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Reviews For: OptoElectronics M1 Frequency Counter

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : OptoElectronics M1 Frequency Counter
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Handheld digital frequency counter (50 Hz-2.8 GHz)
Product is in production
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KE4MOB Rating: 2003-07-24
Great-- as long as you don't have to work on it. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I really wanted to give this a five, but I can't. The features are there, the accuracy is there, and it's convenient. I regularly use it for repeater maintenance work and "sniffing" in general. It's very reliable and I've never had any problems or concerns with the measurements it has given.

I've had this for a few years, and up until the NiCad batteries went south a couple of months ago, it would have gotten an easy five--I could have overlooked the loose coupling on the antenna.

What really, really, irks me is the batteries. To replace the batteries, one would assume you take off the back cover, right? Wrong. You take off the front cover (4 screws), then remove the screws on the circuit board (2 more screws) and then remove the screws on the top of the back cover (2 more screws), which allows you to pull the whole innards of the thing out of the way. Once that's done and the batteries are changed, it takes pretty much two people and a screwdriver to get the case halves to line up properly with the screw holes. (It's kind of like putting the case back on some of MFJ's stuff!!) In fact, sometimes the MODE button gets stuck down due to the case misalignment and has to be popped up with a paperclip or small knife.

Granted, these are just minor annoyances, but they are the tarnish which keeps this counter from really shining. I like the operation of the unit....and hate the case!!