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Review Summary For : ELLI Print
Reviews: 110MSRP: US70 + $US30 ship if not EU
Glossy photo QSL cards
Product is in production
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XY3C Rating: 2002-11-29
Excellent ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I ordered several thousand different cards for the "Myanmar2002" dx-pedition (XY3C/XY5T/XY7V + XY0TA).Same as in the year before (XU7ABR cards)I received them very quick in again in excellent quality. They have a great and friendly support (Don`t forget that you are not the ONLY ham asking for details. Answering is always time sensitive but they do their best !).
Also elli-print was very generous in supporting our dx-pedition with printing the qsl cards.
But finally I don`t write some positive words because of this special support.
The reason is simple:
1. They print AND ship QUICK.
2. They have a GOOD SUPPORT.
5. They have LOW PRICES.
If I need more cards I will always order again from elli-print.

Teamleader "MYANMAR2002" XY3C / XY5T / XY7V / XY0TA
qsl manager for XY3C, XU7ABR/XU7ABT/XU7ABU
K3SUE Rating: 2002-11-13
Great Job Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

FAst service, great quality, better than expected.

I would highly reccomend.
PA8DX Rating: 2002-11-12
Perfect quality and service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
You couldn't ask for better service: free assistance with the design of your card, very fast replies by e-mail to queries and they kept me informed 100% on the progress of my order. I received my cards today and these are good paper quality and good print quality cards for a good price; you couldn't ask for more! I would certainly do business with ELLI again.
DH5JG Rating: 2002-10-21
High quality - low price - great service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
As usual (this was my 3rd QSL order) ELLI
delivered outstanding quality. Had my regular
cards and also the ones for my EA8 operation
printed by ELLI.
This time it was a re-print of my regular
DH5JG card. Only took 2 weeks for printing and
also received a discount of 10 Euros on the
regular price since there were no changes to the
card. I can highly recommend ELLI.
N2OO Rating: 2002-10-17
Great QSL card support for DXpeditions! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
ELLI has printed several cards for me over the past few years. These include N2OO/KH9, 9M6OO, V85OO, W2T, N2OB, N2OO/p, N2OO, KF2BQ. I did the design work in a publishing program and sent the layouts to ELLI along with photographs. Then, ELLI created the QSL cards using my layout. Proofs were sent via email... sometimes minor adjustments were made before final approval was given by me. ELLI gives you every opportunity to proof your card BEFORE they print it. I had two previous experiences with OTHER QSL printers where an entire "QSL" run had to be reprinted due to a typo error. ELLI goes out of the way to be accurate. But you NEED to carefully "proof" your design. They will print what you give them. So, if you mis-spell a word and you don't catch it when you proof the design, it will get printed. If an ELLI QSL card has a typo in it, it will be your own fault. Not ELLI's.
I just sent in a new QSL order for N2CW/3 (IOTA DXpedition to NA-140). This will be the first time I used digitals photo sent to ELLI via an FTP link. I will return here in a month or so after I receive the cards and give a review on this new experience. The proofs came in today and they look great.
One final note. ELLI has been a "serious" supporter of many DXpeditions! For this alone, they should be commended!
Keep up the great work ELLI! (Beda and Lubos!!!!)
KH6ND Rating: 2002-10-02
High quality photo QSL card. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently received samples of some additional cards that my QSL manager ordered for the 5 month operation that I did from Palmyra in 2000. The photo that I provided was scanned from a 4x6 print taken with a Nikon SLR camera. The finished product is superb. Great job, ELLI !!
PA5RSW Rating: 2002-08-12
100% satisfied! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Well...There is only one word: Excellent!

Just send in my design and see... a few weeks later there they are!

You did a great job there Lubos (and everybody else at ELLI Print!)

Next time the cards will be agn from ELLI Print.

Best 73 Werner, The Netherlands
N4EKV Rating: 2002-08-05
Slight wait, great quality, great price Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I supplied 3 digital images and specific instructions to Lubos et al at ELLI Print.. they delivered exactly what I ordered and the results exceeded my expectations.

A job like this done in the US would undoubtedly cost more and you may not find a shop as willing to work with you on custom designs.
PA1HR Rating: 2002-07-30
Again: excellent quality, good and kind service, fast delivery! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

A month ago I ordered my third batch of QSL-cards at ELLI Print and this time my expectations even exceeded!

I made a digital photograph of my Schurr Profi-2 keyer and made my own design (please have a look at If you want to see the backside of the QSL-card, just send me an e-mail ( and I'll send it to you.

Within four weeks after I ordered the cards I received exactly 1004 QSL-cards in good order.

Together with this QSL-cards I ordered 2000 (I did not count them, hi!) visiting cards at ELLI Print, with the same Schurr keyer on the front! It has the same high quality as the QSL-cards. Just send me an e-mail when you are interested in the design of this small card.

I can highly recommend ELLI Print. They offer high quality cards together with good and kind service (well done Lubos), against very reasonable prices and (even in the holiday season) have very fast delivery.

Earlier 5-star review posted by PA1HR on 2002-07-06

Last year I bought 1000 QSL-cards at ELLI Print from OK1FXX; then I allready was convinced of their very good quality and service.

This year I ordered 1000 QSL-cards with a new design. After a few weeks I could pick them up at the Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen/Germany. Very kind of them, because I could pay the cards at the exhibition.

Lubos is very friendly and he is always willing to help you. He responds the e-mails very quick.

Because of the very good quality, kind and friendly service, I ordered a new batch of 1000 QSL-cards and 1000 visiting cards with a photograph of my Shurr Profi-2 keyer on the frontside!

Their prices are really very reasonable; 85 Euro for 1000 cards.

I can recommend ELLI by all means.

KA1I Rating: 2002-07-27
They did their best Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Finally I have received the resent parcel. The print quality is great as usual.
They did their best to treat this problem. Thanks to ELLI and

de KA1I Ayumi

Earlier 0-star review posted by KA1I on 2002-07-13

In other reviews, there are so many lucky cases except me with ELLI.

This is the following story of my previous review. I wish this might be the worst case with ELLI. And all of the QSL printers are not perfect.

I ordered 5000 prints and ELLI's invoice presented 5000 prints. But I had found the delivered was about 4240 prints only. I wish this is not ELLI's policy, but I am not sure .

So I claimed to ELLI on the NEW YEAR'S DAY of 2002. They answered that they would send me 1000 prints for the compensation. But they made no action at all before my follow-up in this March. But until my review on this eHam in the end of April, they made completely no action. Just after my review on this eHam, ELLI suddenly informed me that they would do their best with another 1000 prints. "Thanks for"

One week later on May 4th, I had received new parcel for the compensation. It was very fast. But it had only 530 prints. They do not know how to count, may be. I claimed them again. Their answer was "The Employer might shipped 1000 print in two parcels. But the postal service missed one of them." Who can believe it. They decided to send me another 1000 prints again.

Three weeks ago, I asked them about their status, because I could not received the recent parcel or status report yet. Their answer was they have already shipped it and they would give me the evidence of the shipment record. But no further information.

They always said that they have uncontrolable problems with postal service. But quantity control must not be the responsibility of the postal service.

And they have another problem of task control, I believe. They never gave me the status information of what they did. Without their status report, I was not sure if they shipped or not. Why ther never gave me such information.

As you know there are so many simillar cases with other printers. ELLI may be not the worst, I wonder.

If you will receive your QSLs from the printer, you must check the delivered quantity first. If you will find the problem, frequent follow-up is required. The printers are always busy to treat many problems.

de KA1I Ayumi
Earlier 2-star review posted by KA1I on 2002-04-26

Print quality is good and delivery is very slow, as you know.

I ordered 5000 prints but I received about 4400. When I found this problem I thought this might be ELLI's policy. But I am not sure.

Of course, I sent email to them on the new year's day "Oh! What a great day!"
Their reply had no comment about the cause but some compensation QSLs.

Until now(Apr.2002), I have not received any compensation yet. They say it is postal problem. The postal service could not find my address. Even though the above was true(I do not believe it), they have already got the returned mail and they could inform me about the status. But, their action always starts after my email.

Is this the normal way of business in eastern Europe?

DE KA1I Ayumi
The above is the comment before I found this
But there are so many similar problems not only eastern Europe but also US. Hi.
You would be better to check the delivered quantity at first.