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Review Summary For : Yaesu FC-20
Reviews: 18MSRP: 250
HF-6 Meter Antenna Tuner
Product is in production
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N4MJG Rating: 2023-03-16
Updated March 2023 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
updated: this tuner still kicking since i had it for xmas years ago 2002 i think is the year i had this tuner still performs and works great on my station !! i never wanted to manuel tuner but still planing keep this fc-20 forever !


Still no problem So far is back on my ft 847 after i put it up for less room for other thing is back on th air the FC 20 still works like it should. i use on my homemade 66 ft antenna works well for this tuner ! will not work with ft 89d get ldg tuner instead7

SKCC 7305 SINCE 2005
NAQCC 5233
OMISS 11548
GW1HNG Rating: 2020-11-28
Great Yaesu Tuner. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have now had my FC-20 for about 12 months and have used it with an FT-100, an FT-891 and an FT-897.
In all cases it has worked without any problems allowing me to use my fan dipole on all the HF bands and 6 meters.
This has worked far better than my LDC 200.
KE4LJH Rating: 2020-03-31
FC-20 With Tuning Expansion Service Menue Adjustment Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have owned this tuner for 20 years now. It came with the purchase of the 847 new in 1999. All the previous comments about how quiet and the speed with which this tuner brings the SWR down are right on. I found the menue adjustment for expanding the tuning range to about 7:1, about 400 t0 450 ohms or so. HAS WORKED GREAT for 20 years with this adjustment in the power on service menue.

When combined with a Balun Desighns 4:1 current balun just behined the tuner and combined with 600 ohm parallel line this tuner will tune just about anything. Use a 49:1 unun and use it with half wave end fed wire antennas as well. Cut the end fed wire for 80 meters add a 4:1, 9:1 or 49:1 unun and their is just not much this tuner can't match!

Get the manual and look at the pin-out diagram and the FC-20 will work with any radio. Just match the pinnout diagram to the alternate radio's pinnout diagram, add your new plug that matches the alternate radio and you are in business.

Also have an LDG Auto tuner. I use them both.
The FC-20 IS STILL IN USE! No repairs in twenty years.

Al initial tuning is done at LOW POWER.

The FC-20 is far more versitile than those who have one know.
VK1FH Rating: 2010-07-09
works great with 847 Time Owned: N.A.
i wonder if anyone can tell me if the FC-20 can be used with the FT-897 and if so does it connect with the same cable
KD0KZO Rating: 2010-06-12
good but very limited Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had this tuner briefly with my 100d. works quick and quite but is very limited on tuning 3-1 on hf and 2-1 on 6 meters. bought an ldg after this that does a much better job of tuning.
PY2ONU Rating: 2007-08-16
EXCELLENT! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
The best antenna tunner that y bought, tunners a lot of antenna in all bands (160-6 meters) GREAT GREAT!
MM3PTS Rating: 2006-07-16
Tops again Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've just bought another new FC-20 .One of the radios I use is a Yaesu FT897D and decided to go for this tuner again and it works great .Great that you get two years warranty on it in the UK is also a bonus and the price at some dealers are now more realistic.Beats the FC-30 any time .

Earlier 5-star review posted by MM3PTS on 2005-05-09

I ran the FC20 along with a FT847 .It tuned my half sized G5RV in with no problem and was very quick and quiet ,it tunes as you move bands automatically which I never had to worry about .Bit pricey but an excellent combination
KE5GFJ Rating: 2006-04-27
Yaesu got it right with this tuner. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bought this to use with my Yaesu FT-847. This little tuner will spoil you. It works flawlessly and is so quiet you can forget it's even there. I did the mod to expand the tuning range. It's an easy mod done through the radios' menu settings. The mod gives it the ability to tune antennas with a little higher SWR (more than 3.0:1 and up to 7.0:1). I use it on an inverted "V" for 40 meters and on a tri-band beam for fine tuning at the ends of the bands. You can attach two antennas. The small switch on the front is handy. Great addition to the shack.
NE0P Rating: 2006-03-08
OK but limited Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had one of these tuners briefly with a Yaesu FT100D. The tuner is similar to the internal tuner in many radios, meaning that it is limited in what kind of SWR it can match. If your antenna's SWR is 4:1 or better, it can probably match it. Above that, chances are iffy. It is quick, quiet, and has a switch for 2 different antennas. Plus it is powered by the rig, so no external power cable is needed. There are better external antenna tuners out there for less money, though.
KX5F Rating: 2005-07-11
Outstanding so far Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Needed something for my FT-100D the LDG Z-100 does not cut it for that radio. After looking around I saw the reviews here and took the plunge. Ordered it from Gigaparts on Wed and got it on Friday, hooked it up and it kicks butt. tunes all bands on my cusscraft R-7 and the memory really remembers. Came packed up real good as the outside box looked like someone sit on it, but Gigparts has always packed things very good, one of the reasons I buy from them. anyway will keep using it and report again if needed. 73s Pat kx5f