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Review Summary For : HamTestOnline
Reviews: 765MSRP: 24.95
  • Technician: $24.95
  • General: $29.95
  • Extra: $34.95

    Web-based training for the ham radio written exams.

  • Quick, easy way to learn.
  • Better than random practice tests.
  • Provides additional information.
  • Presents concepts in logical order.
  • Tracks your progress on each question.
  • Focuses on your weak areas with “intelligent repetition”
  • Better than books — question drill keeps you engaged.
  • Web-based system — study when you want, at your own pace.
  • 100% guaranteed — you pass the exam or get your money back.
  • Free trial includes 50 questions from each exam.
  • Product is in production
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    KM4CTB Rating: 2018-12-08
    Highly recommend it Time Owned: more than 12 months.
    I have used for my ham studies.
    While you may find other cheaper study products, remember that you get what you pay for. This one is an exceptional value and gives you more than just raw data. It tracks your progress, remembers what you learned, or need to study more and helps you to LEARN the information, not just memorize questions. I even got an email from them after I passed my Extra exam congratulating me for passing.

    My wife, who had no background in radio, was able to study and get her Technician license in no time.
    K0VA Rating: 2018-11-29
    From Zero to Extra in 23 Days! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    I went from zero to Amateur Extra in under a month.

    The Ham Test Online web site estimates that it will take 10 hours to study for the Technician exam, 20 hours to study for the General exam, and 30 hours to study for the Amateur Extra exam. I hit it hard, and studied for 60 hours over the course of 23 days, and then took all three tests in one sitting. I passed all three, scoring 97% on the Technician exam, 97% on the General exam, and 94% on the Amateur Extra exam.

    Ham Test Online is a really great concept. The web site uses spaced repetition to teach the ham radio license exam material. I had heard about the concept of spaced repetition before. So this was a chance to learn about ham radio and spaced repetition at the same time.

    Seeing something only once generally isn't enough to memorize it. Apparently, the best time to see something again is right before you're about to forget it. That way your brain isn't just looking at the same thing over and over, but it also doesn't have a chance to forget it.

    In order to use Ham Test Online, you pay them a nominal fee, and they give you an account on their web site. The account is good for six months, and they'll refund your money if you don't pass your exam.

    The site has all of the possible questions for all of the ham radio license exams. The questions, and the answers, are public domain. But there are enough of them that it would generally be a waste of time to just try to memorize them all.

    Ham Test Online provides structure for this content, and groups the questions into logical concepts and categories. It will show you a page with some information on it, and then on the next page it will ask you a real question from one of the exam(s) you're studying for, that is directly related to what you just read. It will also remember whether you answered correctly or not. Over time, it learns which concepts you understand, and which concepts need more review.

    In addition to this "information, followed by question" format, sometimes it will also show you another question about something you have seen before. It might be a question that you answered wrong before. Or it might be a question you have never seen that is related to something you answered wrong. Or it might be a question related to a concept you already studied, but probably need to review before it falls out of your brain.

    This database, which combines all the learning materials, questions, answers, and your individual progress, is the real magic of the site.

    If you're studying for more than one test at once, like I did, then you can basically just study for them all simultaneously. It will start you out with concepts and questions from the lower exams, and gradually blend in concepts and questions from the higher exams. Many of the concepts apply to multiple exams, so this makes the whole process more efficient.

    The educational materials also provide numerous links to external web sites with additional supplementary information for people who want to learn more, and see how the concepts relate to the real world outside of the test.

    I would highly recommend Ham Test Online to anyone who wants to test for any kind of amateur ratio license!
    KD8SJM Rating: 2018-11-26
    Awesome Product! Highly Recommended !! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    Hello! First off, let me give a little background. I first got licensed back in 2012 with my Tech. license, then a few years later I upgraded to my General license all with the help of Gordon West's books! I studied the books for about 2-3 months, took some practice exams online, did well, and took the tests and passed them the first time around. I rinsed and repeated this for my Extra ticket. I studied the Extra book for 4 months due to the more in-depth and technical skills required for the Exam, took the exam at Field Day, and bombed it miserably! I spoke with the VE’s at the exam session and a lot of them recommended HamTestOnline. I took the VE’s suggestions and looked into HamTestOnline. Even though I bought Gordon’s Extra book, I bit the bullet and spent the money on HamTestOnline after trying multiple methods of studying with the book with no success. After I purchased HamTestOnline, I studied for a month straight, 1-2 hours per day 6 days a week. I looked for the next Ham Exam Session that my club was offering and signed up for it. After studying for a month, I began to take their Practice Exams through their program and began passing them with 80-95% each time. At that point I felt very comfortable and went and took the Extra Exam and passed it with flying colors! HamTestOnline worked for me, and if it worked for me, I know it will work for you! Their algorithm works great and will drill you on your weak areas repeatedly until it feels you are ready to move on and won’t drill you as often on those questions. I also really liked the Study History feature of the program where you can see your progress and for me, it’s satisfying to see my progress over time. The number one thing that sold me on this was the fact that they offer a 100% Money Back guarantee if you do not pass the exam! They’ll give you your money back if you do your part and study as intended and fail the test! How can you go wrong with that!? If you are still on the fence, take the plunge… You literally have nothing to lose, as long as you are serious and really want to pass your exam. In my personal opinion if you use the program as intended and put in the work, you won’t be disappointed.
    N9YBW Rating: 2018-11-24
    Superior test prep Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    HamTestOnline is a great way to prepare for your exam. I achieved 100% on the Extra exam after five weeks of study.
    Their study method is not memorization. You will learn the material.

    KM6WSI Rating: 2018-11-17
    You will pass the test! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    Novice from '77 @ 13 yrs old... did cw for some years and moved onto other hobbies (surfing)... came back to ham and used HamTestOnline... in a few months passed tech and general. On my way to extra! Very happy with app and highly recommend. Put the books away... grab your phone and study at anytime. You will pass! Price is right.
    KI5BTA Rating: 2018-11-11
    Great way to study for all licenses Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    This is a great service. It is very easy to use. I studied hard for a week for each level of license and passed with no problems. I took the test for General and Extra at the same time. I was able to mix the questions from both tests to keep it fresh. Recommend this for everyone!
    KX2T Rating: 2018-11-06
    Awesome! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    I purchased Ham Test Online 6 days before taking my extra, I have been an advanced class for way more than 30 plus years but at the age of 67 I thought maybe taking the extra might reboot some of those un used brain cells so I began to study the material first by taking a practice exam to look at were I may need some brushing up on then studied 2-3 hours per night. Before the last night I had maybe about 4 hours and the morning before I had taken 5 practice exams before I went to the exam session. What I liked is you could study the way you wanted to and do catch up very easy, I also proved that the ole brain cells could still pick up new tricks cause the extra exam I had taken when I got my advanced class was way different material then today, today the exam goes allot more into other modes of communications were the older exams had more circuits and theory plus today's exam was more involved with modern day circuit designs and back then it was still the very first solid state and tube designs so it has changed. Great study material, I would recommend it to anyone. As far as the NO CODE well I can still copy and send just over 20WPM so that is not an issue I just never had the time between the many things that keep us busy with our lives.
    KC1JKP Rating: 2018-10-28
    Great Study Tool! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
    I was able to pass the Tech and General tests relatively easy just using question review apps and the review books. But the Extra test was much more difficult for me.

    I used HamTestOnline for my learning and review of the material (with some occasional backup manuals). This is an excellent method of both learning and reviewing the materials. It provides just enough learning and review resources so the questions make sense. I spent about 35hrs, on and off over the course of about 3 months, and easily passed the exam.

    I highly recommend HamTestOnline.
    N6MST Rating: 2018-10-21
    Better than perfect. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
    I have tried studying for Amateur Extra a few times before. I've used books, study guides, even the question pool itself. Nothing really stuck and I eventually got distracted with life and quit studying. This year would be my first time attending a real hamfest so I thought I'd see if I could upgrade at the event. I came across HamTestOnline and immediately bought access to the Extra course. I estimate I spent less than 20 hours with the site over 17 days and this morning at Pacificon (right after Breakfast with Gordo, of course) I went straight to the VE session and passed the exam, first shot. I was the second person out of about 10 to finish and the first guy was taking his Tech, so only 30 questions on his test. I didn't even bring a calculator, that's how much confidence I had in the studying I did with HamTestOnline. If you are looking to upgrade, do yourself a favor and study with HamTestOnline.
    N2SLO Rating: 2018-09-29
    Passed General 9/22/18 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
    This is the only way to study and pass the exam. If you don't take this seriously, you will not pass. I studied the material with the goal to pass the exam, but more importantly to learn the material and hopefully become a better operator. I had purchased this back in 2013, then again in 2015 as I was not serious. The folks extended me an extra year due to a serious family issue which was appreciated. Not only did I pass, but scored a perfect 35/35 on the General exam. Thank you Ham Test on line- not bad for a Finance guy to pass with a perfect score. See you on the HF bands..