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Reviews For: GAP HEAR IT Inline Module

Category: Filters, Audio: (DSP and others)

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Review Summary For : GAP HEAR IT Inline Module
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Stand alone audio DSP unit with variable audio and DSP level control.
Product is in production
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NG2Q Rating: 2018-11-08
Fantastic Module Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
What a great little module. It does a wonderful job of removing noise from the audio signal and what I like is the DSP is adjustable and not fixed like on some modules. I think that GAP is discontinuing this module.
VE4DXR Rating: 2015-11-01
Can't go without it!!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned this unit for over 2 years and find it to be essential for my enjoyment of SSB communications. During the summers I spend more time in my truck so I use it ALL THE TIME with a FT-857D. The transceiver has DSP yet the GAP Hear It Inline Module brings my enjoyment way up. I often like to use the headphone jack to monitor while driving and reduce the ambient highway road noise. With this unit, you will find the reception is closer to armchair quality instead of loud and heavy static. In the winter I occasionally hook it up to my TS-590S when ever I am contesting in poor propagation or working week DX in noisy conditions. Like the saying goes, you can't work them if you cant hear them. I was amazed at being able to make contacts on 40m and 80m with my G5RV with weak stations that I didn't think could hear me. I recommend this unit to any one who wants to be good to their ears and work the radio for longer occasions without getting a headache. Get one. You will be glad you did. It's affordable compared to the cost of a newer sophisticated transceiver.
VK2NZA Rating: 2014-12-25
An assett to any transceiver! but quality of fittings needs imp Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have several BHI ie GAP noise reduction products, inline module, 2 DSP speaker units, 1 internal module fitted to an Icom SP-20.
I have used them for several years.
The downside:truly poor designs egonomically,
cheap and nasty audio/power sockets.
fiddly controls.
The upside: IMHO this device will improve the audio of almost any rig regardless of price.
I have several late model rigs with IF DSP and a number of older analog rigs.
I can honestly say that I notice a distinct improvement in noise reduction on all.
Adjusted correctly and as another reviewer points out, a relatively low setting makes a noticeable difference in noise and clarity.
In my pickup the GAP mobile speaker DSP unit is a convenient size albeit with poorly located power and control locations but improves clarity and noise!
Summing up , even though the build quality is rather average the performance of the AF DSP is very good and I would recommend the module without hesitation.
Please BHI (the British company designing these units)please look at the ergonomics and quality of mini plugs/sockets/case and offer a better build quality!
Even with these criticisms the thing works well!
I would give it a 5 for performance but can only offer 4 due to the build quality.
N6JPG Rating: 2014-12-25
Very Good Addition to the Shack Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just rec'd the unit as a Christmas gift. Took it out to the shack right away and got it set up. As providence would have it, band conditions were bad today and lots of good ol' RFI from our power lines thanks to windy weather.
Set up is very easy; plug it into the external speaker jack on your rig, connect it to a power supply, and connect it to your speaker. Balance the input/output so that the audio level is essentially the same whether the unit is on or off, and then kick in the noise reduction switch. I recommend starting at position "0", the lowest level. Very little noise reduction is needed. I made a number of QSO's on three bands. Without the unit, I would have been unable to hear and understand a couple of the weaker stations. I could hear their signals on SSB but could not make out the words over the QRN. I never turned up the noise reduction above "2".
Will it get rid of all your noise? No, nothing will. But this will enable you to hear signals under noisy conditions you would probably not be able to hear without it. And, adjustments to the levels and noise reduction are fairly perfunctory. My rig, a Yaesu FT-950 has fair noise reduction, but having to go thru menus, etc while in the middle of a QSO can be a bit frustrating. And frankly, the noise reduction on the Hear-It module is better in my opinion. I also find it reduces ear fatigue quite a bit, even under low-moderate noise conditions.
Construction of the unit seems OK and some of the problems noted in older units seem to be corrected. I would give it a "5" rating if it were made with a steel case instead of plastic and it was designed a bit better to fit around or atop a rig. Its a relatively minor complaint but the power input jack is on the top side of the unit and the audio in/out jacks are on the side. I might have placed the power jack in the rear and designed the case to be a bit more like a small rig so that it can sit a bit more stable while on top of a radio.
Otherwise, this is a great unit and well worth the investment.
W8SMF Rating: 2014-04-11
Good versitile product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
If your transceiver does not have good DSP noise reduction capability, the GAP will help you. However, the GAP module provides little improvement over my Kenwood TS-590S. But I find one big operating advantage. I set up the TS590S for nominal signals and the GAP for weak signals. I operate with the GAP off for most contacts, then switch the GAP on for weak signals. This minimizes the amount of adjustments required to receive both strong signals and weak signals, a big advantage in managing a pileups.
KA9HJZ Rating: 2013-11-19
I like it. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I think the module works pretty good. I have never found claims by any manufacturer of radios and accessories to be 100% accurate, that's why I gave it a four. There have been complaints about the plugs not fitting properly and are loose. I found that to be with my module. so I checked out a couple of plugs I had and found the American made all metal SWITCH CRAFT plugs to solve that problem. I checked some plugs with my digital calipers and found, switch craft and one other plug with no name to be pretty close to 3.5mm. The cheaper ones where much smaller than 3.5mm. the positive tip of the plugs were to small causing a bad connection. so I will stick with SWITCH CRAFT for now.
K4FMH Rating: 2013-01-18
Tops for SSB Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought one on eBay for a decent price. After having tried on-board PC DSP processing and found it required way too much fiddling to be practical, this device is tops for SSB work. Yes, the knobs and switches are plastic and a tad wobbly. If mine breaks, I'll buy one of the BHI DSP boards and install it in a metal box with metal knobs and switches. Thus far, it's not been a problem. In using this device, I can stand to read the mail while I'm doing something an old commercial used to say, "oh, what a relief it is!".

I also have an MFJ 724B DSP unit. It's great for all modes...but does take some playing with to get the SSB just right. The BHI box sold under the Gap Hear It label is more of a set it and forget it. While YMMV, this box makes SSB a pleasure to listen to.
W8EY Rating: 2012-08-13
Reduces EAR FATIGUE Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The GAP HEAR IT Inline Module does work well against most types or QRM. While it isn’t perfect by any means, I will point out a couple of its best attributes. The algorithm that is implemented in the inline module makes the audio so much more comfortable to listen to than others I have experienced. I also feel it performs better than the noise reduction in my TS-2000. It makes a huge difference with my backup FT-840 and the DSP performs better than my IC-706IIG. There is less hollowness and DSP artifacts. The device is pretty much set and forget unless you do a lot of weak signal chasing, or mode switching. Now the bad stuff. As others have pointed out, crummy weak connectors, flaky fuse holder, somewhat cheap feel to the case. It is definitely an RFI magnet. (But that turned out to be a mixed blessing as it helped me get a ground loop cleaned up and I put an old box of ferrite cores to work.) I would highly recommend at least a snap on core between the fuse and the unit, it may save headaches later. I would ding it down to a 4, but it does such a good job at reducing ear fatigue. If you have a newer top end radio you really wont need this unit but on an older unit or even an middle aged DSP rig it may make a huge difference.
KE7EJG Rating: 2010-12-19
Excellent for Mobile Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have successfully operated mobile for several years using an old Motorola communications speaker AND a Gap hear-it in line audio DSP unit. The Gap module is actually made by BHI in England. I have tried several DSP filters and have kept this one in the car due to it deep DSP noise filter. I use it on SSB with the the pre-amp and rf gain fully on. Only usable for slow speed CW - the FIR filter takes a second or so to "recover". Also, I use it on 2m FM with the squelch fully open. No squlech needed. The Hear-it module has flakey connectors (1/8 in stereo and RCA are both provided). Otherwise I have had great success. Timewave & MFJ products have much less noise reduction but good bandwidth filters. SGC is great for faster CW, it recovers quickly but only has a few selections for bandwidth and depth of noise reduction. FYI, I run run the IC-706 original rev and magmount antennas to NMO connections on the SUV roof. NMO grounds the roof, works well. 10m, 40m and 2m work well for me. I am in the Phoenix area, very noisy. Good luck - Alton, W7ACX
W8EZI Rating: 2010-09-17
works so well I don't want to work HF without it. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I could only repeat the raves this equipment has received. To be completely candid, the plugs don't fit very well. This was complained of by another user. It is easy to forget this because the thing works so damn well. However, the plugs are PCB mounted and not easily changed. The manufacturer would have a perfect product if they could just get decent connectors.

I have a loop antenna on 75 meters on a city lot right in town. This device makes my ragchews sound like FM. Once you use this on SSB, you get spoiled very quickly. I only use SSB so I cannot comment on other modes.

The only other criticism I have is that the output audio could have been made a little higher wattage and you must use a different 12 volt power supply than that used for your transceiver. Otherwise you get audio noise back from your lousdpeaker while transmitting. Figure on getting a good wall transformer to run this thing.

The bottom line is that the basic design is so good that I am willing to accept these shortcomings and would buy another.