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Reviews: 27MSRP: 665 to $3475
This is a totally new tower system, designed for a multitude of commercial, and Amateur Radio needs where a lightweight, and pre-engineered tower is the requirement for installation. This self supporting tower fits the needs of UHF repeater users and cellular carriers with large antenna loads, to Ham Radio operators who need a tower that can stand up to the torque of big yagi rotors. Towers are available to withstand severe wind and ice conditions, in 70 MPH to 120 MPH exposures.
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N2RJ Rating: 2007-07-10
The best, period and backed by superior service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This year I'm getting serious about my hobby. A tower was definitely on my list. After doing lots of research, I finally settled on a self supporting tower. Between AN Wireless and Trylon, I chose AN Wireless because their towers seemed to be stronger and able to handle more wind load.

Everything from Initial order placement to final delivery was smooth. I sent an email to Dan Simmonds (KK3AN) and he called me the next day to discuss my order. We finalized the same day, I sent the payment and my order went into the build queue.

I also hit an issue with getting a permit, and Dan was pretty helpful. His engineers delivered sealed drawings that made my painful approval process here in Wantage township, NJ into a mere formality. Not only were the drawings up to snuff, but the tower design well exceeded even the strictest of building codes. The building inspector was thoroughly impressed.

The tower materials also seem to be the best in the business - hot dip galvanized AFTER fabrication, so they don't prematurely rust. A minimum of specialized tools are needed to put everything together, just a common socket wrench.

The only thing I must warn you about is that an ANW tower is a serious investment. It's not a cheap CB tower that you can just dig a hole and wheelbarrow concrete to build a foundation. You have to follow the plans given to you with the base, use 4000psi concrete, and it is best to use a crane to lift the tower. The tower and foundation will easily last for years.

You can also order through WX0B, Array solutions, who has accessories such as Pro.Sis.Tel rotors available.
W1AJT Rating: 2007-06-19
Unequaled strength Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
First, let me second the other reviews. I never heard of AN Wireless Towers and was set to buy a “heavy duty” version of another popular brand. Luckily I was speaking with Jay – WX0B at Array Solutions and he told me to take a look at AN Wireless because of my needed height, antenna weight, and antenna wind-load. After doing a thorough investigation I went with AN Wireless. I got mine in “kit” form drove it back from Dan’s place and assembled half of it in my garage over the winter by myself (until I ran out of room). It takes about an hour a section after the first one. The mechanical attributes of the tower are really heavy duty. The installation crew’s leader had the same opinion and has been installing towers and antennas commercially since 1968. They never saw an AN tower and usually recommend the “other” one I was considering. They were really impressed with the total lack of flex and said the other “heavy duty” tower I was considering was like stepping on rubber bands in comparison. At one point there were three full size installers on top with a 50 pound rotor and a 200 plus pound antenna and they were totally comfortable. Assembly instructions are excellent and everything is marked. Dan’s support and communication is as good as it gets. I installed the HD 90 ft. tower among 85 foot trees which is why I needed the height. I use a rock mount kit and it is installed in a granite hill. If you plan on big, heavy, or stacks of antennas, this is the only tower you should even consider.
KH6SH Rating: 2007-04-08
Outstanding Tower--Professional Service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Planning, procuring, constructing and installing an AN Wireless tower was an absolute exceptional experience. Every aspect of the AN Wireless process—from the initial phone call to the company through current tower maintenance—was deliberate, timely and very straightforward.

Procurement: Dan Simmonds (founder) will exceed all your expectations with his customer service. Every phone call and email to Dan was answered very promptly and with detailed information—even when he was traveling abroad. I provided my desired plan for each portion of the tower system—from foundation through mast/antenna loading—and Dan provided his assessment of each segment. Together we worked through different install scenarios and load calculations before selecting the appropriate tower and accessories. Engineering plans and calculations sailed through the local permit process. Crating was meticulous and completed very effectively.

Construction: The tower was shipped unassembled to KH6. The instructions were detailed, and the construction was very easy—I was able to build the HD-70 single-handedly over the course of a few weekends. The attention-to-detail in manufacturing was evident as tower materials fit together with precision, and the time taken to label all parts accurately facilitated a very unproblematic assembly. Crane install was completed in one hour.

Product: The salt air and daily rain at my QTH are brutal to exposed materials. I waited nearly one year before submitting this review—all the hot-dip galvanized materials (which is the entire tower) remain in superb condition. Plates were manufactured for my specific rotor, mast and bearings and the alignment was perfect. This self-standing tower is a very muscular and resilient commercial-grade product.

Overall: I have suffered through too many experiences with companies that redefine the “amateur” in Amateur Radio, and have grown weary of trudging in the mire of excuses and empty promises. Simply put, AN Wireless is professional in every respect. Dan is a polite, genuine person who is sincere in his commitment to the customer. This is a tremendous product, and the company’s outstanding customer service has earned my loyalty.
K0KL Rating: 2006-09-27
Best Tower in the business! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I climbed my tower this afternoon checking things before cold weather set in. I also wanted to look at a place for a side mount. This is one heavy duty tower. I'm one of those full figured guys and the tower stands up to me jumping around very well, hardly moves. Dan is very helpful, gives you realistic schedules, and even sticks to them something novel in this age.
Best tower for any money, best company to do business with. Oh by the way it's a HD-90 with a big Optibeam on top.
W0MU Rating: 2006-04-27
Heavy Duty! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased the HD-70 from AN-Wireless back in October. We raised the tower yesterday with the help of a crane. Total time for the crane was one hour!

I also have a Trylon 56 ft tower and the AN-Wireless tower is much more robust than the Trylon. The HD-70 is much more solid and stable especially when climbing. The step bolts are a real plus I recommend them.

With the AN tower, if you order a 70ft tower you get a tower that is actually 70ft tall. Trylon sections overlap by a foot. The 64ft tower is only 56 ft tall. They send the tower with an 1 3/4 inch mast to reach the claimed height.

I asked for the tower to be shipped knocked down to save on shipping. However I did not realize the amount of time what would be required to build the sections. I doubt I would go this way again but being able to build the tower piece by piece does open up doors for a tower that might not otherwise exsist. This tower can be built piece by piece in the air!

Great product and great support! I would by from Dan again without hesitation.
K0KT Rating: 2006-02-03
High capacity tower Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
After having had my main antennas down for more than 10 years, with the impending move to a new home, I decided that it was time to plan a new antenna system. After forty years of simple wire antennas on 40 and eighty meters, I wanted to fulfill my dream of having some kind of steerable radiator on these bands, plus the other HF bands. My primary constraints were: no guy wires (agreement with the XLY) and to keep within the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum loading (for my own peace-of-mind and to get permission from the county to construct).

In looking at alternatives, I realized that a crank-up tower just would not have the capacity for the kind of antennas that I was considering. I began looking closely at the AN Wireless offerings. From my research, the AN Wireless line of self-supporting towers has, by far, the best Capacity/Price ratio. On top of that I found the support and service to be second to none, relative to any company with which I have ever done business. In the end, I decided to install an HD-70 tower with a 22-foot mast. When the county began to push back on my plans and it was clear that permitting would not be straightforward, I also added plans for a three-element 80-meter vertical array.

Dan Simmonds, president of AN Wireless, and I must have exchanged about 200 emails over the 9-month period that I was planning and constructing. It often seemed like Dan is always sitting in front of his computer to answer questions from his customers!

Some added benefits of working with AN Wireless were that wet-seal plans from an Iowa PE were available at a nominal cost and the base section was shipped early to me via UPS so that we could pour the concrete far in advance of the construction. In addition, when I was time to ship the tower and other stuff that I had ordered, Dan looked at his schedule and offered to deliver everything himself for the same cost as the trucking company (but with much lower risk of damage and delay and perfect arrival predictability so that I could have some helpers on hand to help unload the truck).

I had construction help from my building contractor and climbing and other help from a local ham (KI0Q) who does tower installation/maintenance as part of his business. Everything with construction and erection went about a smoothly as it could.

It is hard to find words strong enough to express my total satisfaction both with both the AN Wireless product and the service that came with it. I recommend AN Wireless products most highly. You can see a bit of the construction story at

You can also spend hours looking at the interesting AN Wireless web pages.
KL1DS Rating: 2005-09-09
Tower review Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased an 80' HD AN Wireless tower package from Dan July 2005. I have nothing but praise for the well engineered product and outstanding service from his company. I feel it is the best of the best. This is a very strong tower and it is flawless in design. I have two big antennas--Optibeam OB 40 and OB 16-5 and AN Wireless met my structural needs for these antennas. Dan is just a nice guy and was very helpful from the very beginning. I would give him and his company my highest rating and would recommend his towers for any application. Bob KL1DS
K3DUA Rating: 2004-10-04
Cooperation with customers 110% Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I wanted a non-guyed tower and chose AN Wireless HD-60 after speaking with Dan and seeing his product at Dayton. His coopperation was above and beyond the call of duty. I had him do several "special" modifications to the tower for my needs and he came through on each requirement. During the process, we emailed back and forth time after time discussing design ideas and questions and answers (over 100 emails each way)---he was always instantly responsive.

At this point I have tower up (no antennas yet) and I can say that I am very happy with the product. If anyone has any questions about my AN Wireless tower experience, feel free to email me at K3DUA@EROLS.COM.
W4RSG Rating: 2004-09-17
Exceptional Product and Service Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I'm not one to read long reviews so here is the bottom line: Exceptional design and construction. Superior quality in every aspect. Service and support beyond expectations. Dan and his tower are the best one could ask for. I give him and his product absolutely the highest marks. I wish all ham radio (and other) purchasing experiences were of his caliber. Words can not adequately describe my most sincere admiration and appreciation.
WA3JGI Rating: 2004-09-07
hd40 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
well Dans Towers are well beyond great not only does he help he really helps heavy duty well i got a heavy duty 40 foot ill never worry about thunderstorms again antennas may fail but a AN wireles won't fail i live on Kent island in the chesapeake lots of wind thanks dan , carroll wa3jgi