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Reviews For: Bearcat BC-9000XLT

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Review Summary For : Bearcat BC-9000XLT
Reviews: 2MSRP: $300
500 channel base mobile scanner
Product is in production
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VR2XMQ Rating: 2008-02-25
Great, now if they had SSB! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The previous reviewer pretty much covered it. Mine has been serving in the shack for many years and it's just great.

I only wished it also had SSB, then it would be fantastic.

Steve, VR2XMQ / VR10XMQ
NRDMAN Rating: 2002-04-22
Not bad, just a few changes would have made it great! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Several years ago, Uniden/Bearcat came out with the truly awful BC-8500XLT. It was, IMO, about the worst base scanner ever made! To their credit, Uniden came back with the BC-9000xlt, a radio that looks just like the 8500, is a totally different design, and it fixes most of the major problems it had.

As usual, it's simple to program frequencies, but the alpha tags are a hassle to enter, and for some reason, you can only tag HALF of the 500 channels. ???

It scans very fast, and is pretty sensitive, but my modified and peaked 2004 beats it in every catagory but speed.

1. Easy to use.
2.Lots of audio power.
3.Alpha tags (only 250 channels though!)
4. Scans really fast.
5. Metal case.


1.There are a couple of regulator IC's in it that have no heat sinks, and run too hot to touch. I added heat sinks and have had zero problems, a friends had one of the IC's die about a year after he got his.
2. Noisy synthesizer, weak signals that can be clearly heard on almost any othe decent handheld or base scanner cannot be understood due to grunge that seems to mix with it. FM capture effect when bands are open and two or more signals are being picked up is a joke. Other radios, switched back and forth on the same antenna work well enough to grab the loudest signal well enough that you can understand it. The 9000 just kind of mixes them all together into a mess. It's not horrible, but nowhere close to a Pro-2004-5-6.
3. Lousy internal speaker, an external sounds much better.
4. Intermod problems, mostly from TV stations, but a local PD transmitter, the strongest signal at my house I have measured, makes the 9000 stop scanning or searching, and a very unpleasant "rrrrrrrrrr!!" comes out of it for as long as it's keyed up.
5. Data skip feature skips transmissions with weaker modulation. It never fails it's something good when it does!
6. Lots of "slop" in the function of the squelch.

This isn't a bad scanner, it was close to being great. Just a little better reciever would have done it. It looks like Uniden got it right with the 780.