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Review Summary For : N4PY Pegasus Plus Software
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Control Program for the Ten-Tec Pegasus and Jupiter Radio
Product is in production
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VE3TMT Rating: 2018-06-27
The cats meow! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After my PROIII bit the dust I made a deal for a mint Ten-Tec Pegasus. I used the Ten-Tec software, then stumbled across Carl's Pegasus Plus. What an amazing piece of software. While I was learning the ropes, I emailed Carl several times with questions. Carl always replied promptly and answered all my questions. In fact, had I read the manual from front to back, I probably would have answered half my own questions, sorry Carl!

My last endeavour involved setting up SDR Console as a panadapter and 2nd receiver. Again, thanks to Carl's expert directions I had it up and going in no time. I did have to do the RX antenna mod on the Pegasus, but that is very easy. I know run the Pegasus Plus on one monitor and SDR Console on the other with real time panadapter SDR receive.

I know the Pegasus is old technology, but Carl's software really brings it to life. I do not hesitate the purchase one bit, the support you receive from Carl is worth it alone.

KT9O Rating: 2017-08-16
Ups the anti for razzle dazzle Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Been using Carl's software with the Kenwood TS 590SG along with a Flex 1500 as a second receiver. The set up is controlled using Flex Power SDR software which interacts flawlessly with the Pegasus Plus from N4PY. Everything is well behaved and my 32" monitor gives a display that is unmatched with any other arrangement. Pan adapter, big digital readouts, on-board antenna tuning control, on and on. So, you've got the license, the radios and antennas, NOW get the look you want. N4PY makes all of this possible!
KB3BF Rating: 2017-08-02
outstanding software, well coded! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I own three Kachina 505DSPs and N4PY software is far superior to the almost two decade old software that Kachina provided and which no longer is updated or supported.
N4PY fees are very reasonable and he does not charge extra per installation; as 1 Aug 2017 he has lumped all of his software for other rigs under the same license and fee. Too bad I just missed it, but that is ok since I now can run my 505DSPs on newer PCs or laptops. The older Kachina software can only run on 32 bit Windows OS. A huge improvement since I did not like having to use an old PC whose OS is no longer supported.
The fact I could try the software for free for 10 days was also important. It allowed me to get a feel of it and compare it to the original.
He responds promptly and his help and support is superb.
N4PY's software has given new life to my rigs when there was no longer hope of getting any from Kachina.
There is only one thing missing in his software which I got used to: a Smith Chart displaying the TX transmatch readings. Perhaps he will consider adding it in the future. If he did, I would consider purchasing yearly upgrades for as long as I have DSP rigs.
I0JBL Rating: 2016-06-01
I love Carl's software Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It is the first time I write a review of EHAM especially because my English is not very good. I do today to share with the ham community my satisfaction in using Pegasus Plus first and then N4PY ICOM controller. I approached Pegasus Plus more than a year ago to connect the Woodbox TMate 2 with my Flex 6500 and it worked perfectly and immediately. Now, after many months, I bought a ICOM 7300 and the control experience with many software (eg: Logger32 etc.) was really frustrating. Then I said, "Let me try the Carl N4PY control program for Icom". It worked to perfection instantly. I love this man, his ability, the quality of its products and its courtesy. Luciano
W9RPM Rating: 2016-01-11
Excellent in Shack. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Does everything that I needed that I was not able to do with DX4WIN.Real addition to it. And Carl helped me with any question I had. He went above and beyond.
W8UAB Rating: 2015-09-09
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
The N4PY Pegasus Plus softwares functionality just blows me away. Although the GUI is somewhat old school, the features are nothing short of remarkable! Not only matching but adding to the feature set of my Jupiter, this control software will extend my pride in ownership for quite a bit longer than I had anticipated. If you own the Jupiter, you already know how flexible this transceiver proves to be. Now, add N4PY’s software and SHAZAM! It is now a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is way more than a control interface. It has split every hair in the Jupiters’ resident operating system to allow for features and functionality not originally provided nor intended from TenTec. Drastically extended SSB transmit bandwidth, CW ID function, TX Disable (Great for OFF AIR transmit audio tune ups), receive audio muting, unlimited band and frequency hopping, a macro for amp tuning that bumps the frequency up a notch, places the rig in CW, reduces power, sends a pulse and puts everything back to square one when its done. Pure, simple, easy and intuitive. Amazing! The added feature set is well documented, function by function, step by step in the software's documentation. I recently added the TenTec 1208 6m Transverter to my station. Once again, this software takes it to the next level. Perfect, seamless integration. Perfect setup and execution. Thoughtful warnings double checking my awareness of the transverter. The ability to offset the IF starting frequency to perfectly align the transverter with the radios display. Power limiting to make sure I don’t toast my new investment.

Add the 302 Remote Pod from TenTec and you are able to program a long list of options to make this accessory finally worth the investment. Add the Tmate2 from Woodbox and just plug it in. It works right out of the box. No drivers, no monkey business. Want a cool virtual S-meter? Add Bob’s S-meter with a simple additional virtual COM port. Really, this just keeps getting better.

A friend offered me his Flex 5000 recently for a give-a-way price and I turned him down. My investment in and enjoyment of this software with my TenTec Jupiter has yet to lose my interest.

Lastly, but most important is Carl, the developer of the N4PY software. When I had initially started with his 10 day trial demo I was full of questions. Carl responded instantly, professionally and politely. Even more impressive? He takes requests. This is why his software has grown into such a monster. Years of combining his own expertise as well as having an open mind to new features and fixes suggested by real users in the field.

If Carl was running General Motors, Ford or Chrysler, I wouldn’t own a Toyota...
W5NRF Rating: 2015-06-04
Great company Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've been using this with my FTDX-3000 and HDSDR for a year now for computer control. Reliable, easy to use, and Carl helped me set it up even before I made the purchase. I highly recommend the Pegasus Plus to anyone willing to take the time to set it up correctly.

Earlier 5-star review posted by W5NRF on 2014-08-10

I have a Yaesu FTDX-3000 radio, a Softrock RX Ensemble II HF receiver, and an Ultimate USB Deluxe sound card.

Carl helped me d/l the software on a trial basis, then guided me through the setup and operation step by step (by email). This was on a Sunday, and with no expectation of whether I would buy or not!

You can't buy support like that nowadays.
Highly recommend...
N4PY Rating: 2015-05-10
Good Software Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The size of the radio display window can be easily changed to whatever you want. In the "Preferences3" settings window there are Scale parms to set the X and Y coordinate multiplier to make the radio display any size you want.
KD8OPI Rating: 2015-04-11
I wanted to like it. Time Owned: N.A.
I really wanted to like this program. I installed the 7 day trail and spent an hour with it. It was a frustrating hour. I have a K3.

Some background: I have HRD, and I wanted a replacement as I'm not satisfied with the windows it vomits onto my screens full of useless info. Now that it costs money, I wanted to look around and try my options. I found all of the great reviews here for Pegasus Plus; so I downloaded the trial version. I'm glad N4PY has integrity and lets people try before they buy, and from what I read he seems like a stand-up guy.

Anyway, the interface is actually smaller than the panel of my K3, on a 21" monitor with no way to increase its size. This makes the buttons small to see. I was also frustrated with the play of the interface. I would double click on the VFO, and it would clear out, flip my radio to AM mode ans shift my filter. I didn't understand why it would tune down when I clicked on VFO A, nor why it would turn on noise reduction with one click, but I had to click and hold to turn it off. After playing with it for an hour, and trying to read the manual (its really not written well) I gave up. Its not for me. I liked some of the one-click filter settings.

Maybe some the integration features make this worthwhile, I didn't test those.

For K3 owners, I tried Win4K3, and gave it 4/5. Its not perfect either, but it may be more straightforward for us Elecraft folks. None of these are cheap programs. The last free version of HRD, for all of its warts and imperfections really was something special.

AE4JA Rating: 2015-01-06
Excellent! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've been using Carl's software for over three years now, and my collection of radios that it works with keeps growing. I started out with a Pegasus, which the software was originally designed for. It makes the Pegasus twice the radio it is with the factory software. I then purchased an RX-320 to use as a second receiver. A few months after that I came across a deal I couldn't refuse on an Argonaut V and low and behold the Pegasus Plus software works with it too! What makes this package superior, however, is the customer support you get. Like others here have stated, Carl is on top of things, and usually has an answer for your queries before you'd expect him to. He's constantly working on adding new features, and the list of supported hardware just keeps growing daily. Got an idea for a new feature or an improvement to an existing feature? Send it on to Carl and chances are if it's reasonable he'll do his best to implement it. If all amateur related things came wit this kind of service we'd be in hog heaven!