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Reviews For: Yaesu VX-7R

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : Yaesu VX-7R
Reviews: 290MSRP: 369.00
Quad band Hand held Xcvr
Product is in production
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W5KVV Rating: 2022-06-24
TOUGH little HT Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I received my 7R as a gift from a new next door neighbor of all sources. Upon introductions, he sees my antennas and asks if I'm a ham op. "Yes" He advises he has an old hand held radio in his truck, he hasn't used in years (license lapsed, no interest in the hobby). We walk up to his truck and he drags a beat to death VX7R out of the bed mounted TOOL BOX! He said he couldn't remember the last time it was powered up. No charger, dead battery and looking like death. Thank God the antenna was in good shape (miraculously). I had little faith it would come back to life. A cheap battery & charger were worth the chance.

Long story short, this HT has spent YEARS rolling around in his tool box, getting beat up by chains, jumper cables, sockets, wrenches etc. To my surprise, the rig is in PERFECT operating condition. I put it on the service monitor to check power and freq error:
2M: 4.78 watts 26Hz freq error
70cm: 4.65 watts 43Hz freq error
6M: 5.32 watts 38Hz freq error.

Folks, I must say, that's impressive for a Yaesu new out of the box, let alone one that has seen a rough life. Needless to say I'm blown away by this little radio. Serial # decodes to a build date of 10-2002, very early production unit.

Menu is archaic, as with most Yaesu equipment of the era. RT Systems software solves this issue quick fast & in a hurry.

After initial testing, I disassembled the rig and cleaned it inside & out. Internally the radio looked like new. I cleaned up the case, keypad and polished the display lens. It still has battle scars, but did clean up nicely.
VK2CRB Rating: 2019-08-18
Brilliant Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased 2 units B3 export in Sim Lim Tower Singapore back in June 2004. Yes, has been a long while. I then got the software to liberate the whole lot.
Yes, I give it a 5 despite I have to agree that the menu is Byzantine, as someone else has said. But I consider that the radio is awesome in all aspects.
I took them to be tested with very expensive Rhode & Schwarz equipment (by courtesy of friends looking after Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio and TV) and what can I say..............Yaesu is Yaesu. Yes I am biased as I am a Yaesu person somehow.
I speak a few languages and internally I run out of words with the menu.........he,he, but the radio performance is there and so complete.
I have not used them for a while and refuse to sell them. As the digital world is so dismantled with so many standards, long live to analgue.
AC6DN Rating: 2017-01-18
Mine is better than 2003 review Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My VX-7RB, is better than the one from my original 2003 review...

Many of my comments, before about changing the button layout and such still holds true...

So about a year ago (2015) I bought a used VX-7RB. This one is much-much better than the one I reviewed in 2003. Generally I am happy with this one...

However there are some problems:
-- I have a hard time reading the display - seems there is a contrast problem (even with it adjusted).
-- The DCS is heard in the receiving radios speaker (DPL Dev is too high).
-- If the SMA gets damaged, the whole rear panel has to be replaced, not just the connector? It cost me about $150 to get my VX7 repaired (bought damaged off ebay unknown to me at the time).
-- At higher volumes the speaker distorts.
-- In the duel receive mode, the code squelch doesn't exactly work.
-- Lastly the EPCS (Enhanced Paging & Code Squelch), is not supported (other radios made in this time frame had it)...

Generally I am happy with my purchase.
It was quite a learning curve to have an identical looking keypad and nothing was the same. What the...

N9ZL Rating: 2016-10-01
Every time I turn it on I remember why I hate it Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This radio has the most awful user interface of any radio I've ever owned. And I've owned a lot of them.

Every single time I try to use it I have to resort to Google or reading the manual to even figure out how to get into the byzantine menu system (MONF, Set. Why not MENU?). There are no hints on the front panel how it is supposed to work. Even simple things like changing the CTCSS is an exercise in aggravation. And that's really a shame, because the radio has awesome frequency coverage, and it is a nice small size.

The radio has no squelch knob, despite having two rotary knobs on top. To adjust the squelch, you have to hit MONF, press the button on the side, use the main and sub buttons to go up and down, and then PTT to save it. None of these buttons are labeled for this function.

To change CTCSS you press MONF, 8 Tone, spin the knob until you get to #2 tone set menu, press Band to be able to change it (WHY? Why not just use Main/Sub directly like everywhere else?!?!?!), then use Main Sub to change the tone, press band again, then PTT to save. Why not just Function, tone, spin the knob, done? ARRRGH!

There's no hope for using the radio's more complicated functions on the fly. The radio is useless without the manual in your pocket.
YD6IBM Rating: 2016-07-31
poor components quality Time Owned: more than 12 months.
first problem, within 2 years the receiver on both band gone deaf. problems solved after repalcing both filter on main and sub band. it cost me $10 for 2 filters & diy replacement.

second problem just occured, the freq. display's blinking. completely no rx/tx capability.
got the same issue from other forum which said that the problem comes from the pll unlocked.

still figure out how to solve this since service center is the last option due to some reasons.

RAINS Rating: 2016-02-27
It's just not a good radio. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I use my HT a lot and I had a vx-7r for a couple of years. I would rather use a $30 Uv-5r than a $300 vx-7r. Just stay away unless you can pick one up for $100bucks or are given a vx-7r don't buy one.

cons. Expensive, even used, super-super "bad" belt clip, gets really hot, too hard to adjust settings, poor quality RX/TX audio.

Pros, can work as a scanner too, Nice wide RX range. Small size, metal case. Tough as hell and waterproof!

I have had lots of handhelds but this one has been the worst.

Earlier 4-star review posted by RAINS on 2009-09-03

The good-very wide RX, doubles as a scanner
-water proof, I have majorly spilled on in with no ill effects.
-tough metal case that helps keep the insides cool. I have also majorly dropped the radio with no ill effects!
-easy to use most basic functions

The Bad-It takes some time to learn how to use.(no biggie)
-Now this is the big one! YAESU THE BELT CLIP STINKS! Get rid of it! It's a stupid clip swivel deal that comes flying off if you take it hiking or put a longer than stock antenna on it! The clip also makes holding the radio awkward. It's just horrible. Think I may try to macgyver it with epoxy or something.

It really is a great radio though. With a diamond SRH77CA long rubber duck I've gotten 70+ miles on 2.5w and 130+ miles on 5w. Great choice for the outdoors man.
N0RRS Rating: 2015-10-30
An honest review Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had two of these radios. My first was the silver version, the second was the black version. The silver version was used heavily as my main HT. I would take it with me everywhere. I had it for about 7 years before I sold it. The only difference between the silver and black was that darn silver paint. It tended to flake off. The black has gave me no problems. Here is my opinion of the radio:

Military style
Rugged and sturdy
Capable of dual VFO and split
It covers 2m/440, 6m and even the 220 bands
It is an AWESOME wide band receiver for scanner use. Also capable of FM broadcast and WX receive
It can withstand brief dunking if submersed

Silver version paint flakes off the case
Terrible belt clip design
Short battery life if not in "save" mode
No squelch knob, must use the menu to set
Menu is too intensive, far too many features
Each button does 3 functions, hard to memorize
Easily distorted audio if strong signal
Wall charger is HUGE, rapid desk charger EXPENSIVE
WIRES button is way too easy to get pushed and a real pain to figure out how to disable

If you can live with the negatives it is a pretty good radio overall, and makes a good scanner if you don't need a P25 digital capable scanner. I used mine for a scanner until my local cops with all P25 digital. Now I have sold both of mine and use the FT-60R which is a dream of simplicity.
N9LCD Rating: 2015-08-07
GREAT FOR THE AIR BANDS AT ORD! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Nothing like using the VX-7R to monitor Clearance PTC-South; Chicago Center; or D-ATIS while at ORD Departure. Just last week heard "Hey, how're you listening to us" from an AA four-striper. They can't believe something something the size of the VX-7R can cover the VHF & UHF air bands.

I had the screw & washer holding the cover on the "EXT DC" jack come loose several times. Used a couple of drops of the XYL's nail polish as "Thread Lock".

Wish the memory labels or tags were longer. Seven characters is too short for anything other than repeater & amateur call signs.

The built-in clock keeps poor time (runs slow) and is almost impossible to set
VK4FIAT Rating: 2014-12-08
Wide coverage, good for emergency communication Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I know a lot of reviews negative about the VX7R, but on my expirience this HT saves the day.
I got this second hand, un moded, after I do the wideband mods, I started to use it at work. I am working on an Airline company as an Avionics Engineer, sometimes I do riding on brakes from hangar to the airport bay's.
One afternoon during tow From hangar to the allocated bay,, the Auxiliary power unit failed (APU supplying bleed air/ air conditioning and electricity to the aircraft), while we are on hold short taxi way H3, awaiting clearance from the tower to cross runway, since aircraft on tow is the last priority, I need to turn off my battery to prevent it from discharging. Prior to turn it off I call the tug that I'm turning off the battery, intercom won't work, so I advised him to standby on the company frequency.
Since Yaesu VX7R is dual receive, I can still monitor The Tower(awareness for aircraft movements on airside) while at the same time monitoring on the company frequency. My VX7 did its job, modulation was not a problem, receiving was loud and clear + I attached the Flight crew headset (using CT91) headset adaptor for David Clark headset and put to Vox on level 5. Thanks for the Yaesu company, VX7 saves the day. Yes it did transmit on airband as my company frequency is using airband. Highly recommended. I know from the start I had a lot of finger trouble(part of my learning curve). So far so good, loving it.
VK3FMJA Rating: 2014-02-20
MASTERPIECE Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This is my FIRST handheld radio and I have no complains. The specs of this radio and capabilty is unbelievable. This radio is built to last... The price is a bit dear but its worth paying for.