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Review Summary For : DXLab SpotCollector
Reviews: 4MSRP: free
Collects spots from up to 5 internet sources and aggregates them in a database that you can filter, search, and sort in real time.

Installation of the DXLab Suite is now fully automated: visit and click the "Install Launcher" button; from the Launcher, you can install any other DXLab application. 73, Dave, AA6YQ

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KB2EOQ Rating: 2008-09-02
Simply Amazing! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
OK, this is slicker than snot ! If you are a DXer it is the ONLY way to go for alerts to who is QRV. This thing talks to you ! A voice , a professionally recorded voice in high quality audio, can easily be configured to announce the DX, callsign, mode , band, etc. It is has such a 'gee whiz" factor when you first try it. I sit in the family room away from the shack and Joe DX (the voice ) announces any DX entities I need. One click on the "spot", and my radio QSYs to the frequency (if used with the companion Commander).

You can configure the software to announce or not announce, you can configure it for all DX or just the modes, bands, countries you are interested in. You can also configure it to "collect" spots from several different DX Clusters at the same time. Sort these spots in as many ways you can think of.

Help and user support is superb. It is totally FREE. I should point out that this is "award winning" software. While that may sound a little grandiose, it is actually true. The author recently received an ARRL award , The ARRL Technical Innovation Award. The award was for Spotcollector and the other parts of DX Lab. In granting the award, the ARRL said "His DXLab suite consists of eight programs that cover every aspect of station operation. Bernstein goes beyond simply supporting DXLab; he mentors users in other aspects of programming and Amateur Radio".

Andy K3UK (ex KB2EOQ)

N5WE Rating: 2006-08-11
Excellent Cluster spot organizer! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Spot Collector is the dxcluster interface to AA6YQ's excellent suite of appliations called DXLab Suite.

Spot collector, just like all of the DXL Suite applications, runs just fine by itself. Its function is to connect to one or more of your favorite cluster nodes via packet, telnet over the internet or web page based clusters, and present the user with all of the spotted callsigns broadcast by the clusters. When used with DXKeeper, it will signal to the user, dx stations which will further the users currently selected awards pursuit. Basically, it tells you what you need to work and what you dont need to work.

For the point and shoot dx'er, Spot Collector is the starting point. If a user is running the entire suite of DXLab Suite of applications, When a spot shows up, the first thing that happens is that your DXKeeper log is queried as to whether or not you need that station for your desired award, such as DXCC. Double clicking the stations callsign will set off an entire chain of events. First, Commander is signaled to tune the rig to the correct frequency. Then DXKeeper's log entry is populated, which sets off Pathfinder to retrieve all possible information such as address and QSL information, and if you're using DXView, your antenna will turn to the correct bearing to work that station!

Its as easy as a double click to point and shoot at working a dx station. As I've stated in the other reviews, support is second to none, updates and fixes are immediate, and its absolutely free.

FORMER_K6KDK Rating: 2006-04-13
Excellent !! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The greatest thing since Sliced Bread !
It beats the pants off DXmonitor
Worth the trouble to battle the installer, which considering the quality of the software, it is a shame that they don't use a more industry standard and a little more user friendly (ouch!) installer... but the software is just GREAT !!!
W0MN Rating: 2002-04-26
Free spot collector Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This program works with the DXLAB suite to provide the cluster spotting. It works well with Commander to control the radio such as setting it to the spot frequency.
It does lack the ability to handle split frequency spots but this is going to be added.
It has VERY good filtering including the ability to show only unconfirmed entities. I consider that the most important filter for spotting and many progrms do not provide it.