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Review Summary For : CommCat
Reviews: 34MSRP: 49.95 d/l Demo d/l free
DX/Logging program
Product is in production
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NB5N Rating: 2019-01-26
Great Program! World-Class Tech Support! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
You can get great software and you can get great tech support, but rarely can you get both in the same product. The combination of CommCat and Howard Nurse, CommCat's creater, is that rare exception -- one that shouldn't be overlooked if you are serious about running a highly efficient DX chasing operation. DXing is challenging enough these days with the sunspot cycle at its minimum. You need all the help you can get to add entities to your DXCC list.

CommCat not only offers real-time DX spotting, integrated QSO logging, effortless rig control, and many other tools to enhance your DXing experience, but it ties it all together in a seamless dynamic package that assures a smooth, efficient and exciting operation.

The cost is very reasonable and includes future updates and world class tech support. Regarding tech support, Howard is unequaled, hands down. He responds quickly, works vigorously to resolve issues, and sticks with it until you are up and running. He never gives up. Don't be surprised if you get responses from him at 11:30 at night or early on a Sunday morning.

So, if CommCat is so great, then why would you even need tech support? Honestly, CommCat is a pretty complex suite of interrelated components and requires a bit of setup and configuration to get everything working properly. Trust me, you will want everything working. Each component adds to the excitement that CommCat and Howard promises.

Check out the CommCat demo available at You'll be glad you did. Then get ready for a fun ride. Happy DXing.
K3FGO Rating: 2018-04-30
Excellent program & service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I’ve been using CommCat for 6 yrs after using HRD, Prologger
And several others. The program is intuitive, easy to use, and has everything most DX chasers and award hunters want. More importantly, Howard, W6HN, has gone the extra mile, or marathon, to solve problems. After my computer crashed, backup restored from ext hard drive was missing some elements which Howard, on a Sunday, helped me solve. Other “computer issues” from the crash needed attention, and although not a CommCat software problem, Howard search and persisted to find solutions for me. Outstanding service and he goes beyond expectations to help you resolve issues that can come up outside of CommCat. A+++ is deserved.
M0ZCM Rating: 2016-04-02
Excellent Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I had quite a bit of dialogue with Howard in 2015 whilst helping him by doing dome Beta testing.
Howard is totally dedicated to his product and his customer service is beyond compare. I have now moved over from HRD and use his software exclusively for all of my logging.
You will not be disappointed if you use Commcat and if you do have issues, it's reassuring to know that Howard has your back.
M0SDB Rating: 2016-02-20
Great software, even better support Time Owned: more than 12 months.
When I first started out I was looking for an all in one rig control, logging and spotting package. HRD was the obvious choice but it was too pricey for me and I didn't like the fact that some upgrades were charged for.

I stumbled across CommCat and gave it a whirl and quickly realised that it was the package for me. $50 gets you a lifetime of updates to an already superb, mature package.

It logs well, with your rig configured it also automatically logs the mode, frequency etc, the DX spots work well and it also interfaces beautifully with DX Atlas and associated software.

See a spot you're interested in, right click and then select HamCap and assuming you have HamCap installed and running you get a real-time propagation prediction with MUF's etc. It will also show the other station's QTH on DX Atlas and has a built in browser so will bring up the QRZ page for the station also.

There's a bunch of other functions also - audio spectrum analyser for eg, one click submission to eqSL etc - and all in all it does pretty much everything you could ask for.

One area it lags behind HRD is the lack of in-built digimodes but given the overall presentation and features I can overlook that.

As for the support, what can I say, Howard offers some of the best software support I have come across. I'm in the UK and I have never had to wait more than a few hours for Howard to get back to me. On one occasion I was struggling with the QRZ look-up and Howard and I had a pretty much real-time chat via email and he spent a good 2-3 hours helping me out until it was resolved.

Get a new callsign? Email Howard asking for a revised license key and you'll get a response within the day.

Great software backed by first class support and all for $50. Simply cannot go wrong...
NK2W Rating: 2015-04-14
Superb implementation and execution and even better support! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It would be nearly impossible to deliver a comprehensive review of this software, owing to its incredible depth and coverage of just about anything the average ham could or would want or need. And while not a contesting log, it surely delivers everything else I was searching for.

There were a few issues when first trying to install-run the program with my rig (a Kenwood TS-990S), but Howard, the author, worked closely with me via email to resolve every issue. And this is what REALLY shines! Howard's patience and expertise is phenomenal, and he quickly solved the problem of the software not recognizing the rig; it was a simple handshaking issue.

From there, all I can say is that I found nothing I wanted missing, and so much stacked into the program that there was literally something for everyone. So much in fact, that I did not make use of a great deal of available data, although it was good to know it was there if needed.

The best part is that despite activating virtually all the available options for testing, the program continued to hum and I noticed no 'hiccups' or slowdown of any kind.

Two-way rig control is superb: changes made at the rig are instantly reflected in the log - and vice-versa. And there are myriad ways to control the rig from the software, too.

Another terrific feature worth mentioning is the incredible nearly 400-page color manual Howard provides in PDF format. I printed it double-sided using my inkjet, and having the good fortune to possess a binding machine bound it in a spiral binder, for one of the most complete and detailed reference and instruction manuals I've ever received with a product. Using this manual and its nearly endless drawings and charts, learning and configuring the software was a snap.

If you're searching for an all-inclusive logging program, look no further.

And if you need help, be assured that it's a simple email away. You can't go wrong with CommCat.
ZL3HA Rating: 2015-03-07
Three years on - still fantastic Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I can't believe its been over 3 years since I first discovered Commcat. During this time I've added a variety of accessories to the station and each has been fully integrated into the way I use Commcat and Commcat Mobile thanks to outstanding and on going behind the scenes development and support from Howard. From time to time I would do something stupid but within minutes or hours a solution would be forthcoming from Howard. His support cannot be faulted and is superior to that offered by any large commercial vendor I deal with professionally.

The implementation of the integrated Virtual Port manager and VOiP for the Free iPhone mobile App are two examples of how this package has matured to include the best features possible for a functional and user friendly Ham Station software suite.

Try it - you will not regret it.

Grant VK2LX (see for my Commcat Live page)
previous call ZL3HA

Earlier 5-star review posted by ZL3HA on 2012-01-07

I dont normally offer an opinion on software or hardware until I've used it extensively for a period of 6 months or more - and I will update this review at that point. However I'm compelled to write this to urge anyone who is currently looking at Logging software to check out CommCat. Its extensive feature set and the support provided by Howard and the user community are second to none.

I've used logging and various station control software since the early 90's and this has been the best experience by far!
Grant, ZL3JG/ZL3HA
K2JF Rating: 2014-09-21
Here I am again Time Owned: more than 12 months.
As you can see I wrote my last review about 8 months ago. And just got back on the air recently after an issue with the board of directors of my NYC co op apartment building. Antenna had to come down while they resurfaced the roof. The work is done but now they're debating whether to allow me back up there again (at 100'). I set up a nice compromise antenna in the tiny courtyard outside the back of the apartment and am back on the air. And back to using CommCat. What do I love about it? Other than the logging function I've come to enjoy the DX spotting window and how easy it is to filter for the spots I want. And then the Band Spotter is also visible in the same window where I can see where the signals are graphically. And sending spots is a snap and seeing them appear right away is fun. As I told Howard, I'm enjoying using CommCat as much as I enjoy operating.
K5HSV Rating: 2013-09-20
The Best Working Program Out There Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've used HRD since Simon owned the company but after installing the latest version HRD 6.1 on my Windows 8 (64 bit) machine and trying to work out all of the bugs.. I gave Commcat 4.0 a try. Right out of the install, everything worked flawlessly with my Windows 8 system. The setup wizard made it a snap to get my rig setup. I tried the 30 day trial version to see how it worked for me. The price was right for me and I was lucky enough to get it when it was a reduced price. It would be nice if all of the functions worked on the demo edition such as automatic refresh of the DX Spot Manager and LOTW importing. The Kenwood, TS-590s responds seamlessly using a USB cable for controlling it. I should have listened to everyone here and made the purchase months ago. There's a lot of different aspects of this logging / radio control program that I am still learning. Thanks for building a program that actually works flawless. I don't mind paying for a product that works!!! Good By Ham Radio Deluxe... Hello Commcat 4.0.
EA3IN Rating: 2012-08-07
Great software. Expend sometime to understand how it works Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought CommCat sometime ago just to evaluate Commcat Mobile. It was ok but I didn't adopted Commcat 4 as my logging program.

Now, after a few problems with my current logger program, I decided to give CommCat a chance.

After testing it in depth I finally decided to change because its cool design and set of functionalities.

You need to expend sometime to understand how it works, but its is a great software.

Marcel / EA3IN
K9IUQ Rating: 2012-05-25
A Sleeper Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I had been using Logic 8 logger forever but when I found out Logic got greedy and wanted $90 for the 9.0 UPGRADE I decided it was time to go with a more reasonable priced logger that would not rob me for updates.

I tried every logger that was Free or had a free demo. I wanted one that would enhance DX operating. The only loggers I liked was Commmcat and HRD. HRD 5.2 is still free and is probably the best free logger out there. However at this time it is still missing many thing I had gotten used to having with Logic 8. Enter Commcat.

Commmcat has been around for a long time. This means it is polished. It is well supported and is tuned for the DXer. Pretty easy to figure out and use. If you have any questions shoot Howard W6HN an email. He will hold your hand if necessary and not make you feel like a dummie while doing it.

Try the Commcat Demo for 30 days. You will buy it after finding out all the great features built in. At $50 and free updates FOREVER it is a great investment.