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Reviews For: Force 12 C19XR

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : Force 12 C19XR
Reviews: 5MSRP: 1999
The Force 12 C19XR is a 11 element high performance 3-bander
Product is in production
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2M0MOK Rating: 2016-02-03
Force 12 c-19xr Antenna Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Best antenna I have ever worked with,it's a keeper!
Can recommend this one, no coils to worry about ect.
Really pleased with performance.
My Force 12 is on a 12m crank over tower in the back garden,because of my location wind is a big problem but even when the tower is only at 4m it still performs fantastic!
There is pictures on my QRZ page (2M0MOK) have a look and pop into my log book with 50w from my station.

OLDFART13 Rating: 2008-12-12
Simply the best. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Force 12 makes the best antennas. No waiting for the elements to lengthen or adjust. Instant bandswitctching. Great VSWR and Gain across the entire band without waiting.
KB4QLZ Rating: 2002-07-30
Awesome! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I’ve had my Force 12 C-19XR up for 2 weeks now. This antenna is amazing. First of all, construction of this beam is very easy, and quick. No traps to fool with!!! Bandwidth exceeds the manual reference. The mast/boom bracket is neat! The antenna loads up fine on 12 and 17 with the help of an antenna tuner.

Now for the performance report. The very first station that I worked was a DX station in Poland. My report was 5/9+20. I was the strongest signal from the states that he had heard all day! I was impressed! I loaded it up on 17 meters, I went up and down the band answering CQ DX calls, and was acknowledged with my first call, each and every time. Most of the stations that I worked commented on the strength of my signal.

Bottom line is that this antenna has exceeded all of my expectations. It’s worth every penny of its price that I paid for it. Photos of this antenna are on my web site at

Mark – KB4QLZ Hickory, NC
AA4VX Rating: 2000-12-09
Absolutely I would recommend this antenna and Force 12 support. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
After a long absence from Amateur Radio, I decided to get on the air. I did a great deal of research and after speaking to Mike Crawford of ANTENNAS PLUS, INC. WA2VUN who not only was the force 12 distributor, but also was one of the few installers in the NorthEast. I had the C19 XR ordered and after several months, the antenna came in and Mike installed it with a great deal of other new antennas, hardware, etc. on the tower. The tower is a 37' Telex crank up and the antenna was installed on a 20' section of 2" chrome molly mast using a TX2 rotor. I cannot say enough about how well it works. The first day operating it, as I swung it in a circle, I worked Canada, England, Puerto Rico, and California! It has been absolutely phenomenal for me. The only problem I had was unfortunately, the antenna tuner in my Yaesu FT 1000 Mark V which was brand new was defective. Mike was on vacation and when I contacted Force 12 in California, the owner got on the phone and spent 20 minutes with me and the conclusion using a Smith chart that was happening was impossible for it to be a problem with the antenna as the antenna had to be working, and something had to be wrong with my radio. Unfortunately, when I tested it, into a dummy load, it was the antenna tuner in the radio that was creating the problem. Therefore, If you are considering this antenna, I would not hesitate to highly recommend it and if you need an antenna installer in the Northeast, certainly call Mike Crawford, who certainly has the expertise for a turnkey installation for someone like myself, who used to be "hands on" but due to an injury, I no longer can work on antenna systems in the air. Gene
N5NA Rating: 1999-11-23
Easy assembly, great reports! Time Owned: unknown months.
When I recently moved to OK I decided to look into replacing my old TA33M-WARC which I had used at two previous locations. I had seen Force-12 ads and took a look at the models available. I had about decided on the C-19XR when I went to Hamcom in June and visited the Force-12 booth. After talking with Tom, N6BT, I was sold and placed my order right then and there. I haven't regretted it. As the reviews for other Force-12 antennas have indicated, assembly was a snap. Each element was bundled together and well marked. The riveting was a breeze. Everything went together perfectly. The antenna is installed on an US Tower MAB550MDP crankup which I keep at about 35'. It works great! In the 4 weeks it has been up I have used it in SS CW & SSB as well as working all the DX I can hear. While I can't make a direct comparison between it and my old TA33 I've never received such good reports in the past!