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Reviews: 110MSRP: US70 + $US30 ship if not EU
Glossy photo QSL cards
Product is in production
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DL2JWN Rating: 2008-12-28
excellent quality Time Owned: N.A.
yesterday I received a new batch of QSL's from ELLI Print. The third in the last years. Best quality just like before. Easy to order, easy to pay and delivered very fast in excellent quality. I can recommend ELLI Print.
Andreas DL2JWN

Earlier 4-star review posted by DL2JWN on 2005-01-13

I received new qsl-cards today. A very good quality for a real low price. Easy to order and I can recommend ELLI-print to everybody.
DL2QB Rating: 2008-12-09
ELLI really tries to make every customer happy Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
A few weeks ago I wrote a review after having received a new batch of 3000 QSLs, a reprint from an earlier order 8 years ago. I had not been totally satisfied with the color tone/saturation etc. of the picture side. It was still acceptable, but not 100% to my liking.

Well, shortly after I had written my review, ELLI contacted me and offered to print the entire batch of 3000 cards another time for free, this time with a sample of my old QSL from them as reference. A few days ago I received the corrected QSLs and this time they are absolutely perfect. I must admit that I had never expected such a generours reaction and my conclusion is that no customer will ever have to be afraid not getting absolutely EXACTLY what he or she expects.

ELLI not only says they will satisfy the customer, they actually watch the reviews, listen and do so!

Earlier 3-star review posted by DL2QB on 2008-10-03

After I used up the first batch of 3000 Elli QSLs after 7 or 8 years, I decided to order another 3000 cards (same design, minor changes on reverse side of card) as I had been very satified with the first batch.

I was plased to notice that the price had practically not changed in all the time and the procedure of payment had become easier for me, no more customs clearance required and an account on a German bank - nice!

It took a bit over 4 weeks to get the new batch of QSLs, obviously due to vacation time in Czecj Republic, but as I had not been in a hurry, it did not matter.

This time I was not completely satisfied with the picture side of the card. Although not huge, there was a visible difference in contrast, color saturation and colour tone of the entire picture, especially the colour tone had become much colder compared to the first cards I had received 8 years ago and this did not really please me. The cards are still acceptable, but I liked the warmer tone of the first QSL batch a couple of years ago much more.
DL4APJ Rating: 2008-12-04
In one word: PERFECT! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
All I can say is: perfect!

I won 1.000 QSL cards on eBay (my second batch - the first I got 3 years ago) for a very attractive price. The complete transaction was done within the period of 4 weeks from sending my draft to ELLI Print and receiving the box with the cards.

Very good quality, quick and friendly communication via e-mail - my recommendation. Many thanks to the people @ ELLI PRINT.

55 + 73 Torsten, DL4APJ/OK8APJ
GX0OOO Rating: 2008-09-26
Elli-Print still giving excellent value Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Thank you for the recent delivery of QSL's for GB1SCA and GB2SSF, which are, as usual well up to your usual excellent standard.

I am chairman of the Scarborough Special Events Group, which is the leading Special Events Group in the UK. We have been using your QSL print service for the past 7 years and have the reputaion of providing outstanding unique cards, which are eagerly collected by many amateurs.

Due to the weakness of other currencies against the Euro there has been a small increase in the cost of these cards, but they are still, in our opinion, excellent value for money.

CU Next year.

Roy Clayton G4SSH

Earlier 5-star review posted by GX0OOO on 2005-10-29

Thanks for another 4 QSL card orders to complete our 2005 season of special events. As the UK's leading special events group we rely on you to continue to uphold our reputation for only providing the best and highest quality QSL's. You have not disappointed. Feedback from the many hubndreds of collectors of our souvenir cards indicates that they are highly prized. Value for mioney remains second to none. We shall be back again next year
Roy Clayton G4SSH
Chairman, Scarborough Special Events Group uK
Earlier 5-star review posted by GX0OOO on 2002-10-06

The Scarborough Special Events Group are the leading special events station in the UK and have a reputation for providing only the highest quality QSL cards. Thanks to Elliprint our 2002 season has been one of the best ever, with with 2Q0OOO, GQ0OOO, GB2SF, GB2CSO, GB2SCA and GB5FF QSL's being eagerly snapped up by our dedicated collectors.
Thanks for a super cost-effective QSL service.
CU in 2003. - Roy Clayton G4SSH, Group Chairman.
DF2EQ Rating: 2008-09-25
Excellent quality Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I won an ebay auction for 1000 QSL cards and sent my draft via email to Elli. After a few days, i got back the layout for proof. 4 weeks later i got the printed cards in a "WOW"- Quality, absolutely brilliant print. Also the communication via email was perfect.

vy 73, Michael
OE3UKW Rating: 2008-08-11
Perfect service! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Perfect service, Perfect printing, Quality OK, Perfect shipping and Pay mode.
I can recommend ELLI-Print.
73de Christian - OE3UKW
DL8LAS Rating: 2008-04-08
DL8LAS/mm Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Thanks for printing this nice QSL Cards
.... on the way to Ducie Island VP6DX

OM2TW Rating: 2008-02-07
Excellent ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The best quality print I've ever seen, best value for price and great service. Thank you Beda for all cards you've printed for us for all our DXpeditions (3B8/OM2TW, IB0/OM0C, IB0/OM2TW, 3B8/OM0C, C52C & C50C, etc).

Rich OM2TW
DD2TC Rating: 2008-01-31
Excellent and perfect ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
When I received my new QSL-cards made by Elli-Print I was very pleased about the professional production. After sending my whishes for an individual design the cards arrived within two weeks. I also had an excellent communication with Beda.
I can recommend Elli-Print!
DG0JAJ Rating: 2008-01-29
Excellent service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It was the 1st time for me to order QSL cards. I'm really surprised about the the great service, the excellent quality of the cards and the fast delivery.

I'd like to recommend ELLI print - 5 points!