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Reviews For: Electro Impulse DPM-3 Wattmeter/Dummy Load

Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

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Review Summary For : Electro Impulse DPM-3 Wattmeter/Dummy Load
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A high quality, mil-spec dual range 50W / 150W wattmeter/ 50 ohm dummy load which measures RF output from 2 to 500 MHz. Accuracy is claimed to be within 5% of full scale. The meter head may be detached from the dummy load/RF sampler and read remotely. This unit is no longer manufactured but is available through surplus outlets at bargain prices.
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WA5EWN Rating: 2003-06-17
Great for bench testing Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Mine was purchased through Fair Radio Sales and, while obviously used, was in good operating order. It required some minor calibration but is right on the money now. Thanks go to WB5HKO for his help.

I used this with my FT-817 at 2.5 and 5.0 watts on all bands and it worked just fine. Not cheap, but a good value for a very good bench test item.
WB5HKO Rating: 2003-05-20
A true bargain Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Electro Impulse is a small New Jersey firm that's been in business since 1949. Today, the company is best known in aerospace and military circles for its production of cooling systems. However, the company also manufactures RF-related equipment, including dummy loads for high-power broadcast transmitters and related products. Some years ago, it made a small, highquality (Mil-Spec) RF wattmeter/dummy load called the Model DPM-3. The US Navy was a significant buyer of these neat units. DPM-3 meters are now showing up in surplus outlets and on ebay. Most offerings are in escellent condition or better and are true bargains for the amateur radio operator. The lightweight unit combines an air-cooled dummy load capable of dissipating up to 150 Watts with a detachable RF Wattmeter head in two switchable ranges: 0-50W and 0-150W -- perfect for the ham running a "barefoot" rig. The frequency range of the meter is 2 to 500 MHz so it's an all-purpose device for those who own HF and VHF gear. Accurancy is claimed to be within 5-percent of full scale. I found it to be within a needle-width of a recently calibrated Bird 43.

Be aware that, unlike the Bird, the DPM-3 is NOT a "through-line" meter. It terminates with the dummy load so is best used as a bench test or "transmitter loading" instrument. However, this beautifully crafted meter is available at true bargain prices. I purchased mine, in spotless, unused condition, on Ebay for $60.00. Documentation was not included, but a phone call to Electro Impulse fixed that. A friendly manager mailed a copy of the manual (even though the product is no longer manufactured) immediately.

If you need a high quality HF/VHF wattmeter and dummy load for your barefoot rig, I highly recommend the Electro Impulse DPM-3.