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Reviews For: B & D Enterprises BX1 Scan-A-Mix speaker mixer

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : B & D Enterprises BX1 Scan-A-Mix speaker mixer
Reviews: 1MSRP: 129.00
This device combines up to 6 speaker-level rig outputs into one speaker-level output.
Product is in production
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WA4FOM Rating: 2003-11-21
One of the more practical products of our time Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This little gem basically means that for every 6 rigs you have, you only need 1
speaker. Can you handle that? I can. All you have to do is plug the speaker
output of up to 6 rigs to the input of this unobtrusive little box, and connect
the speaker of choice to the output, and feed it the obligatory 12 V DC either
from the "wall wart" provided or from your own supply.

I personally recommend the Sounds Sweet speaker (please see my review).

As long as power is supplied, the unit is on. The "GRN-UNMUTED/RED-MUTED" LED
(the only LED, by the way) is illuminated. There is only one switch; "MUTE".
If it is in the "OFF" position", all inputs are mixed and fed to the output.
If you place it in the "ON" position, the output for all rigs is muted and the
LED turns red. It's pertty much idiot-proof, and I'm more idiotic than most.

Why buy this thing? If for no other reason, you can clear your operating
position of God knows how many speakers. Second, if you find a speaker (as I
and many others have) that is your idea of The Ultimate Sonic Transducer,
you can funnel the output of all your favorite radios into it. Life, then,
becomes good. Third, it makes sonic comparisons of two or more radios
almost a trivial exercise when you run all the radios through the same

The cabinet of the BX1 is plastic; fear not. I have had the device within
a gnat's hair of an unshielded transceiver and have experienced no problems
whatsoever. Just be careful of ground loops, mesdames et messieurs.

Buy it. This little black box offers serious bang for not many bucks.