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Reviews For: DUBUS Magazine for VHF/UHF and Microwave

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Review Summary For : DUBUS Magazine for VHF/UHF and Microwave
Reviews: 12MSRP: 30.00
Quarterly Magazine for technology, construction, DX and propagation on VHF/UHF and Microwave bands, covering 6m, 2m, 70cm and up. Construction of PAs, preamps, transverters, antennas etc. Articles about Tropo, Meteor-Scatter, Aurora, EME, FAI, Sporadic E, beacons, expeditions etc.
Edited in english and german language by an international group of hams. Published by Joe Kraft, DL8HCZ.
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VK3KTT Rating: 2019-10-04
well worth it great idea's ... Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
its really good i won a years subscription to this mag at a ham fest only a cause 2m operator. it got me excited some great article about sporadic e's antenna design and even micro wave which i have no interest in but now understand. now i love my 6m dx along with hf dx but for some reason 6m dx is more satisfying. a good journal and reference source with out trawling the web.
WB2AMU Rating: 2009-06-01
Exception magazine that covers VHF/UHF topics Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently received the last three issues of this fine magazine. The articles are thoughtful and well-presented. I appreciate that fact that both English and German translations appear for each article that appears in each issue. This magazine is a level above the US-based CQ VHF because of the high technical and scientific content. I especially like the editor's articles on Sporadic-E, a field that I am involved in.
EX_AA5JG Rating: 2008-12-23
Best there is! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
If you are into VHF/UHF operation (non-FM or APRS) this is the best magazine by far. The articles in it are written at a high level, but are still interesting. They are informative and make you think, not like some of the other dumbed downed publications in the US. I look forward to every issue and read them cover to cover.

They also have nice columns on VHF activity in Japan, VK/ZL, South America, North America, and Europe so you truely get a worldwide perspective on VHF/UHF operations. There are also separate columns for EME, Meteor Scatter and Tropo showing how specialized this publication is.

If you are really into VHF/UHF operations this is the magazine for you! You will learn something new from every issue.

73s John AA5JG
EA1DDO Rating: 2004-10-09
Top best VUSHF magazine Time Owned: more than 12 months.

It is the best VUShf bands magazine. Has a lot of state of the art articles, projects, bands activity, from 2/6 meters tropo up to 249 Ghz, EME, FAI, Meteor Scatter, Aurora, etc.
Information from all parts of the world, plus beacons list, high tech advertisements, news, etc.

The best information source for begginers and specialist.

A "must" for the VUShfer.

73, Max - EA1DDO/HK1DX
N4HY Rating: 2004-03-26
The cream of the crop Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Dubus is the cream of the crop in technical and building magazines, irrespective of its limitation to VHF+ interests. It is available in the U.S. through the good offices of Kent Britain, KB5UBE via his email address. Published four times a year, I regularly read it from cover to cover. I never fail to learn something new and with its world-wide perspective, I see the best work from hams in Europe, North America, Japan, elsewhere. Matjaz Vidmar, Michael Kuhne, Kent Britain, Johnathan Naylor, Paul Wade, and many many other great contributors are regulars. It is a must for the VHF enthusiast. Published in Germany, every article is in German and English. The English translations are excellent.
G4KLX Rating: 2004-03-10
Nothing comes close Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been reading DUBUS on and off for about twenty years, although only subscribed relatively recently.

DUBUS is not a magazing for the casual operator, or for the appliance operator, so only about 1% of amateurs will appreciate it. However for that 1% it is invaluable. It always strives to be state of the art, and with contributers like DB6NT what else can it be ?

The only other magazing that comes close if VHF Communications (UKW-Berichte) but that lacks the activity listings and seems a little less cutting edge, at least to me.

DUBUS is very biased towards European operation but that is only fair since Europe is probably the place to be for V/U/SHF activity, and Germany is probably the centre of that activity. It is only right and proper that DUBUS (and UKW-Berichte) are produced there.
NE0P Rating: 2003-11-09
Excellent VHF/UHF magazine Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This is an excellent VHF/UHF magazine, based on the last year of issues which is the only ones I have seen. It is written at a high level, much above QST, Worldradio, or CQ, but is still very understandable. Probably like a combination of QEX and NCJ for VHF. Contains excellent information on all frequencies above 50mhz, including the upper microwaves, and it is neat to see that people are actually playing up there.

It is also nice to read a European perspective to amateur radio. You quickly realize that the proportion of EU hams on VHF/UHF greatly outnumbers the proportion in the US. After reading an issue of DUBUS, I feel like selling all my HF gear and getting a 1296mhz radio.

If you are really curious about VHF/UHF propogation, equipment, and operating, this magazine is highly recommended.
NI6G Rating: 2003-06-07
North American Perspective Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Out of all the amateur magazines that I subscribe to, I look forward to reading DUBUS the most. The technical articles are of the highest caliber and the activity reports are exciting. When I puruse this journal, I feel that I am vicariously living the life of a European weak signal operator. The interest level in VHF DXing seems to be much higher there than in the US. I've read many accounts that were exclusive to DUBUS and not found anywhere else including the internet.
I4YNP Rating: 2003-06-07
Most intersting für 6m, 2, 70cm and Microwaves Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have DUBUS since 1978 and always enjoyed it.
One year ago DUBUS got a new publisher and
improvements are going on.
Please remember that DUBUS is a non profit
making magazine made by hams in their free time.
So I would prefer not to complain about these
not very important items like layout, index etc.
BTW there is a CD available with a complete index of all DUBUS`s technical articles.


DF1AS Rating: 2003-06-05
Add-on Time Owned: more than 12 months.

To keep the current rating - I set this add-on to a 3/5. But I still stay for my previous rating of 1/5.

Within our clubstation group (5 OM when founded 15 years ago) we had all the magazin available for really many years and probably several years before. I can't remember the very first issue. Very likely an issue before the first for 9XAT!

The magazin has neither a sophisticated layout, nor a sophisticated distribution, nor digital access, nor an index where you can search for. What does a printed 1-year index help?

Sorry, but even Ralf could change my mind.

73 - Kay-Uwe

Earlier 1-star review posted by DF1AS on 2003-05-09

Before Hams went online (this already had a tremendous delay), this magazine was a must for the serious VHF/UHF enthusiast. I would have given a "4" (good).
Meanwhile, I wonder why there's no actual index available. Some OM put out-dated ones on FTP-servers. Seems to be refreshed every 10 years ...
Contents is fine, german and english. Layout is poor due to low-cost and amateur input, but understandable if you know the intention and the backgroud of this magazine.
The lack of sophistication makes this print-magazine only a "1" (poor) voting.