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Category: QSL printers; callsign badge engravers; etc.

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Review Summary For : ELLI Print
Reviews: 110MSRP: US70 + $US30 ship if not EU
Glossy photo QSL cards
Product is in production
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PA7FB Rating: 2003-07-23
prin qsl Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Today 23th juli I received my Order from ELLI print.
You dit a exelent job Lubos, the cards are very nice.
Thanks for the nice contacts via e-mail to get the good proof and results.
I will all amatuers who need QSL cards inform them to order their QSL cards at ELLI print.
Thanks again for the great job and service.
Whis you all the best and good luck Lubos.
And if i need more cards, than i will order them at ELLI print
N2WB Rating: 2003-07-18
Excellent Service , PLUS Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My QSL MGR received the QSL-cards last week.

All I can say, Elli has done an excellent job with VERY fast service and a very fine product.

Just over two weeks.

WOW, very nice photo QSL card.

Thanks LOBO and gang....

DL9MAT Rating: 2003-07-18
Well done Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Today I received my QSL-cards.
All I can say, Elli has done an excellent job with fast service and a very fine product.
with best regards
Klaus, DL9MAT
DK0VE Rating: 2003-05-20
Very well ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
ELLI Print worked very good. After some changes via Email, the QSL-Card for our clubstation was ok. The packet was not demaged.
DL6SDI Rating: 2003-04-27
Great Service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
ELLI print did a great job!

After some difficulties in the beginning,
the first delivery lot didn't
meet my requirements.

After correction, ELLI print delivered another
lot of 1000 pieces at their expenses!

Good Quality! Mni tnx de DL6SDI

W4ATM Rating: 2003-03-17
I'd Recommend to Anyone Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After reading the reviews here on, I contacted a few QSL card printers. No one was as quick to respond as ELLI Print, and no one seemed as interested in taking an order for just 1000 cards.

Lubos helped me sort through photos to find one that will print well, and helped with the layout in general. When my wife (KB4EWG) saw the cards, she decided she wanted to have them print an order for her, too. This meant another round of helping out on Lubos' part.

The cards arrived 14 days after we paid by credit card (using the Matrix, as someone else remarked), so it was only about 4 weeks from the time we first got started until we had the cards in hand. The quality is excellent, the service was top notch and the price was even lower than the website says (must be one of those exchange thingies). You don't have to be a big DXpedition to get good service from these folks.
K6EID Rating: 2003-02-18
Cannot be better! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I just ordered and received my third batch of 1000 QSLs from Elli. Every order was done fast, with no trouble, and for excellent value. I had a newer station JPG for this batch that I e-mailed to them and the whole turnaround time was less than a month.

You cannot find a better source for these high quality QSLs

Phil K6EID
PA7DA Rating: 2003-01-30
good job Time Owned: more than 12 months.
To day 30th januari 2003, I received my order from ELLI-print. Well the job is done very well and the cards do like I wanted.
As when all the cards are send I will order the boys in OK a new order. So keep the design in your archive. Amateurs who want to have also cards printed I will ask them to order also at ELLI. Thank you for the great job.
Also the correspondence by email was done very good. Thanks for the good service.

Jaap PA7DA
DL5CX Rating: 2002-12-09
ELLI made a vy gd job agn Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Have ordered agn 3 x 1000 cards by ELLI for my callsigns SM7/DL5CX, DL5CX/p and DL5CX. I had a lot of special needs and requirements concerning the layouts of all three drafts and ELLI realized my needs vy excellent and with patience. ELLI, that is vy good quality for a good price, thats my experience about more than 16000 cards, I have ordered by ELLI until now and I am sure, my next cards are also printed by ELLI !!

Earlier 5-star review posted by DL5CX on 2002-04-04

Since 1999, I have ordered a lot of QSL-cards by ELLI for several activities of our clubstation or portable/IOTA activities of myself, totalling more than 12.000 cards.
Every time, I sent my drafts and the originals to ELLI, and they made excellent scans in bright colurs and sent back to me the proofs via email-attachement to check the layouts of front and back. After I have made the changes, I got vy good cards with super colours and high-gloss surface. No problems with shipping or customs. Only in 2000, I had some problems with the communications, because sometimes I got no answer of my emails, but since Anna or Lubos are managing the correspondence, I have vy short responsing time communicating ELLI.
The price is vy ok, i do not know any company in europe making such good cards for such good price !!
PA5RA Rating: 2002-11-29
good quality, great service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Delivery time and communication have been greatly improved. Good service also for the smaller customers. Good work!