabrillo files from my Adif output. Logging a QSO or instant editing is a pleasure like seeing all the listing, searching a record, hunting awards or checking QSL and so many subtleties too long to describe. It is better to pay a small licence fee for an easy shareware like this than to pay nothing for a useless gas work freeware.
The best compliment : this program allows you to concentrate on traffic only. Many thanks to Gabriel Sampol EA6VQ for this awsome software.
NT9E Rating: 2013-09-18
There are better alternatives Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had VQLog 3.1 for several years but compared to HRD the program is truly lacking. VQLog is so good, there have been no reviews added here in 4 years!
ON6AB Rating: 2009-06-14
No-brainer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
If you're serious about 6m and up, no other logging software even comes close...
EC1KR Rating: 2008-12-16
nice loggin Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Hi all, I use this loggin program since 3 or 4 years ago, is easy an this is my best opinion, a easy loggin software is the best option, fantastic to make contacts with a big Pile Up, I recomend to all, now the 3.1 version is fantastic to all HF & VHF users, nice maps. And good disposition of Gabriel EA6VQ. See you, Jesus EC1KR
W4MAY Rating: 2008-09-08
Great Service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using this program for 5+years. Recently paid for an update. The license for ugrades is only valid for 2 years. Gabriel has been very active in adding features for version 3.1

Best items are the VHF features for VUCC and tracking grids worked.

Service has been good as my request for a new CAT for the IC-7700 was answered in a day
EI3GRB Rating: 2007-07-27
Could be improved Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The arthur avoids any queries & tries to side track to a different subject .

Main cons.. can't use qrz or cluster without registering, but what Gabriel does not not tell you is that you have to suscribe to qrz & the cluster if you need it.

Also you can not join the Yahoo group unless you have registered.... another cover up by Gabriel.

The program is poorly laid & could be made much more user friendly. I found a major bug in the software when calculating my worked locators. VQLog had an error of 4% . I spent an hour going through the log & found it would not recognise some locators I had logged into it's own database.

Having said all that I like some of the features of the program & would probarbly rate it about 3.5 but with the poor service & poor information issued from the the arthur I think a 2 is more suitable.

K0YO Rating: 2005-11-27
do not demo with real Q's Time Owned: N.A.
Unless you register ($22USD) you can not export or import any of your work. Shame that is not mentioned.
Poor use of screen space, lots of wasted space.
QRZ search did not work for me
Have to click, click, click to pull up info that should be on your screen in the first place as in a list of recent qso's.
Must register to use forums
Your registration is only good for two years of updates.WUWT.
Although I know many vhf'ers who use this program,I recommend Ham Radio Deluxe, it rocks and is free!

UN8GC Rating: 2005-08-08
Not too bad Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
The program has all the bells and whistles one may desire. The only drawbacks I have noticed is that there's no shortcut to indicate quickly that QSO was completed and if you enter the name of the correspondent in the appropriate text box and go over to the next QSO the name will still be there. So if you run in a quick QSO mode, there's too much hassle for you to change names which makes your work difficult. Otherwise, the program is quite good.
KC9GGV Rating: 2005-05-29
Great Program Time Owned: N.A.
I have been using VQLOG 3.0B since I upgraded to General. It is an extremely intuitive program with a ton of features. You can track awards, print mailing labels and design your own QSL card. This program has everything you would want and much more. You can easily back up your entire log in a few mouse clicks. Simple to print out your entire log for contesting or reference. What is so great is the program only cost $22 USD. You can download the program then register to get your key. The key give you upgrades for two years and lifetime license to use the program. Database for callsign info thru (requires a subscription at QRZ) or Buck Ham Call CD. This program will do what 99% of all hams need in a logging program. Well worth the money. Also allows selective export to ADIF files for upload to ARRL LoTW and This one is a keeper. The best part is a costs a fraction of the other logging programs and Gabriel Sampo will answer you questions quickly. Great product.