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Reviews For: W2IHY Technologies "Ibox" Amateur Audio Interface Box

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : W2IHY Technologies "Ibox" Amateur Audio Interface Box
Reviews: 34MSRP: 80
"Ibox" by W2IHY Technologies uniquely designed to Interface studio audio equipment to amateur radio equipment with P.T.T. switching Included in KIT & FACTORY WIRED/TESTED.
Product is in production
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KG5IMG Rating: 2023-09-04
RF GONE Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is my current setup:

FT dx-1200
Aphex 230
Ameritron al-80b

ibox resolved my RF issues.....solid buy. Thanks Julius.
WB4CKT Rating: 2020-11-30
Julius-W2IHY Creame de la creame Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Julius is first rate. His knowledge and professionalism is first class. He doesn’t over sell (items you don’t need), is extremely knowledgeable and prompt to return emails/phone calls even on the weekend. I purchased the iBox to interface my IC-7300 with the Telepost LP-700 to fully utilize it’s features. W2IHY provided all the necessary cables (high quality) and the iBox (high quality). It simply works, allowing whatever attenuation is needed. Highly recommended. The nice thing about the iBox is it’s a passive device not requiring an external power source.
KD0ZV Rating: 2017-10-22
Works perfect- Magic Box ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is the fourth product I have purchased from Julius if you exclude cables. I used this as an isolation device on my new LP-500 to get the two tone working properly. I also used the attenuation so I could feed the LP-500 into the foster connector on my radio.

Julius even shipped it with custom cables ready to go. Worked perfect.

I have dealt with companies over the years with over the top excellent service but anyone that has dealt with Julius (W2IHY) knows he sets the bar for five star service. There is nobody better.

If you are experiencing issues in your audio chain, there is a good chance this might be the fix for you.

K5ACL Rating: 2016-10-11
Perfect solution to interface a condenser mic! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I use the W2IHY iBox to interface an Audio Technica AT20/20 Condenser Microphone with a Kenwood TS590SG. One of my favorite mics!

I used a dummy load and listened to my audio using the TX Monitor to get the audio/alc just right & sounding oh so sweet! Great little product, built well! I was afraid that using a mixer powered by another AC adaptor would be problematic, but I haven't had any issues. I use a budget Behringer Q802USB mixer to power the microphone (48v phantom power).
AC8DE Rating: 2013-05-27
Unique Effective Product Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I’ve been using the iBox for over three years. I use it for ESSB and standard 3KHz SSB audio. I’m seasoned ex-pro audio engineer and professionally trained at soldering.

Kit build: This is a case of a lot of stuff in a VERY small box. This is NOT a kit for a beginner. While simple electrically, it requires good skills at soldering with low wattage and very short runs of shielded wire in tight spaces. You need proper tools and experience to not mess this kit up. The instructions were a bit incomplete, as they are not aimed at a first time kit builder. If you understand what is going on electrically and can read a schematic, it is pretty simple and no problem. Other than the too small of box, I was concerned with the unshielded (no can) transformer and plastic box. I have to admit, the components are fairly cheap. These are big no-no’s in the professional audio world where strong RF is not normally present, so I was concerned to see this in a radio application where high RF can be present. This seems to be a cost cutting issue. I’d happily pay an extra $25 for a metal case and a good Jensen transformer with metal can, but that’s just me. I estimate there are about $35 in parts maximum, which is due mostly to transformer, custom cut box and circuit board. Add the labor in packaging and support, $60 seems a fair price as it is provided. I’d pay more for some upgraded components. I will point out that this is something anyone could homebrew and upgrade the components considerably, but you are going to spend more than you would think. (Just to buy a good Jensen transformer at 1 pc, you are looking at $75 minimum.)

Application: Julius has done a GREAT job in supplying all the information on how to hook the iBox up with just about anything. I’ve tried it now with several radios and it works like a charm. The variable attenuator and ability to wire your connections either HiZ or LoZ is VERY nice. There is nothing worse than what an impedance mismatch does to your audio, which is so often overlooked by the average ham. I don’t care for cheap DIN connectors or ¼” TRS, as neither one locks. But to change would drive up the price of the box considerably more than the average ham would bear. (Clearly, Julius understands his market.) The transformer gives a bit of roll-off and phase shift in the low end below 50 Hz, but again, the solution for this is an expensive Jensen transformer. On the air, that slight roll-off is NOT a problem. If you never transmit over 3K wide like most hams, this is something you will never notice, nor will you care, as it doesn’t affect you. ESSB guys can use outboard equipment to adjust a bit more gain on the bottom to offset this completely.

Performance: This is truly a remarkable “Swiss Army Knife” DI box solution for hams. There is no other product on the market like it. There is no DI box sold in the pro audio world that will do what the iBox does. Julius’ description on his web site is exactly true and not marketing hype. It solves all the issues of impedance, level, RFI, etc., plus injecting PTT into the output connector. Regardless of the seemingly low cost components and plastic box, this product simply works, and works well! So if you have any of the problems listed or simply need a good interface solution, this is what you are looking for. $60 for a kit is a decent price, but you need to be experienced at soldering kits together in tight spaces. Of course, you can but it already assembled for an additional $20.

Bottom Line: A unique product that solves many problems of mic interface and PTT. A definite thumbs up product! I’d give it a 4 rating due to lower quality components and a plastic box, but it works so well and it has no peers, so I have to overlook that and give it a 5. Thanks Julius.

Scott AC8DE
VE7AZC Rating: 2013-04-13
Outstanding Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Had a persistent and irritating problem with common mode RFI in the mic audio. Seems like the FT-950 is more susceptible than others, as my TS-870 and FT-1000MP Mark V never had this problem in the same operating position. Using a Heil pro-set Elite with the #6 cartridge.

So I acquired an I-Box by W2IHY and a little ART mic pre-amp, made my own patch chords from high quality shielded wire and now no more common mode RFI ... even with the linear amp running on 75 m (which was the worst band).

VERY happy now. Common mode RFI isn't always solved by the same methods. I also have an RF choke in the coaxial cable transmission line, and some caps across the terminals in my power supply per the Heil instructions. But in the end, it was adding the I-Box that did the trick.

Many thanks, Julius.

WB4LCN Rating: 2012-09-17
iBox Excellent!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have a Kenwood MC-90 and wanted to use my Aphex 230 and still use my MC-90 desk stand with PTT. I tried many solutions but no luck. I always got that 'hum'. Julius assured me that he could fix the issue. By golly, he did it!! I'm very satisfied and highly recommend Julius and W2IHY.

dave :)
KC7FYS Rating: 2011-06-10
iBox iNdispensable eXpensive eAsy Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Julius, W2IHY, is a gem in the crown of ham radio. This review is for the kit form of the iBox interface. I ordered it to save 20$. The iBox comes assembled (where? China?) for slightly less than 100$. Around 80$ for the kit form, shipped--and that's WITHOUT the connecting cable. I built mine without the DIN connector, and wired a regular CAT5 network cable terminated in an RJ45 connector directly out of the iBox. What you get when you purchase the kit is a small plastic hobby box, pre-drilled, a stock Radio Shack knob, a 5-pin DIN connector (why?), a PCB the size and shape of a stick of gum, and about 5$ worth of common components. This could be said about most ham radio kits, and is not a fault in the kit. The instructions are straightforward, and the kit only uses the old classic through-hole components. I was a bit puzzled at the price, but with no competition, this is bound to happen. I'd like to see this product a bit cheaper and with a bit less of a home-brewed feel.

Again, customer service is top-notch, but the product leaves a lot to be desired. Does it work? Yes, very well--but it could be DIY'ed for a fraction of the price. The kit should be lots cheaper.


This remark is to correct my suggestion in my previous review, that all or part of the iBox may be assembled abroad. Although many fine products--most of those that we use in ham radio, actually--are assembled abroad--the iBox is not. After posting my review, I received a note from W2IHY (always attentive to customer comments) with his confirmation that the iBox is assembled in the United States. Please note this correction--not so much for the kit version of the iBox, but for the assembled version, which my review also mentions.
WS4B Rating: 2011-02-03
Workes like a charm !!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

Being an AM/ESSB operator, I run rack gear with my equipment. Recently I acquired a Yaesu FT-102 that is now my dedicated radio for AM. Before having the iBox, I would get a 60HZ hum in my audio. While I could make the hum less noticeable, if I was 5/9+ you could faintly hear it in the background. That won't fly for me.

I ordered the ibox from Julius on a Monday, and it arrived that Thursday. I purchased with the Ibox the DIN cable for the FT-102 which happens to be the same one for the FT-1000. Hum is long gone! It works great, and my audio compliments are enhanced when I work a good propagation station as they can no longer hear the hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thanks Julius for putting out such a great product!!
KG6YV Rating: 2010-08-26
Beware of the kit 'IF" Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Let me preface my remarks by saying that this attenuator is well designed "electrically" and provides an excellent variable matching system to any audio chain.

My reservations are with the "kit" form of this device.

This kit is not for any person who does not have a lot of experience doing electronics assembly.
I am a degreed EE with over 30 years experience doing electronics projects. Still, It took me over 4 hours to build this attenuator and I needed my experience to overcome both a very outdated and incomplete set of instructions and the fact that this device is cramming a lot of hardware into a very small (too small in my estimation) box.

First, the instructions are very good for the process of stuffing the board. Here is where the "very good" ends. The instructions call for using a shielded cable (with no ground attached) to wire the veriable pot. Not too swift. I pulled the cable jacke and shield and wired the pot with just two simple wires. The instructions are sketchy in the final assembly. Its like once you stuff the board and wire the input/output connectors and pot you are on your own. Wiring diagrams show three wires to the input jack all color coded black. That is dumb.

Well, I did get my unit assembled and my experience and several workarounds helped me. So, this product is excellent IF you buy it assembled. To me the money saved by buying the kit isn't worth it. Stick with the assembled attenuator, its nice, works fine and has very good RF protection designed into the circuit.