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Reviews For: Sounds Sweet Communications Speaker

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Review Summary For : Sounds Sweet Communications Speaker
Reviews: 121MSRP: 160 USD
Speaker designed for use with amateur and two-way radio, shortwave and scanner listening.
Product is not in production
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KB9NGX Rating: 2022-05-23
Sweet not always beneficial Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Time made evident, that when using this speaker for voice QSOs my request for phonetically given fill-ins had become more frequent. Found unnecessarily detracting from QSOs; I discontinued its use. Continuing with an 'unsweetened' speaker provided improvement.

A two-star rating for any working speaker would seem unwarranted. But this speaker isn't ignoring physical laws - it became 'sweet' by homogenizing sounds that could otherwise be supporting. I've found other speakers (not Sounds Sweet), more effectively address communications. Their ability has proven valuable, more so during challenging conditions.

The Palstar SP-30B extension speaker, has been consistently more helpful with communication. And is relevant for less critical e.g., music/Broadcast applications. As well, being solidly constructed and more coherent in size, and aesthetics.
WB5F Rating: 2021-07-12
I just like them Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have three of these I use on ham radios, I have VHF and HF radios on them. I find them very pleasing to listen to for long periods. I just like them better than anything else I've used.
KT0DD Rating: 2021-07-11
I love mine ! UPDATE 7/11/2021 OUT OF PRODUCTION! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
For the newer hams, this speaker is no longer produced. Sold Mine to gain space on my desk and I now primarily use headphones.73.
I run 2 soundsweet speakers with my Ten Tec Orion II, and I couldn't be more pleased. I've noticed no real trouble copying a wide range of signals, and they are EFFICIENT! My biggest complaint of radio manufacturers these days is their lack of audio output! Most CB radios run more clean audio output than most mobile HF rigs. I get nice loud clean audio out of mine for listening in the other room when I'm away from the radio. I just wish they would make a mirror speaker like home stereo speakers, as the current identical speakers look somewhat goofy standing side by side. I'm keeping mine!
KE6P Rating: 2018-04-02
Great Speaker Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Previously I had a Kenwood SP-31 filtered speaker. The Sounds Sweet Communications Speaker sounds much better to my ears. It is worth the effort to find one used. I ran a want ad on a ham classified site and found a seller.
AB3IY Rating: 2015-06-06
nice sound Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I was able to get a used speaker off of ebay, great sounding speaker. Tried to get one for about a year, company seems to be out of business. Thats too bad, they had a great product
KA9HJZ Rating: 2014-11-03
Nice looking but heavy Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used these speakers for over a year, bought two used ones for the price of one so I am not going to badmouth the speaker, other than say I am satisfied but I don't know if its my bad hearing but the speaker I was using sounds as good, my DIY speaker is a 9 inch 8 ohm speaker with a good sized magnate, I picked up somewhere I can't remember where. I put it in a plywood box and put a sheet of thin foam over the front and it sounds as good to me as the sounds sweet, I did not test the speaker with any instruments other than my ears. in fact my speaker is a little louder. I will recommend the sounds sweet because it is good. like a lot of things in ham radio, there are a lot of communication speakers with claims they are the best but what else would the manufacturer claim. Ham radio manufacturers say the same thing about their radios but thrue the years I tried a lot of radios and found out they are all about the same except for bells and whistles.

Earlier 4-star review posted by KA9HJZ on 2013-01-22

I was fortunate to be able to buy two used ones for the price of one. Because of a hearing problem, i placed one on each side of my operating station, sort of like headphones. i beleive they are better than my voicemaster but i think thats because it is directly in front of me. i,ll need someone with better hearing to get a second opinion. wired in parallel there is no drop in volume.I like them and for the price I paid why shouldnt I. plus they are not bad looking speakers. Tested with a Ten Tec Jupiter
AE7G Rating: 2013-04-17
a wonderful addition Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I luckily was able to score a pair of these for a really good price at a recent fleamarket.

I have been using a K3, which is a wonderful rig although it tends to sound a bit harsh and high pitched at times.

The Sounds Sweet speakers are simply marvelous. Much more mellow sound, everything is clearly audible and the listening experience has become completely pleasant.

Although they are not amplified, these speakers do not need a lot of power to drive. I am getting more than the volume I need with AF driven at 50% or less.

I have never heard a better speaker for communications.
IZ2QDD Rating: 2012-02-15
I do not believe my ears! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I did not think that speaker, it sounded so good!It's huge, heavy, solid and handmade. Worth all the money spent and believe me truly deserves to find a place on the table next to radio.All the rest is garbage, but here the difference is a speaker specially designed for use hf and not a speaker adapted, this is the real difference . Forget all the other speakers and the ones with the DSP, not compare.
AK0O Rating: 2011-12-26
Very pleasing mellow sound Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I originaly purchased a CLRspkr by Westmountain, it was rated number two in reviews. I did not originally decide on the Sounds Sweet as it was not powered, my mistake. The Sounds Sweet only reproduces the sounds you need to hear, thus it seems as though HISS and interference is gone. What is left is a voice that is clear and mellow. Non-amplified sound. If the Af on your radio is low, do not expect this speaker to provide any amplification. In the near future I will attempt to use this speaker with a small amp. I have tested this speaker on a FT-587D, IC-7200, FT1000 and ICOM pro III. I have done A/B comparisons with radios and speaker combinations. This speaker is just incredible. If you have bad hearing, work in the fringes of RF noise and interference and want to be able to hear a clear voice this is the speaker for you. I even tried the speaker connected to a VHF radio, the sound was an incredible improvement. My friend who uses a hearing amplifier thinks this speaker has saved his listening experience and made it more pleasurable. He hears the voices clear now instead of mud.

I did run the DSP out of the CLRSPKR, this seemed to help as well! But if you have DSP onboard you would not need to do this arrangement.

I hope to purchase a second speaker this next year for my other HF radio.

VE3IFS Rating: 2011-05-21
Absolutely the best Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used speakers of various kinds for 35 years since being licensed. I have never found a better speaker. I use it with my 756 Pro III and 746 Pro and IC-2720. It is beyond compare. The frequency response is outstanding and the audio quality is about as good as you can get. Yes, it is expensive but you surely get what you pay for. Since you can't fight physics, the box is large and you will need space on the desk to put it. (Interestingly it is 3/4 the volume of my Alpha 78 amplifier!!) Can you afford it? If so, buy it.