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Reviews For: ICOM IC-207H

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-207H
Reviews: 46MSRP: 299.99
mobile dual band radio
Product is not in production
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YD3EFC Rating: 2006-04-01
Big problem with interference Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Big problem with interference.
Especially if you have antenna tower 25 meters above ground.

Ong Hongky
KB4OEW Rating: 2006-03-01
Great radio for the price I paid Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have had this radio for a year now with no problems at all. I bought it used, but it was new in the box with seperation cable and acc. I use it in my 2004 Ford Ranger with the head mounted on a small pedalstal and the main unit mounted on the rear of the console. Easy to get to for programming with my laptop. The audio is good but as others have said, an external speaker is better. I use it with a Larsen dual band ant. and have no trouble accessing repeaters 60 miles away on high power. Never have had an intermode problem or the "ptt" problem. I would recommend it as a good radio. Sure beats my Yaseu 2600 that erased the memory channels everytime I transmitted on high power.
KB1FXK Rating: 2005-09-22
A nice dual bander for the money Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I bought this rig new,just got it not too long ago,so far so good.I have yet to have any real big problems with,and I don'tplan on havin any soon.I gave this rating to this rig because of it's features and price and realiability.Another reason is the reputation of Icom,seein as I previously owned a 2100 mobile rig 2m fm.That was also as good.
K9ARO Rating: 2005-07-09
GOOD DUAL BAND Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this IC-207H when they first came out on the market (about mid to later part of 1997) and the SN is a 4 digit # with a bunch of 0's in front of it. I still have it and it has been in my 4X4 the whole time and is still working. The first time I used it the mic was to hot and everyone said all they could hear was road,wind, and engine noise and not me. I got hold of a GE commercial noise canceling mic and wired it with the modular plug and it works fine. I have heard that you can put a resister in the mic, but nobody has come forward with the # resister. I keep the stock mic in the glove box incase I need to control or make a phone patch. The PTT switch broke lose from the board in the mic and that was an easy fix. I have read where the same thing has happened to others and they sent it in for repairs. I made thee repair in less than 5 minutes. The 207 has been a great radio and simple to operate and have had no other problems with it. One thing thou, don't let your battery power get to low because when you key up with low battery, it stay's keyed up and the only way to stop it is to shut the radio off. I give it a 5 and would buy another if needed. 73's Jim- K9ARO
KC4IH Rating: 2005-04-09
Could be better Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had my 207H for almost two years and blew the 2 meter PA when my Larson throught the glass antenna decided to leave the vehicle. Certainly not Icoms fault. I had a few other radios around so I didn't get into the 207 to repair it until recently.
I ordered the VHF PA from Icom for about $70 then opened the radio up. Everything inside the case had to be removed to install the PA. Still I got the job done within an hour and a half. Anyone who tries this needs to know that the SO-239 has to be unsoldered from the circuit board in 3 places and there are a lot of screws, four of which actually hold the VHF and UHF PAs in place against the heatsink/case have to be removed through holes in the circuit board. If it feels like the board won't come out then you have somthing still holding it. he back of the board will raise up then pull it back to remove. The connections for the removeable head go through the front part of the case so be careful to not force anything or you will be buying more than a PA. I was really surprised to find that no heat shink compound was used to mate the surfaces, just metal to metal which disturbed me. I E-mailed Icom and asked if this was normal but have received no answer so far. When installing the PA I put a small bead of heat sink compound on both PAs, not enough to squeeze out but enough to help transfer the heat. The inner surface of the case/heat sink is rough so a little help in transfering the heat is needed or at least that is the way I feel. Don't use much, just enough to add some conductivity since the PAs are above the circuit board and excess compound will drip on the board if to much is applied.

The failed PA is not why I rate the radio as a 3. As many have said the radio does suffer from intermod problems. I think we would all be happier if the front ends were ham band only which would reduce this problem. The darn knobs and buttons are way to small for my fingers and programming could be easier. I have a Yaesu 2800 2 meter rig that Icom could learn a lot from. The easiest radio to program I have ever seen and the controls are larger as well as the display. Everything is going to micro sizing and I simply don't like it, even digital cameras are getting so small that anyone with large hand feel like they are handling a toy.

As far as use, except for the intermod, I like the radio. Very sensitive RX and plenty of power out. I do like the 4 power levels and the ability to remote the head.
M0AFJ Rating: 2005-02-22
Dreadful Receiver Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This has to be the worst, go anywhere with a pager transmitter and the rig is unuseable, its even to light to use as a door stop!.
In Eu don't touch it.
KC0IVO Rating: 2005-02-21
great radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is a great radio. i've had this for many years. I have never had any problems with it. The radio is under my drivers seat with the remote mount sitting ontop of my stearing wheel. I have never had any heat problems or with the mike.

WB0EZR Rating: 2005-02-07
Overall good rig Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The 207 has been my mobile rig for the past 5 years, riding along in my SUV. The control head/face rests on my console and the rig is mounted under a rear seat. I use it daily and have been very satisfied with its operation and reliability. I have experienced some intermod in the vicinity of certain towers. Most of my operation is suburban, however I have used the rig in urban areas without an intermod problem.

The 207 replaced a rig with similar specs from another mfr. That rig was very unreliable and spent more time undergoing warranty repairs than in operation! The 207 has never failed me.

I also have the accessory software and cable that allows me to save memories and other programmed options. In my ham family two of my sons and another friend also have 207s.
K0KN Rating: 2005-02-06
Fantastic Radio! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned my IC-207 since 1998 or 1999, shortly after it was introduced.

I have used this radio mobile and in the shack. It's been used for simplex, repeaters, packet, even FM satellites!

My Icom 207 was the rig I used when I made a voice contact with Valery Korzun aboard the International Space Station! The 50 watts output on 2 meters made sure my signal made it to outer space. Believe me, it did - and I have the QSL card to prove it!

I always get good signal reports when using the rig, and the remote control mic is the best I've ever used. You can adjust volume, squelch, just about every feature from the mic! The remote mountable head is a great feature also.

If you own a 207, or are thinking about buying one, please join us at the Icom 207 group on Yahoo at
The IC-207 group is free, and we would love to have you as a member.

In summary, the 207 is a wonderful radio that is affordable and durable. You won't be disappointed by this rig.


Kyle Yoksh
KG6EJT Rating: 2005-02-06
No Problems Here Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Even though I've had this radio a short time, I've really tried to put it through its paces to see if any of the problems noted in other hams' reviews crop us. So far, zero problems with intermod and no audio problems. I was expecting some intermod as I live below one of the main mountain-top antenna farms in S. Cal (Oat Mt.) and other double conversion radios I have owned have sometimes had some problems with pager IMD. I've heard none and I am running the rig into a discone mounted in the attic.

So far, it is only a base rig, but I plan to also use it mobile.

Very impressed so far.