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Review Summary For : Ham Radio Deluxe
Reviews: 426MSRP: 99.95
Control software for a variety of radios.

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W3CRR Rating: 2019-11-10
Terrific support! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been an enthusiastic HRD user for many years and had never had one bit of bother with the program -- until yesterday. It was then that repeated attempts to install the latest iteration of this excellent program failed. After some hours, in desperation, I contacted HRD's support team and was soon in touch with Ferry, FD9FER, in the Netherlands (I'm in Maryland).

He -- on a weekend evening, yet (1900 hours, his time! -- exhibited immense patience as he guided me through the process and eventually, after some fumbling on my end, took remote control of my computer and resolved the problem.

I could not be a bigger fan of the software, HRD's support system and -- most especially -- my new friend from Holland, Ferry, PD9FER!
K4FT Rating: 2019-11-05
Support Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been a HRD user for a few years and when I reached 49,000+ qso's in the program it became a little slow. I attempted to load and configure the MariaDB with an excellent video on YouTube. Things didn't go as planned so I submitted a help request to HRD support and received very quickly a message back from Ferry PD9FER.
Let me tell you I was amazed at his speed and agility getting me fixed up. He ended up having to reinstall HRD and JTalert using TeamViewer to get things working for me. I felt bad for the tying up his time but he stayed right with me until all was back to normal. He even waited for me to work a FT-8 contact and log it before leaving a job well done.
One thing bad about HRD? It works so well I forget how I set things up :-)
- a happy customer... 73 John K4FT
GM0VGI Rating: 2019-10-29
Outstanding HRD Support. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using HRD for over 15 years but finally decided to upgrade to V6 last week for all the added facilities and radio support. Have always used it as my main logging programme and the DM780 support for digital modes CW, PSK and SSTV etc.

Since registering, downloading and installing on both my computers, one worked perfectly, the other had various logging problems.

Raising a problem support ticket resulted in timely response. Many many thanks to my "Local" allocated peer support Ferry, PD9FER who stuck with the problem until resolved. I watched via Teamviewer and was impressed with his determination in resolving the problem. Ultimately, this resulted in a complete reinstall of HRD, WSJT-X and JTAlert. He removed many Windows 10 residual anomalies in various folders and then installed a few updated required extra Windows libraries not included with the HRD install.

I am really glad and impressed that the remote support worked so well since phone calls were not an option for me here in North East Scotland. 73's, George, GM0VGI

KG9H Rating: 2019-08-27
Great program and #1 Support Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I ran HRD for years and years as a remote system, worked well! I paid for and downloaded the latest and had some questions for the folks at HRD.
They used Teamviewer to port into my computer and in minutes, I was back up and running. I am guilty of running an old laptop but we do recycle as hams, right? In any event, the entire system is back up again. Couldn't be happier with the support and program. de Frank KG9H

Earlier 5-star review posted by KG9H on 2013-02-05

I am still getting used to the HRD program. I used it for local control for a few years, then PSK, and now am using it for complete remote control of my 590 SSB and CW!. Haven't seen the 590 now in months! I do miss a real radio in front of me though. Sure some things don't work on the panel but I am still thrilled to operate the home station from remote locations like Key West (where I am now).
WA1GZY Rating: 2019-08-07
Simply the Best! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Ham Radio Deluxe has no equal when it comes to Logging, Award Tracking, Satellite Tracking, Digital modes..including slow scan television.
For newbies, there are more features than one will need … it's a program that is user-friendly that you will come to appreciate as time goes on.
I use it for remote control of my HF transceiver and antenna beam headings. Just add the free "Teamviewer" software (available to download on the HRD website) and operate with your smartphone, tablet or remote PC.
The technical support for those computer-challenged colleagues is outstanding. Call the HRD toll-free support line and/or go online and make out a trouble-ticket. The support team can with your permission "remotely" diagnose and setup your HRD program should you encounter any difficulty. The HRD program will interface with virtually any of the popular transceivers (Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood etc. which have been sold over the past 25 years! Subscribers receive free updates as they are contstantly improving performance and adding features. You can download the program and "try before you buy" for up to 30 days.

Earlier 5-star review posted by WA1GZY on 2016-07-06

Ham Radio Deluxe is simply the best "wingman" operating aide to guide and enhance your on-air enjoyment... from user-friendly logging to award tracking, offering digital modes from CW decoding PSK to slow scan TV and out-of-this world satellite tracking! It's a program for the casual operator as well as the serious contester. You'll grow into it over time! Interested in remote operation from a vacation spot or second QTH? HRD has it and more.

Moreover, the software programmers are constantly updating and improving what is already an indispensable operating program.

As with most new software sometimes we require a little guidance from the technical support staff to fine-tune the program for your particular station configuration. Here too, the staff at HRD excels in providing the best online support via a free downloadable "TeamViewer" application available on their website which enables the HRD staff to remotely configure your computer for optimum HRD performance and/or resolve any technical difficulties in the set up.. My experience with tech support Tim, KB3NPH has consistently exceeded my expectations in quickly resolving performance questions... most of which resulted from operator error!
WE1X Rating: 2019-07-20
Excellent Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've been using HRD for over 15 years. This includes the early free versions and the new software under the current owners. No doubt the "free" version produced and supported by Simon Brown was great. However, by the time Simon sold HRD to the current owners the software was long in the tooth and suffered from a number of issues. The software's extensive list of features and complexity contributed to these issues. Add to the mix changes in software tools, the addition of more and more radios requiring support and other ham radio programs interfacing with HRD the need for product update and support became more compelling. Hence, it's unsurprising that HRD is no longer free and optional annual support requires a fee. In the past 12 to 18 months I've seen the current owners expedite bug fixes, include feature updates and keep users informed of what's been done and what's coming down the pike.

I've compared HRD to several other programs for logging, rig control and digital modes. Yes, even the new versions are a bit quirky and I have issues from time-to-time, but overall I keep returning to HRD. I find rig control for the Icom 7610 and 7300 is excellent.

Earlier 5-star review posted by WE1X on 2012-02-19

Upgraded to v5.1. Nice upgrade fixes some previous unresolved issues. Great package and looking forward to the new owners' support.

Anyway, DX Cluster spotting works just fine under v5.1. Looking at it right now and watching the DX popup.

Harry WE1X
Earlier 5-star review posted by WE1X on 2009-07-07

I've been using HRD/DM780 for past 18 months after being a loyal MixW user for many years and after exploring multiple free, shareware and priced software. The quality of HRD/DM780 v4 has been outstanding and rivals virtually any other product on the market. Given this is freeware done on Simon's time with donations from various fans I have to say I'm even more impressed.

v5 is a complete re-work of HRD with a number of "sub-applications" working seamlessly. What was released the other day is beta software with all the vagaries that entails. While many features don't work or work the way they should, no rational person can be surprised by this with beta version software. Given Simon and his band of testers have and continue to actively solicit feedback (including bugs), have posted a "to do list", and are providing responses to inquiries as fast as they can I have full confidence v5 beta will improve rather quickly. In other words, cut the guy some slack.

Harry WE1X
Earlier 5-star review posted by WE1X on 2007-09-14

I've been running HRD and the companion Digital Master 780 multi-mode digital soundcard software for several months now. HRD's rig control of my Icom 7800, 756 ProII, and 718 is outstanding. DM780 is emerging as the best multi-mode software I've ever used --- this from a dedicated MixW user of many years. The latest public beta version of DM780 supports CW, RTTY, PSK, MFSK, and Throb. Simon has been diligent with frequent HRD and DM780 updates (features and bug fixes) and very receptive to user feedback. I'm currently using v3.5 beta 1597 with no problems what so ever. Both applications are outstanding and Simon is a mensch.
NN2X Rating: 2019-07-20
Outstanding Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This program is dynamic and flexible, however, requires plenty of support.

There are so many various radios, which require zillions of combinations configuration and unique setups.

Who will support answering all these questions from the Ham operators?...Well of course HRD Team..And for a 100 dollars it is worth it.

About the program itself. This program contains most of the variations of digital modes, remote control for the rig, control of rotor, and logging program..

What more can you ask for!(Super support and great product)!
ZS1DX Rating: 2019-07-19
Thumbs up! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My bottom line: If you need a stable logging program to track your DXCC and other awards on a Windows platform, look no further. Buy!

I've purchased and used DX4WIN, RUMLog (free), MacLoggerDX, ACLog. I really like RUMLog, except that it does not have rotator control. It does have excellent LOTW/ClubLog integration, as well as comprehensive award tracking, if not the best.

MacLogger is colourful and pretty, but does not have enough focus on awards for my taste. E.g., How many LOTW confirmations do I have on 40m, and who are they? Easy with HRD, not so with MacLogger.

I reluctantly moved away from RUMLog in order to use EZNEC, TLW, Skimmer and other Windows ham software. (I run Win10 via Bootcamp on an iMac.)

HRD took a bit of experimentation and fiddling until I had the interface setup to my liking. LOTW uploads and downloads work well. ClubLog syncing could be better, like in RUMLog. Rotator control with my Green Heron RT-21 is somewhat flakey at times, which necessitates a restart of the rotator module and RT-21. Ugh.

HRD works great for my purposes. I don't use the digital-mode add-on, or rig control screen. Communication and software updates/fixes are regular. If my rotator worked flawlessly, and updates to Clublog were automatic, I would give HRD 5 stars.

Easily worth the price IMHO.

Disclaimer: I have not really tried hard to fix the rotator and Clublog issue. Could all be my fault :-)
GM4WCE Rating: 2019-07-02
Stable and comprehensive Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using HRD since 2010 with an FT950, a Flex 6300, an Elecraft KX3 and an Icom 7300. I particularly like the comprehensive tools, from the DX cluster band map to the third party serial port allowing connection to programs such as Catsync. Have logged over 4000 QSO's since I started using HRD. HRD is very stable and the updating process is smooth and trouble free. Strongly recommended.

Earlier 5-star review posted by GM4WCE on 2016-05-13

I have been using HRD since v5. Two years ago I bought a Flex6300 and so had to switch over to the paid v6. I use HRD lite as the interface between the rig and logbook / DM780. I have had two occasions where I contacted support and help was quickly forthcoming, solving the issues effectively. Both logbook and DM780 are stable and reliable with the Flex. I leave both programs open and "sleep" the PC when not operating and have no issues with picking up where I left off when waking the PC and restarting the rig. I use most of the features in the logbook and particularly value the DX cluster band map and the instant QSY on clicking a spot.
HRD is a key part of my shack and I do not believe there is anything with this level of functionality that is as easy to set up and use as HRD. Strongly recommended.
NN4U Rating: 2019-01-14
Gold standard in integration and support Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Ham Radio Deluxe, v6.4.0.907 was released in November, 2018. By coincidence, I purchased it a few weeks later. But before I say why, here are my biases: I wrote simple Ham Radio programs in the 1980s doing business as Ham Data Co., when we were all using paper logs and eyeing our Commodore 64 or Radio Shack TRS-80, thinking “Why aren’t you helping?” And I’m new to today’s Amateur Radio, having just returned from a 30-year absence. So things that most of you are familiar with, like DX Clusters, PSK, external sound cards, software defined radio and the last few years of free logging software, were all new to me in October, 2018.

With that said, I’ll share that Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) software was one several companies I reached out to. One of them, who asks for consideration because they have other “real” jobs, never responded. Other excellent options either focus on a niche or don’t offer the level of integration I want.

As you may know, HRD is a collection of five programs that share information, so the user doesn’t have to. HRD integrates logging, rig control, satellite tracking, mastering anything digital with their DM-780 module, and rotator control. (And they support a long list of radios.) The level of HRD integration is unique. Some examples include: If my cursor is on a callsign and I press the radio button, the website pops-up with that callsign already located. Uploading to LoTW, which would otherwise be a process, is a single button push in HRD. Or, one can scan the list of DX clusters and see whether you’ve worked them, need them on that band or received confirmation from that callsign or country. The awards section is worth a complimentary review of its own. And if that weren’t enough, one can double click on that same DX cluster entry and, through integration, HRD will tune the rig to that frequency and mode, rotate the antenna and allow you to auto-populate several log fields if you make contact, including an entry on how best to QSL. Can’t do that with Microsoft Office!

But the icing on the cake is the excellent support offered by the fulltime HRD team. My gold standards for support have been my Credit Union, our CPA, Norton Security and Amazon. Our CPA is the only one who comes close to the level of technical support offered by HRD, but she costs more and she’s paid on a subscription basis. I’ve been impressed by receiving email responses from HRD support tickets in less than 24 hours. And, given my steep learning curve, I’ve appreciated the option to pick up the phone and call HRD’s helpdesk. But, today, I was blown away at HRD’s offer to schedule a session for them to remotely log onto my computer and settle the details of synchronizing the external sound card with Windows, my USB device and the rig.
As you can tell, I’m an HRD fan, but they’ve earned it, the old fashioned way. 73, Chip, NN4U