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Review Summary For : HamTestOnline
Reviews: 1033MSRP: 24.95
  • Technician: $24.95
  • General: $29.95
  • Extra: $34.95

    Web-based training for the ham radio written exams.

  • Quick, easy way to learn.
  • Better than random practice tests.
  • Provides additional information.
  • Presents concepts in logical order.
  • Tracks your progress on each question.
  • Focuses on your weak areas with “intelligent repetition”
  • Better than books — question drill keeps you engaged.
  • Web-based system — study when you want, at your own pace.
  • 100% guaranteed — you pass the exam or get your money back.
  • Free trial includes 50 questions from each exam.
  • Product is in production
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    KR7RIK Rating: 2023-04-28
    Great online training Time Owned: more than 12 months.
    I've used Ham Test Online for my Tech, General and most recently, Extra licenses. Passed each first try. Their program works really well. When I felt I was read I took several practice test every day - they were very realistic and seemed representative of what I saw when I took the actual test. I was passing a high majority of the practice tests and went in to take the actual with confidence. I highly recommend this site as a study medium
    N2GLS Rating: 2023-04-20
    An Excellent Resource Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
    After being a Tech for 20 years, I figured it was about time to upgrade to General class. Retired now so I could devote the time to prep. Checked on for recommendations, and HamTest Online was well received, so I figured I'd go with it. I had absolutely no experience or previous knowledge of much of the subject matter involved other than that I learned to get my Tech 20 years ago. Long story short, I got to studying the material on HamTest, and the way that the study is structured,I was able to learn the material and take numerous sample exams. Went for the General exam and passed with a 94% on my first try. Very happy with HamTest Online. And am now in the process of studying for my Extra. Extremely happy with HamTest Online and would highly recommend to anybody thinking about getting started in the hobby or upgrading your ticket. A great product.
    N3PUT Rating: 2023-04-14
    Crazy Easy to Learn Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
    I decided to get my Technician November 2022, and found HamTestOnline. I was a bit concerned about learning enough and remembering enough to pass the test...after about a week of staying in Study mode, I took a practice exam...and I passed I studied another week and took more practice tests and was amazed how easily I recalled the answer! I took the REAL test and only missed one I thought since I am on a roll might as well go for General...same thing, but with a lot more information....studied every day and then decided to take the REAL exam...only missed one...and the VE's all encouraged me to get my I just kept studying and earlier this week...I only missed ONE!
    This product is AWESOME!
    KJ7GUD Rating: 2023-04-10
    The Best Way to Pass Your Exam Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
    I just passed my Extra exam last week after using hamtestonline to study for the exam. I will tell you right up front that the program is the reason I passed and missed only 2 questions.

    I have been dreading this exam since I became a technician in 2019. I am not good at math, and I have very little understanding of electronics. Sometime after I got my General license, I talked with a ham who recommended hamtestonline to study for my Extra. He said it helped him a lot and he highly recommended it. I added a bookmark to the site, but I decided to learn Morse Code before getting my extra. I didn't want to do both at once.

    I did learn Morse Code and have been using CW exclusively for 2 years now and decided to get my Extra.

    I bought a subscription for HamTestOnline last March but didn't start studying until March 2023. I read over the study tips several times. One of the tips was to pick an exam date so you can study to that. Also, they recommended that you shouldn't spend too much time studying for the exam. I picked a date that was almost 3 weeks away, and I started studying. At first I thought, "this is not too bad". But then I got into the electronics and circuits and math and I started to get discouraged. Again, I read the study tips and stuck with your most important tip: stay in study mode.

    Slowly, I started making progress. I was tempted to take some practice exams, but I did not. About 4 days before my exam, I took a practice test and passed with 78%. I realized that was not enough margin so I started studying 3 hours a day.

    I also signed up for Ham Radio Prep. I thought it would at least be a good cross reference. But after using it only briefly, I switched back to Ham Test Online which is a far superior to Ham Radio Prep.

    The reason Ham Test Online is far superior is that is guides you through the information. And more importantly, it starts presenting you with review material and questions as it learns your weak areas. Ham Radio Prep doesn't do that.

    If you want to pass ANY of the Ham radio tests, I highly recommend Ham Test Online.
    N7IIJ Rating: 2023-04-09
    Great study tool. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
    After 36 years of procrastinating, I decided to upgrade to an Extra Class license. I had purchased study guides in the past but never found the time to finish them. Then I learned of HamTestOnline and decided to give it a try.

    The study mode walks you through the information that you need to know and identifies the areas that you are struggling with. The software will repeat those areas. The practice exams allow you to adjust the exam by choosing the type of questions to include, truly random or concentrate on your weak areas.

    It really works! I just passed my exam with a 98% score, 49 out of 50 question correct. If you dedicate the time to study, you will pass. Thank you HamTestOnline!
    W5TXT Rating: 2023-04-09
    The BEST way to get or upgrade your license! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    I passed my EXTRA exam with a 94% after studying for just 17 days (averaging about 1.5 hours per day)! If I can do it, I promise you that YOU can do it!

    The study method builds on what you learn each session and identifies and works on your weaknesses. It's really cool to see the "weak" areas disappear and the "Learned" areas grow and grow each day.
    N5LOL Rating: 2023-04-09
    Great teaching tool Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    I had put in about 20 hours toward my Extra class. I knew I wasn't quite ready, but with a Hamfest test date on hand I thought I'd try it anyway. I passed! I found it easy to put in 45-60 minutes per day. It is very engaging; Explanations are very helpful; Tips are given throughout. I felt like I was actually learning the material, and even on my weakest areas, the repetition still helped with my rote memory. You won't go wrong with this product/system.
    KD2PAF Rating: 2023-04-08
    The exam prep software you need for success. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
    I have used HamTestOnline to help me prepare for my Technician, General and most recently Extra exam and believe it greatly helped me pass the exams. While I did use other resources HamTestOnline was my primary resource. HanTestOnline provides a great balance of supporting technical information to not only get the correct answer but to understand why it is the correct answer. The practice exams are also a great way to test your knowledge and to prepare mentally for the exam.
    Great product worth the few $ it cost!
    KN6ZFM Rating: 2023-04-07
    The Most Intelligent Ham Exam Preparation Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    I believe their algorithmic method of preparing you to pass the exam is superb, and I suspect it may be applied generically to various other kinds of exam prep.

    I loved using HAM TEST ONLINE: so intelligent, fun. Once I was getting close to taking my TECH exam, I purchased a General course from another well known website. It just didn't work for me. I got my money back and purchased the General course from HAM TEST ONLINE.

    You WILL pass using their system, as it's simply the best.

    I scored 34/35 on my Technician's Exam.
    NW8Z Rating: 2023-04-01
    Best tool a Ham can use Period! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    I used hamtestonline in Colorado when I got my Tech license and aced the test with 100%

    I then moved to Ohio two years later and upgraded my license to General. I used Hamtestonline again and aced that test with 100%.

    I have been wanting to upgrade for a few years now so I got another subscription to Hamtestonline. I studied very hard for two weeks and just took my Exam for my Extra on 4/13/2013.

    I got a thumbs up from all three VE's and one of them came over to me and said 50/50. You got 100% You nailed it!

    I was soooo happy because I have gotten 100% on all three of my Exams. Tech, General and Extra.

    Hamtestonline is the best tool you can use to learn what you need to know for the upgrade you wish to test for.

    Even though I wasn't asked all 703 questions that I studied for with Hamtestonline, I now know things that I didn't before in conjunction with things that I already knew, and will use that information in the future as a Ham.

    I thank you hamtestonline for your excellent program! There really is nothing else out there even close nor knows you as well!!!

    I wish you a happy retirement John and thank you everyone involved with offering Hamtestonline over the years!



    NW8Z aka W2JAW AE