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Reviews For: Radio Shack 13.8 Volt 25 Amp Switching Pwer Supply

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Radio Shack 13.8 Volt 25 Amp Switching Pwer Supply
Reviews: 23MSRP: $110. ON SALE FOR $ 60
13.8 Volt 25 Amp compact Switching Power Supply designed for Radios so little RFI is produced.
Product is in production
More Info: http://WWW.RADIOSHACK.COM
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N0CPT Rating: 2013-01-22
Very good. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought mine in May of 08. I have never had any RFI problems. My vhf/uhf sits on top on the PS and my hf is right next to it. I did have a problem with fan noise but I corrected that by adjusting the tension of the four screws that hold the fan housing to the PS case.
W0JIG Rating: 2012-02-06
Short life. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I used the power supply for a couple of years before it started arching. Used it with my FT-897D and worked well while it lasted.
N3OQD Rating: 2012-02-05
Overview Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I picked up one of the last of these at a local Radio Shack for about $90. Had it in my closet for almost three years. Just used it on occasion to charge my neighbour's car battery due to a "vampire" trickle discharge. Well the car was eventually repaired last year and this unit remained in my closet collecting dust. Recently, I needed more space on my den computer desk and the Pyramid rack PS was just too big. So, I worked the RS power supply in and so far it is doing well keeping my large 100ah battery charged and running my 2m 440 FM radio. I also have a dedicated Astron linear PS for my HF radio on the other side of the den. In this, each serves its best purpose. So far no problems with the RS switcher. Just wish that it had a small amp meter and this is why I give it a 4 rating.
AA1IK Rating: 2010-12-23
Reliable, No Hash, No RFI Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this power supply used from a ham radio buddie in 2005, its been used portable (in my camper for 4 years) and is still doing good work now in December of 2010.

I'm feel sorry for those who got a lemon, but this one is good. Must be luck of the draw!

VA3TO Rating: 2008-08-19
No problem with mine Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned 2 of these supplies for over 4 years, one of them is powering my FT-847 for moonbounce operation and I have no complaints about noise.
W4HLN Rating: 2008-04-11
Still Great! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I wound up with 2 more of these supplies still new in the box on a trade a month ago....I'm selling one and keeping one. Still a great supply and still going strong! Two are more than a year old and still work like new!

Earlier 5-star review posted by W4HLN on 2008-04-01

No Problems and has worked great over a year now!

I got 2 of em for 70$ each since my son worked there a short time while in college!

No Birdies - No RFI - No Problems!

Ernie / W4HLN

K8KAS Rating: 2007-08-10
Must be deaf or dead Time Owned: more than 12 months.
If you have not heard the birdies when on 75m or 160m from the 1223 supply you must be deaf. I have installed the output filter suggested on the WEB and reduced the birdies 30 or 40 db, but you can still hear them. They no longer bug me now.
I have 3 of these supplies and they all have the problem/birdies. You hear the switching frequency
harmonics from the osc. switching circuit. Disconnect the antenna and sweep the bands and you will hear them for sure.
K1CJS Rating: 2007-08-10
No RFI here Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It seems that the RFI issue is hit or miss--the supply I have produces none at all, and its running a Kenwood TS-130SE HF rig. There is no appreciable difference in noise levels between this supply and a Pyramid linear supply I also have--if anything the Pyramid supply is noisier!

I've run both a VHF unit (RS HX 242) and the Kenwood off this supply at the same time without heating the supply up too much. I'm very happy and pleased with this Samlex designed supply.

Earlier 5-star review posted by K1CJS on 2004-05-05

Bought one when Rat Shack was clearancing them out. Had been using it continuously with a high power 2 m rig and a scanner both connected. Nice and quiet, both the power output and the fan. I wish they had two of them, I would have bought both!
KE6TNN Rating: 2007-08-09
no problems Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned mine for several years; buying it on sale for $60.

I have never noticed any problems with noise that others report. Perhaps I've been lucky. The fan is indeed somewhat loud, but is not that objectionable.

It has stood up well, including seven months in the Iraqi desert, where power fluctuations, dust, and high heat were commonplace.
KE4RWS Rating: 2007-06-17
Great for VHF/UHF Rigs Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned two of these supplies for fours years now and they work great for VHF/UHF operation. Most of the problems outlined here seem to revolve around using this supply with an HF rig (and sometimes 6-meter operation).

It appears fairly clear this power supply should work fine with VHF/UHF radio systems but beware if HF is your following. Switching supplies traditionally have not fared well in the world of HF radio equipment.

I love the two supplies I bought. But then again I don't operate HF, which seems to be the dividing point in whether or not to use this product.