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Reviews: 110MSRP: US70 + $US30 ship if not EU
Glossy photo QSL cards
Product is in production
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N4XP Rating: 2013-04-04
Superior Product Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using Elli Print for about fifteen years for many DX Stations that I manage QSLs for. The quality of the QSL is always supurb, never contains defects and is commercial grade. The process is quick and always involves a proof to make sure no mistakes happen.

Delivery time is reasonable and is at an acceptable cost.

I have visited with Beda numerous times in his print shop and can attest to his committment first hand to provide quality QSL cards of commericial grade at an acceptable cost. His shop and equipment are top notch and his hospitality has always been appreciated.
OE3TWB Rating: 2011-07-27
excellent Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just received my 3 000 qsl cards. The contact with Mr. Sigmund was excellent. We mailed back and forth until the cards looked exactly like i wanted them!

The quality of the cards is much, much better than i had imagined. In addition it only took about 2 weeks for the cards to arrive although the page says up to 4 weeks or so. I will of course order whenever there is need to have Qsl cards and i can recoomend ELLI Print to everyone who needs QSL cards.

Enjoy them!
73s Tom OE3TWB
DL9BCL Rating: 2011-06-15
Very good service! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The QSL Cards are very good, high quality;
no problems with photos ;
very good price;
DL8UCC Rating: 2010-12-12
ELLI Print for ever Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Very good email-contact to complete the layout. The QSLs had been printed quickly and in excellent quality. I am very satisfied.
Helge DL8UCC
GW4GNY Rating: 2010-05-29
The one to choose Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I received a QSL card from GB2SCA, Scarborough Lighthouse Weekend and it really stood out from the rest in terms of print quality.
I decided to check out the printing company before I ordered new cards for myself.
Elli print provided excellent service from start to finish, with a great standard of consultation before the final draft was agreed. The price was very competitive with repeat orders being priced at a very reasonable rate indeed.
I took a photo of the local Welsh countryside, asked for a Welsh flag and RSGB logo to be added (both of which they had readily available) and found some wording about my local area for the back of the card.
I contacted them on a Tuesday. The final draft was agreed on the following Saturday and the 1,000 top quality cards arrived here in the UK just less than 3 weeks later.
I unreservedly recommend this company.
ON4IZ Rating: 2009-12-04
Happy customer Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It's the second time I ordered full color QSLs from Elli. Their reply was fast and precise. The proof was sent within days and the cards arrived within 20 days.Every detail was taken care of and the price (150 Euros for 2000 cards) is more than reasonable.

Earlier 5-star review posted by ON4IZ on 2004-10-30

Sent them 2 photographs via email and received very fast reply and proposals for printing. They suggested a layout but were very keen on taking in my wishes. The parcel arrived within a month and the quality of paper and print is excellent.
HB9CRV Rating: 2009-09-16
As always super printing quality Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Like in the past years ELLI print gave a super and quick service and printed the QSL cards CR2F - CR2N -CR2W in a super quality. We are very suddisfied over all. Until the next time!
Hermann, HB9CRV / CT3FN

Earlier 5-star review posted by HB9CRV on 2009-03-27

Since 2002 Elliprint prints all QSL cards of our various IOTA and lighthouse expedition to the Azores islands, Madeira and Portugal. Quality and service is and was always very good and we will continue to print our QSL cards at Elliprint.
73's CU9D, CU8A, CU8F, CU8T, CU8W, CU7T, CU4F, CU4T, CU1B, CU1F, CU1T, CT1/CT3FN, CT9F and OD5PL, OD5NF
W9IL Rating: 2009-04-28
Great printing quality. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After debating with myself for quite some time about ordering a full color picture QSL card, I realized that my current supply of rather plain looking one-color QSL cards was about exhausted. So, I decided to take the plunge and spend a couple of C-notes on a new design. I looked at a few web sites for QSL printers, both here in the USA and in other countries, and also looked through my large collection of QSL cards and found several actual examples of their full color cards I had received during the past few years. While a few of the printers did excellent work, I found that several of them were not up to my expectations. I wanted a QSL card of the same quality as a good photo print…sharp, bright and true colors, and printed on a good quality stock with slick finishes both front and back. The cards in my collection that were printed by ELLI, as well as a few others, met this requirement.

After checking prices for 2,000 cards from several sources, I decided that ELLI offered one of the better deals, and everything could be handled by e-mail rather than by the Postal Service. Since ELLI is in the Czech Republic and I am in the USA, this was a major factor in their favor. In addition, payment could also be easily made by PayPal rather than through commercial bank transfers.

I picked out the back side of a card that was similar to what I had in mind from their extensive samples on their website. I also picked out the type style and color for my call that would be on the front of the card. I sent them an e-mail with a high-resolution JPEG picture attached for the front of the card and details of changes that I wanted on the back of the card. In a couple of days, I received an e-mail with a proof of the front and back. I made a few more modifications and sent the proofs back. In a couple of more days, I received the proofs back again. This time, everything was perfect, so I placed the order. When I inquired about payment, I was told that I could pay now or pay after the cards were received; it was up to me. Talk about trust! This also told me that they were very confident in their product and that I would be satisfied with their work. Since this was my first order with ELLI, I decided to wait until the shipment arrived before making payment, just to be safe.

In about 3 weeks, the shipment of cards arrived by air mail in a very well packaged box. The cards were in eight tightly wrapped packages of approximately 250 cards each. There was no damage to any of the cards, which attests to their attention to secure packing. The quality of the cards is excellent, and I will definitely order again when I need to resupply my stock.

If you order from ELLI, you won’t be disappointed, as long as you provide them with a high quality photo and keep exchanging proofs until you are satisfied with the layout and contents.
GM4UBJ Rating: 2009-01-25
Quality printers Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought mine via their E-Bay link at an absoloute bargain price, quality cards produced by quality printers. Their communication was excellent and their timescales where exactly as quoted, even through the Christmas rush.
DL9KR Rating: 2009-01-06
Highly recommendable Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Knowledgable partners, friendly service and perfect quality! My friend OK1DFC was right in recommending ELLI Print to me.