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Reviews: 27MSRP: 665 to $3475
This is a totally new tower system, designed for a multitude of commercial, and Amateur Radio needs where a lightweight, and pre-engineered tower is the requirement for installation. This self supporting tower fits the needs of UHF repeater users and cellular carriers with large antenna loads, to Ham Radio operators who need a tower that can stand up to the torque of big yagi rotors. Towers are available to withstand severe wind and ice conditions, in 70 MPH to 120 MPH exposures.
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WB1S Rating: 2004-07-29
A great product ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The AN Wireless tower caught my eye at the 2002 Boxboro hamvention. Dan Simmons the principle of AN Wireless was at the booth with a section of the tower. I was able to look it over and discuss its design properties with Dan. I decided that this is a good sturdy steel tower and it might be a candidate for my new QTH. I’ve always gravitated to self-supporting towers for the esthetics. Having used Rohn SSV in another location the bar was set high for this new installation.
Dan is one of the most competent and gracious vendors I have dealt with in any business line. He was helpful from design through delivery and often checked to see if I needed any help or guidance. I was able to get a building permit very easily with the professional prints and analysis documents provided by AN Wireless and their engineers. During the construction Dan answered emails and phone calls immediately and always cheerfully. The product itself proved to be very nice and went together without any trouble. All bolts washers and nuts were supplied and the holes all lined up very nicely. By the way – Dan himself delivered the tower and delivery was on time and as quoted. (Somewhat rare these days). I highly recommend AN Wireless Tower products and service.
NE4CW Rating: 2004-07-27
Top Quality Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I sold my Glen Martin tower for a stronger, better tower. AN Wireless Towers are top quality. Dan the owner is all about customer service and will go out of his way to make sure you are completely satisfied. I purchased the LD-70 and am totally satisfied with the quality of the structure, very strong.
K3DNE Rating: 2004-06-22
Excellent products and service! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
After many months of research into a new tower, I finally decided on the AN Wireless HD60. The main purpose of a new tower was to get rid of my existing Rohn 25G and guy wires from my back yard. Dan (KK3AN) the owner of AN Wireless was extremely helpful in the entire process including personal delivery of the tower, mast, rotor and accessories and he was on site and helped with the tower work on the day the tower went up! All my numerous questions via email and phone were answered promptly and professionally. The tower now supports antennas from 1.8MHz thru 3456MHz the vhf-uhf-microwave array is rather large (>30 sq.ft.) and the tower has handled the load well so far. My compliments to AN Wireless for providing an excellent product and service.
AA6NP Rating: 2004-03-30
OUTSTANDING! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I shopped long and hard for a heavy-duty freestanding tower and finally settled on the AN Wireless HD-70. The tower is up and I don't think I could possibly be more satisfied. This is an awesome product that is priced well, delivered on-time, and backed with superb customer support. I must have peppered Dan (the AN Wireless owner) with a hundred questions and he answered each one, QUICKLY! From a ridiculous County permitting process, to getting this tower up in a difficult mountainous location, Dan really helped make it all happen. Too bad E-Ham reviews only go up to 5...because this is a perfect 10.
NT4I Rating: 2003-03-15
Excellent Product Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I want to first start with the owner, Dan Simmons. He answered all my questions, he is knowledgeable and best of all HONEST! He did not try to push his towers on me as he let me decide what was best for me. I decided that the 70’ light duty with 34 square feet of wind was best for me. Who needs more that 34 sq. feet of wind load? Going forward, Dan offered to deliver the tower to me for a minimal charge and upon delivery stayed until I was fully educated on how to put the tower together. Upon assembly, all piece were there as well as extras. Assemble was a breeze with a clear and concise instruction manual. I hired a crane to come in and stood the tower up in one swift lift. Everything went fine without a hitch. My only regret is that I didn’t order the 100’ model instead of the 70’. Best of all, there was no long lead time as with other tower manufactures that need 12 weeks to deliver. Best tower company I have ever dealt with!
WZ7I Rating: 2003-01-18
A Beautiful Tower! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Today Dan Simmonds delivered a new AN Wireless tower to my house. I am very pleased with the purchase. Everything about the tower and the transaction exceeded my expectations. Dan was helpful during my permit preparation. I was impressed with him.

I used a Trylon for several years at my previous QTH and it was worth every penny I spent on it. But I wanted a tower with greater capacity here and this new one will certainly fulfill my needs.

I would be willing to answer any questions by e-mail.

Wes, WZ7I
N0FGK Rating: 2002-07-30
Excellent product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Finished putting together my 50ft. AN Wireless HD tower this weekend. This is very robust tower and is well designed. It should handle the kinds of winds that come thru here(Northern Colorado) with no problem. I went with a free-standing tower for various reasons, asthectics, lets me keep growing my oat crop around it. I can not say enough about the help, support and general coduct of the owner of AN Wireless, Dan Simmonds. I had lots of questions and needed additional documentation for the permit dept. in my county and Dan provided everything I asked for. I recommend this tower for those looking for an all steel free-standing tower. The price is competative. Now we'll see how the other goodies work(F12XR5,EF606) when I hang them in the air next month...:)